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John Agar

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John Agar

American actor add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1921.

Countries: United States (80%), (20%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Lucille Ball, Walter Brennan, Kirk Douglas

Linked to: Trinity-Pawling School




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John Agar was born in 1921 add something


He was Shirley Temple's first husband from 1945 until their 1950 divorce add something


During World War II he served in the Army Air Corps, and he was a sergeant at the time he left the army in 1946 add something


He starred with Lucille Ball in the 1951 movie "The Magic Carpet" add something


Along the Great Divide - The movie stars Kirk Douglas, Virginia May 1951 o, John Agar, and Walter Brennan


They remained married until her death in 2000 add something

John Agar died in 2002 add something


Agar died on April 7, 2002 at Burbank, California of complications from emphysema add something