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John Hager (cartoonist)

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John Hager (cartoonist)

American cartoonist for the Seattle Daily Times, creator of a daily comic accompanying the weather report, and the comic strip Dok's Dippy Duck add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1858.

Country: Indiana (100%)

Education: undef.




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John Hager was born in 1858 add something


Hager's nickname stems from his time as a dentist in Terre Haute, Indiana before he moved to Seattle, Washington in 1889 and began working for the "Seattle Times" add something


He moved to Seattle in 1899, where he continued as a dentist. in 1909 he began cartooning full-time with the Seattle Daily Times and gave up his practice add something


DOK's comic strip, "Dok's Dippy Duck" started out as a daily comic strip without a name, May 31, 1912 add something


On May 3, 1913, in a front-page box called "Features of Today's Paper", Dok's cartoon was called "The Duck" add something


Hager retired in 1925 due to blindness add something

John Hager died in 1932 add something