John F. Reynolds

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John F. Reynolds

Career United States Army officer and a general in the American Civil War. One of the Union Army's most respected senior commanders, he played a key role in committing the Army of the Potomac to the Battle of Gettysburg and was killed at the start of the battle add

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Born in 1820.

Countries: United States (75%), Oregon (17%), Virginia (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: James S. Wadsworth, Maryland, Oregon

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John F. Reynolds was born in 1820 add something


Reynolds was nominated to the United States Military Academy in 1837 by Senator James Buchanan, a family friend, and graduated 26th of 50 cadets in the class of 1841 add something


Thomas L. Young - He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1848, originally as a musician, and advanced through the ranks of the artillery to become a First Sergeant in the 3rd US Artillery by the time he finished his service in 1858, serving under Brevet Major John F. Reynolds


Utah War - He was next sent west to Fort Orford, Oregon, in 1855, and participated in the Rogue River Wars of 1856 and the Utah War with the Mormons in 1857-58 add something


He was the Commandant of Cadets at West Point from September 1860 to June 1861, while serving as an instructor of artillery, cavalry, and infantry tactics add something


Peninsula Campaign - As McClellan's army moved up the Virginia Peninsula in the 1862 Peninsula Campaign, Reynolds occupied and became military governor of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Virginia add something


However, he returned to the Army of the Potomac in late 1862 and assumed command of the I Corps add something


After the battle, Reynolds was promoted to major general of volunteers, with a date of rank of November 29, 1862 add something

John F. Reynolds died in 1863 add something


Battle of Chancellorsville - At the Battle of Chancellorsville in May 1863, Reynolds clashed with Maj. Gen. Hooker, his predecessor at I Corps, but by this time the commander of the Army of the Potomac add something


On the morning of July 1, 1863, Reynolds was commanding the "left wing" of the Army of the Potomac, with operational control over the I, III, and XI Corps, and Brig add something


Reynolds' body was immediately transported from Gettysburg to Taneytown, Maryland, and to his birthplace, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he was buried on July 4, 1863 add something


James S. Wadsworth - Arriving in the vanguard of Maj. Gen. John F. Reynolds's I Corps on July 1, 1863, Wadsworth's division bore much of the brunt of the overwhelming Confederate attack that morning and afternoon


John F. Chase - The 5th Maine Battery was a part of General John F. Reynolds' I Corps and fought at Seminary Hill on the first day of the battle, July 1, 1863


One primary source was Sergeant Charles Henry Veil, his orderly and unit Color Guard, who described the events in a letter in 1864 and contradicted some of the details in another letter 45 years later add something


Reynolds plays a role in Michael Shaara's 1974 Pulitzer Prize winning novel "The Killer Angels", as well as the 1993 film based on that novel, "Gettysburg" add something


Reynolds is significant in the prequel to "The Killer Angels", Jeffrey Shaara's novel "Gods and Generals", although his role was deleted from the 2003 film based on the novel add something


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