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John Cleese

English comedian add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1939.

Countries: United Kingdom (45%), United States (25%), (12%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Graham Chapman, Monty Python, Connie Booth

Linked to: Clifton College, Downing College, Cambridge, Liberal Democrats, Video Arts




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John Cleese was born in 1939 add something


Connie Booth - "'Constance "Connie" Booth"' is an American-born writer and actress, known for appearances on British television and particularly for her portrayal of Polly Sherman in the popular 1970s television show "Fawlty Towers", which she co-wrote with her then-husband John Cleese


Cleese met Connie Booth in the US during the late 1960s and the couple married in 1968 add something


Graham Chapman - Chapman and John Cleese wrote professionally for the BBC during the 1960s, initially for David Frost, but for Marty Feldman


!Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Cleese was one of the script writers, as well as being a member of the cast, for the 1963 Footlights Revue "A Clump of Plinths", which was so successful during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe that it was renamed "Cambridge Circus" and taken to the West End in London and on a tour of New Zealand and Broadway, with the cast appearing in some of the revue's sketches on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in September 1964 add something


Also in 1965, Cleese and Chapman began writing on "The Frost Report" add something


The success of the Footlights Revue led to the recording of a short series of half-hour radio programmes, called "I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again", that were so popular that the BBC commissioned a regular series with the same title that ran from 1965 to 1974 add something


Dave Cash (disc jockey) - After Parliament outlawed pirates, Cash joined Radio Luxembourg, in 1967 he became one of the first-day DJs on Radio One. Cash's popular Sunday show "Cash At Four" attracted guest such as Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, John Cleese, Lady Antonia Fraser, Rolf Harris, and David Bellamy


While performing in the musical "Half a Sixpence", Cleese met future Python Terry Gilliam, as well as American actress Connie Booth, whom he married on 20 February 1968 add something


Connie Booth - She married John Cleese on February 20, 1968


These series were successful, and in 1969 Cleese and Chapman were offered their very own series add something


"Monty Python's Flying Circus" ran for four seasons from October 1969 to December 1974 on BBC Television, though with only limited participation of Cleese in the last six shows add something


Monty Python - Broadcast by the BBC between 1969 and 1974, "Flying Circus" was conceived, written, and performed by its members Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry_Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin


Cleese based Basil Fawlty on a real person, Donald Sinclair, whom he had encountered in 1970 while the Monty Python team were staying at the Gleneagles Hotel in Torquay while filming inserts for their television series add something


From 1970 to 1973, Cleese served as rector of the University of St Andrews add something


In 1971, Booth gave birth to Cynthia Cleese, their only child add something


Video Arts - It was founded in 1972 by John Cleese, Sir Antony Jay, and a group of other television professionals


The differences between the two physically and socially were marked, but both worked well together from series 8 onwards until the series ended in 1976 add something


Monty Python - In 1976, Idle directed music videos for George Harrison songs "This Song" and "Crackerbox Palace", the latter of which featured cameo appearances from Neil Innes and John Cleese


In December 1977, Cleese appeared as a guest star on "The Muppet Show" add something


Despite this, a second series did not air until 1979, by which time Cleese's marriage to Booth had ended, but they revived their collaboration for the second series add something


Rob Buckman - He was one of the performers and writers of the first "Secret Policeman's Ball" fundraiser in 1979, with Billy Connolly, John Cleese and Eleanor Bron


During the 1980s and 1990s, Cleese focused on film, though he did work with Peter Cook in his one-off TV special "Peter Cook and Co." in 1980 add something


Frank Thornton - In 1980, he joined John Cleese in the BBC Television Shakespeare production of "The Taming of the Shrew"


Cleese married American actress Barbara Trentham in 1981 add something


Currently a member of the Liberal Democrats after previously being a Labour party voter, Cleese switched to the SDP after their formation in 1981, and during the 1987 general election, Cleese recorded a nine-minute party political broadcast for the SDP-Liberal Alliance, which spoke about the similarities and failures of the other two parties in a more humorous tone than standard political broadcasts add something


In 1981 he starred with Sean Connery and Michael Palin in the Terry Gilliam-directed "Time Bandits" as Robin Hood add something


In their 1981 film "The Great Muppet Caper", Cleese does a cameo appearance as Neville, a local homeowner add something


Their daughter Camilla, Cleese's second child, was born in 1984 add something


In 1985, Cleese had a small dramatic role as a sheriff in "Silverado", which had an all-star cast that included Kevin Kline, with whom he would star with in "A Fish Called Wanda" three years later add something


In 1986, he starred in "Clockwise" as an uptight school headmaster obsessed with punctuality and constantly getting in to trouble during a journey to a headmasters' conference add something


Verity Lambert - Her job here was somewhat frustrating as the British film industry was in one of its periodic states of flux, but she did manage to produce some noteworthy features, including the 1986 John Cleese film "Clockwise


Bono - In a 1986 interview with "Rolling Stone" magazine, Bono explained that he was motivated to become involved in social and political causes by seeing one of the "Secret Policeman's Ball" benefit shows, staged by John Cleese and producer Martin Lewis for the human-rights organisation Amnesty International in 1979


Timed with the 1987 UK elections, he appeared in a video promoting proportional representation add something


Vivian Ellis - His song "This is My Lovely Day" appeared in the John Cleese comedy "Clockwise" in 1987


In 1988, he wrote and starred in "A Fish Called Wanda", as the lead, Archie Leach, along with Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline and Michael Palin add something


A Fish Called Wanda - "'A Fish Called Wanda"' is a 1988 heist-comedy film written by John Cleese and Charles Crichton


Graham Chapman was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1989; Cleese, Michael Palin, Peter Cook and Chapman's partner David Sherlock, witnessed Chapman's death add something


Gerry Robinson - Robinson joined Granada as chief executive in 1991 and ousted Granada's chairman, David Plowright in 1992, which led John Cleese to call Robinson "an upstart caterer"


On 28 December 1992 he married American psychotherapist Alyce Faye Eichelberger add something


Ed Solomon - He married Cynthia Cleese, daughter of Connie Booth and John Cleese, in 1992


Ed Solomon - He married Cynthia Cleese, daughter of Connie Booth and John Cleese, in 1995


He said that he is working on a new film screenplay for the first time since 1996's "Fierce Creatures" add something


In 1996, Cleese declined the British honour of Commander of the Order of the British Empire add something


Cleese has since appeared in broadcasts for the Liberal Democrats, in the 1997 general election and narrating a radio election broadcast for the party during the 2001 general election add something


Robert Young (director) - It was partly on the strength of GBH that he was assigned to direct "Fierce Creatures", John Cleese's 1997 follow-up to "A Fish Called Wanda", which featured many of the same cast as GBH. However, the production ran into problems and Fred Schepisi was brought in to finalise the movie


Kevin Spacey - Spacey hosted Saturday Night Live twice: first in 1997 with musical guest Beck and special guests Michael Palin and John Cleese from Monty Python's Flying Circus.


Ring-tailed lemur - This species played a role in the 1997 comedy film "Fierce Creatures", starring John Cleese, who has a passion for lemurs


In 1999, Cleese appeared in the James Bond film, "The World Is Not Enough" as Q's assistant, referred to by Bond as "R" add something


Chris Rea - Rea has been an actor, playing the lead in the 1999 comedy film, "Parting Shots", alongside Felicity Kendal, John Cleese, Bob_Hoskins and Joanna Lumley


The series won three BAFTA awards when produced and in 2000, it topped the British Film Institute's list of the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes add something


Monty Python's Life of Brian - A BBC history series "What the Romans Did for Us", written and presented by Adam Hart-Davis and first broadcast in 2000, takes its title from John Cleese's rhetorical question "What have the Romans ever done for us-" in one of the film's scenes


In 2001, Cleese was cast in the comedy "Rat Race" as the eccentric hotel owner Donald P. Sinclair, the name of the Torquay hotel owner on whom he had based the character of Basil Fawlty add something


Elizabeth Hurley - After appearing in John Cleese's "The Human Face" , she hosted the inaugural season of the British reality series "Project Catwalk" on Sky1 in 2006


Paul Ekman - In 2001, Ekman collaborated with John Cleese for the BBC documentary series "The Human Face"


Shrek 2 - It is the second installment in the "Shrek" series, the sequel to 2001's "Shrek", and features the voices of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, Julie Andrews, John Cleese, Rupert_Everett, and Jennifer Saunders


In 2002, when Cleese reprised his role in "Die Another Day", the character was promoted, making Cleese the new quartermaster of MI6 add something


In 2003, Cleese appeared as Lyle Finster on the US sitcom "Will & Grace" add something


Also in 2005, a long-standing piece of Internet humour, "The Revocation of Independence of the United States", was wrongly attributed to Cleese add something


In a 2005 poll of comedians and comedy insiders, "The Comedians' Comedian", Cleese was voted second only to Peter Cook add something


Henrik Schyffert - In 2005, he made a documentary for Swedish national TV, about humor around the world, in which he interviewed John Cleese, Eddie_Izzard, Conan O'Brien, Dylan Moran and others


Aardman Animations - The studio had another film in development, "Crood Awakening", which had been announced in 2005, with John Cleese co-writing the screenplay


Woolly lemur - On November 11, 2005, a research team that discovered a new species of woolly lemur in 1990 in western Madagascar named the species, Bemaraha Woolly Lemur , after actor John Cleese, in recognition of Cleese's work to save lemurs in the wild


Cleese has hosted comedy galas at the Montreal Just for Laughs comedy festival in 2006, and again in 2009 add something


In 2006, Cleese hosted a television special of football's greatest kicks, goals, saves, bloopers, plays and penalties, as well as football's influence on culture , featuring interviews with pop culture icons Dave Stewart, Dennis Hopper and Henry Kissinger, as well as football greats including Pelé, Mia Hamm and Thierry Henry add something


It played in universities in California and Arizona from 10 January to 25 March 2006 under the title "Seven Ways to Skin an Ocelot" add something


Ricky Gervais - ", although editions with John Cleese and Matt Groening were recorded in 2006 for broadcast in 2007


Also in 2007, he started filming the sequel to "The Pink Panther", titled "The Pink Panther 2", with Steve Martin and Aishwarya Rai add something


In 2007, Cleese appeared in ads for Titleist as a golf course designer named "Ian MacCallister", who represents "Golf Designers Against Distance" add something


On 27 September 2007 Cleese announced he was to produce a series of video podcasts called HEADCAST. Cleese released the first episode of this series in April 2008 on his own website, headcast add something


Richard Tarnas - In 2007-8 John Cleese and Tarnas gave some public lectures together at Esalen and in Santa Barbara, California


Cleese collaborated with Los Angeles Guitar Quartet member William Kanengiser in 2008, on the text to the performance piece "The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha" add something


In January 2008 the couple announced they had split add something


The divorce was settled in December 2008 add something


A Fish Called Wanda - In 2008, it was reported that John Cleese and his daughter, Cynthia , had started to work on a stage musical version of the film


He had to cancel the 2009 appearance due to prostatitis, but hosted it a few days later add something


Towards the end of 2009 and into 2010, Cleese appeared in a series of television adverts for the Norwegian electric goods shop chain, Elkjøp add something


"The Art of Soccer with John Cleese" was released in North America on DVD in January 2009 by BFS Entertainment & Multimedia add something


The Pink Panther - He was played by John Cleese in the 2009 sequel


Elgiganten - In 2009 English actor John Cleese participated in commercials running on Danish, Swedish, Norweigen and Finnish television to promote the company


He appeared as a man who believed the AA could not help him during a series of disasters, including water pouring through his ceiling, with the line "The AA- For faulty showers-" During 2010, Cleese appeared in a series of radio advertisements for the Canadian insurance company Pacific Blue Cross, in which he plays a character called "Dr. Nigel Bilkington, Chief of Medicine for American General Hospital" add something


In March 2010 it was announced that Cleese would be playing Jasper in the video game "Fable III" add something


In April 2010, Cleese revealed on "The Graham Norton Show" on BBC One that he had started a new relationship with a woman 31 years his junior, Jennifer Wade add something


In October 2010, Cleese was featured in the launch of an advertising campaign by The Automobile Association for a new home emergency response product add something


Absolutely Anything - On 14 September 2010, the film was first announced, and it was announced that John Oliver, Robin Williams, John Cleese, Michael_Palin and Terry Gilliam were cast in the film, with Eric Idle announced as joining his fellow Pythons on 20 February 2014


In 2011 Cleese was quoted as saying that for tax purposes he might have to live in Switzerland or Monaco add something


In April 2011, Cleese revealed that he had declined a life peerage for political services in 1999 add something


Darren Boyd - The BBC announced in June 2011 that Boyd would play the role of John Cleese in "Holy Flying Circus", a 90-minute dramatisation of the controversy that arose when Monty Python's "Life of Brian" was released in 1979


In 2012, Cleese was cast in "Hunting Elephants", an upcoming heist comedy by Israeli filmmaker Reshef Levi add something


They married on the island of Mustique on 2 August 2012 add something


In November 2012, Cleese was filmed and interviewed by filmmaker Gracie Otto for the upcoming documentary film "Chalky", about Cleese's longtime friend and colleague Michael White, who produced "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and Cleese's pre-Python comedy production "Cambridge Circus" add something


He is scheduled to perform further 'An Evening with John Cleese' shows once again at the Madinat Theatre, Souk Madinat Jumeirah from Tuesday 5th November until Saturday 9th 2013 add something


In early 2013 it was announced that Cleese would embark on his first ever cross Canada comedy tour add something


In June 2013 John returned to South Africa with his show 'John Cleese Live' add something


It was announced that his return to the stage in Dubai would be postponed until November 2013 add something


The Elder Scrolls Online - On January 23, 2014 several actors were announced to voice cast the characters of "The Elder Scrolls Online", among them John Cleese, Bill_Nighy, Kate Beckinsale, Alfred Molina, Michael Gambon, Malcom McDowell and


Talking to "Der Spiegel" in 2015, Cleese took a critical position on how the things were in the world add something


In March 2015, in an interview with "Der Spiegel", he was asked if he was religious add something


Cleese publicly supported the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union in the 23 June 2016 referendum on the issue add something


In the 2017 general election he expressed support for both the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party add something


In early 2018, he again tacitly endorsed Corbyn on twitter add something


" In July 2018, Cleese said that he was leaving the UK to relocate to the Caribbean island of Nevis, partly over frustration around the standard of the Brexit debate, including "dreadful lies" by "the right" and a lack of reform regarding the press and the voting system add something


He emigrated to Nevis on 1 November 2018 add something


Anne Reid - In 2018 she will star alongside Alison Steadman and John Cleese in a new BBC comedy series, "Hold the Sunset"


In May 2019, Cleese repeated his previous statement that London was no longer an English city, saying "virtually all my friends from abroad have confirmed my observation add something