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John Heard (actor)

American actor well known for his recurring role as Peter McCallister, in the first two installments of the Home Alone movie series add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1945.

Countries: United States (60%), United Kingdom (20%), (20%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Othello, Bette Midler, Ann Beattie

Linked to: Clark University, Gonzaga College High School, HBO, The Catholic University of America




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John Heard was born in 1945 add something


In the 1970s, Heard appeared on the stage, television and film add something


He appeared off-Broadway in 1974 in Mark Medoff's "The Wager" and at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in 1977 in a series of new plays add something


He grew up with two sisters, one of whom, Cordis, is an actor, and a brother, Matthew, who died in 1975 add something


Ann Beattie - Her first novel, "Chilly Scenes of Winter" , was adapted as a film alternatively titled "Chilly Scenes of Winter" or "Head Over Heels" in 1979 by Joan Micklin Silver, starring John Heard, Mary Beth Hurt, and Peter Riegert


He was the male lead in the 1979 film "Head Over Heels" add something


Heard won Obie awards for his performances in "Othello" and "Split" in 1979-80 add something


In 1979 he played Arthur Dimmesdale in a television production of "The Scarlet Letter" add something


In 1981, he had the starring role of Alex Cutter in the film "Cutter's Way" add something


In 1984, he portrayed photographer George Cooper in "C.H.U.D." alongside future "Home Alone" co-star Daniel Stern add something


In Heaven Help Us , John Heard played as a monk named Brother Timothy in the 1985 comedy-drama film add something


"The Trip to Bountiful" is a 1985 film in which he had a starring role add something


The Milagro Beanfield War - In 1988 he was seen in the film "The Milagro Beanfield War" add something


He co-starred with Bette Midler in "Beaches" in 1988, and played real-life Ku Klux Klan leader D.C. Stephenson in the TV-miniseries "Cross of Fire" in 1989 add something


In 1991 he starred in "Deceived" playing Jack Saunders add something


Also in 1992, he played Daugherty in the film "Radio Flyer" add something


In 1993 he played FBI agent Gavin Verheek in "The Pelican Brief" add something


In 1994 he played the part of David Manning in the ABC miniseries "Out on a Limb", which depicted Shirley MacLaine's written account, of the same name, of her journey toward acceptance of spiritual and extraterrestrial realities add something


He starred with Samuel L. Jackson in 1997's "One Eight Seven" and was featured in the 2000 miniseries "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" add something


He married Lana Pritchard on May 24, 2010, but they divorced on December 22 that same year add something


In 2011 he appeared as Lehman Brothers COO Joe Gregory in "Too Big to Fail," a HBO film add something


Heard died of a heart attack on July 21, 2017 add something