Jody Latham

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Jody Latham

English actor, best known for his roles as Phillip [GUI]Lip[GUI] Gallagher in the British Channel 4 series Shameless, Calum McKenzie in the ITV series The Fixer, and Rob Grayson in the BBC Soap opera EastEnders add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1982.

Country: United Kingdom (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Bob Hoskins, Lancashire, BBC Radio 4

Linked to: BBC




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Jody Latham was born in 1982 add something


Latham made his television debut in "The Cops" episode No. 1,7 as Grant and went on to appear, in 2000, as Nelson Catchpole in the series "Big Meg, Little Meg" add something


He played Lee, one of the key characters in "When I Was 12" in 2001 add something


Latham played a leading role in the BBC drama "Mr Harvey Lights a Candle", which was shown on Easter 2005 add something


In 2006 Latham filmed a short film, "A Neutral Corner", about a young boxer arriving in a desolate town where he meets a dog, a stranger and a mysterious waitress add something


He appeared in an episode of the BBC drama "The Street", written by Jimmy McGovern, in April 2006 add something


In 2007 he appeared in "Ruby Blue" with Bob Hoskins - Latham's first film role add something


He took on other work between series, until he was written out of the show in 2008 to allow him to concentrate on other projects add something


Latham was one of the celebrities to take part in the 2009 series of Hell's Kitchen on ITV 1 add something


In 2010 Latham played Matt on the radio series "House on Fire" which airs on BBC Radio 4 add something


The first episode was broadcast on 7 January 2010 add something


In 2011 Latham joined the cast of the BBC soap opera "EastEnders", playing Rob Grayson, a pimp in a controversial sex exploitation storyline add something


Latham was arrested for growing and supplying cannabis in the early hours of the morning of 14 May 2011 after police raided his home in Bacup, Lancashire add something


In 2012 Latham was cast in Tulisa's music video for song 'Sight Of You' add something


He will return to the final series of the show due to be broadcast in early 2013 add something


In early 2013 Latham will return in the final series of "Shameless" in episode 8 add something


In August 2014 Latham was involved in the casting process for a film at Futureworks Media School, Manchester add something