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John C. McGinley

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John C. McGinley

American actor add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1959.

Countries: United States (59%), (14%), United Kingdom (9%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Bruce Springsteen, R. Lee Ermey, Al Pacino

Linked to: Detroit Red Wings, Millburn High School, New York University, Syracuse University




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John C. McGinley was born in 1959 add something


He was featured in a 1980s Subaru commercial add something


He was noticed by a casting scout while working as John Turturro's understudy in John Patrick Shanley's 1984 production of "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea", which led to a successful audition for the role of Sergeant Red O'Neill in the Oscar-winning "Platoon" add something


McGinley had been cast in his first film role in Alan Alda's "Sweet Liberty" earlier in 1986 add something


McGinley wrote the script for 1990s "Suffering Bastards," in which he co-starred add something


McGinley appeared on the television show "American Gladiators" in 1994, during the Celebrity Challenge add something


On Deadly Ground - "'On Deadly Ground"' is a 1994 environmental action-adventure film, co-produced, directed by and starring Steven Seagal, and co-starring an all-star cast that includes Michael Caine, Joan Chen, John C. McGinley, R._Lee_Ermey, Kenji Nakano, and Billy Bob Thornton in one of his early appearances


In February 1997, McGinley married Lauren Lambert add something


Chris Burke (actor) - He has starred in the organization's acclaimed public service announcements; with Tracey Ullman in 1999 and, more recently, for the My Great Story public awareness campaign with Actor John C. McGinley and TV Hosts Meredith Vieira and Nancy O'Dell


In December 2001, Lambert and McGinley divorced add something


In October 2002, he was chosen as "Dad of the Month" at add something


In 2006, McGinley served as the national spokesperson for the National Down Syndrome Society's annual Buddy Walk add something


In August 2006, McGinley became engaged to yoga instructor Nichole Kessler in Malibu, California, whom he had dated for two years add something


In 2007, he had a role as Chuck in the film "Are We Done Yet-" add something


Since the NFL season of 2007, McGinley has played the "Commish" of the More Taste League commercials for Miller Lite add something


The couple were married on April 7, 2007 in a private ceremony at their home add something


In 2008 McGinley was named an Honorary Patron of the University Philosophical Society, Trinity College, Dublin add something


In 2009, McGinley started narrating commercials for add something


In 2012, it was announced that McGinley will be a recurring character on USA Network's "Burn Notice" as Michael Westen's original CIA trainer, Tom Card add something


He began 2013 in the Broadway revival of "Glengarry Glen Ross" as Dave Moss, alongside Al Pacino, Bobby Cannavale, Richard Schiff, David Harbour, and Jeremy Shamos add something


In October 2014, McGinley hosted The E Street Radio channel on Sirius XM20 radio, discussing his appreciation of Bruce Springsteen's music, and their shared New Jersey roots add something


The series was canceled in 2015 after two seasons add something


Dana Gould - In 2016, Gould created the &IFC (IFC_(U.S._TV_channel)) comedy horror series Stan Against Evil, featuring the talent of John C. McGinley, Janet_Varney, and Nate Mooney