John Lennon

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John Lennon

English musician, singer and songwriter who rose to worldwide fame as a founder member of the Beatles, one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music add

Category: Music

Born in 1940.

Countries: United States (44%), United Kingdom (35%), (13%)

Main connections: Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, George Harrison

Linked to: Apple Corps, Black Panther Party, Dovedale Primary School, Quarry Bank High School




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John Lennon was born in 1940 add something


His father was often away from home but sent regular pay cheques to 9 Newcastle Road, Liverpool , where Lennon lived with his mother, but the cheques stopped when he went absent without leave in February 1944 add something


In July 1946 Lennon's father visited Smith and took his son to Blackpool, secretly intending to emigrate to New Zealand with him add something


From September 1952 to 1957, after passing his Eleven-Plus exam, he attended Quarry Bank High School in Liverpool , and was described by Harvey at the time as, "A happy-go-lucky, good-humoured, easy going, lively lad add something


He was 14 years old when his uncle George died of a liver haemorrhage on 5 June 1955 add something


His mother bought him his first guitar in 1956, an inexpensive Gallotone Champion acoustic for which she "lent" her son five pounds and ten shillings on the condition that the guitar be delivered to her own house, and not Mimi's, knowing well that her sister was not supportive of her son's musical aspirations add something


Named after Quarry Bank High School, the group was established by him in September 1956 when he was 15, and began as a skiffle group add something


Colin Hanton - Hanton was in an early line-up of the band from c Summer 1956 along with John Lennon, Eric Griffiths, Pete Shotton and Rod Davis, and stayed with the band through several line-up changes until January 1959


By the summer of 1957 the Quarrymen played a "spirited set of songs" made up of half skiffle and half rock and roll add something


Lennon and Cynthia Powell met in 1957 as fellow students at the Liverpool College of Art add something


Lonnie Donegan - The popular skiffle style encouraged amateurs to get started, and one of the many skiffle groups that followed was The Quarrymen formed in March 1957 by John Lennon


On 15 July 1958, when Lennon was 17 years old, his mother, walking home after visiting the Smiths' house, was struck by a car and killed add something


Cliff Richard - His 1958 hit single "Move It" is often described as Britain's first authentic rock and roll song, and John Lennon once claimed that "before Cliff and the Shadows, there had been nothing worth listening to in British music


Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Sutcliffe became "The Beatles" in early 1960 add something


Ace Backwords - Presently, Backwords is working on his next book, "Acid Heroes", about 1960s icons John Lennon, Ram Dass, Alan Watts, Hunter S. Thompson, R. Crumb, and Jerry Garcia


James Brown - The riff was provided to "Fame" co-writers John Lennon and Bowie by guitarist Carlos Alomar, who had briefly been a member of Brown's band in the late 1960s


Reginald Maudling - They had three sons and a daughter, the modish Caroline Maudling, who became a journalist in the 1960s as the "travelling teenager" of the "Daily Mail" and, among other things, appeared alongside John Lennon of the Beatles on BBC TV's "Juke Box Jury" in 1963


Tommy Moore (musician) - He first played drums with the Silver Beetles in May 1960, at the suggestion of Allan Williams, and later that month travelled to Scotland with John Lennon, Paul_McCartney, George Harrison and Stuart Sutcliffe, when they acted as a backing band for singer Johnny Gentle


Joe Stefanelli - "'Joseph Leonard Stefanelli"' is an American musician and actor, of Italian descent, who is best known for performing the voice of John Lennon in the 1994 film "Forrest Gump"


After the first Hamburg residency, the band accepted another in April 1961, and a third in April 1962 add something


Brian Epstein, the Beatles' manager from 1962, had no prior experience of artist management, but nevertheless had a strong influence on their early dress code and attitude on stage add something


Later that year, Lennon and Ono supported efforts by the family of James Hanratty, hanged for murder in 1962, to prove his innocence add something


The Beatles were performing at Liverpool 's Cavern Club in 1962, when they were introduced to Epstein after a midday concert add something


Recalling his reaction in July 1962 on learning that Cynthia was pregnant, Lennon said, "There's only one thing for it Cyn. We'll have to get married add something


The band's first single, "Love Me Do", was released in October 1962 and reached No. 17 on the British charts add something


Rory Storm - During a Hurricanes' residency at Butlins, Lennon and McCartney drove from Liverpool to Skegness, on 15 August 1962, to ask Starr to join The Beatles


His jamming on a piano with McCartney in 1963 led to the creation of the Beatles' first US number one, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" add something


The Beatles achieved mainstream success in the UK during the beginning of 1963 add something


When the Beatles recorded "Twist and Shout", the final track during the mammoth one-day session that produced the band's 1963 debut album, "Please Please Me", Lennon's voice, already compromised by a cold, came close to giving out add something


Julian was born on 8 April 1963; Lennon was on tour at the time and did not see his son until three days later add something


Lennon was touring with the Beatles when Julian was born on 8 April 1963 add something


Soon after their return from Spain, at McCartney's twenty-first birthday party in June 1963, Lennon physically attacked Cavern Club MC Bob Wooler for saying "How was your honeymoon, John-" The MC, known for his wordplay and affectionate but cutting remarks, was making a joke, but ten months had passed since Lennon's marriage, and the honeymoon, deferred, was still two months in the future add something


Fritz Richmond - A well-known photo by John Byrne Cooke shows Richmond wearing his homemade pair in 1963, long before John Lennon popularized the "British welfare glasses"


Johnny Pearson - She had released her first 45 single, "Love of the Loved", in 1963, but it had charted only modestly despite having been written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney


Kenny Lynch - In early 1963, Lynch had been on the same bill as The Beatles on the group's first British tour; John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote "Misery" in January 1963, in the hopes that the artist on top of the bill, Helen Shapiro, would record it


In 1964, he became one of the first British musicians to acquire a Mellotron keyboard, though it was not heard on a Beatles' recording until "Strawberry Fields Forever" in late 1966 add something


After a year of Beatlemania in the UK, the group's historic February 1964 US debut appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" marked their breakthrough to international stardom add something


He was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire with the other Beatles in 1965 add something


The second version, told by McCartney, is that in late 1965, Ono was in London compiling original musical scores for a book John Cage was working on, "Notations", but McCartney declined to give her any of his own manuscripts for the book, suggesting that Lennon might oblige add something


Yoko Ono - John Lennon once described her as "the world's most famous unknown artist: everybody knows her name, but nobody knows what she does.


Pattie Boyd - Boyd and Harrison, along with John Lennon and Cynthia Lennon, had their first encounter with LSD in early 1965


Paul Frees - Frees provided the voices of both John Lennon and George Harrison in the 1965 "The Beatles" cartoon series, the narrator, Big D and Fluid Man in the 1966 cartoon series, "Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles" and of The Thing in the 1967 series "Fantastic Four", as well as President James Norcross in the 1967 cartoon series "Super President"


Tony Barrow - In 1965 and 1966 Tony Barrow travelled around the globe with John Lennon, Paul_McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr on The Beatles' biggest, most lucrative and most dangerous international concert tours, conducting their massive daily press conferences wherever they were on the road, accompanying them on their very private "summit of the giants" meeting with Elvis Presley at his home in Bel Air, California, and setting up The Fab Four's media interviews and photo shoots when they returned home


Deprived of the routine of live performances after their final commercial concert on 29 August 1966, Lennon felt lost and considered leaving the band add something


Two versions exist of how Lennon met Ono. According to the first, on 9 November 1966 Lennon went to the Indica Gallery in London, where Ono was preparing her conceptual art exhibit, and they were introduced by gallery owner John Dunbar add something


Kit Lambert - Lambert and Stamp established Track Records in 1966 in order to work with other artists including Jimi Hendrix, who was already signed with other managers, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono


The Singing Nun - She agreed with John Lennon's statements about Jesus in 1966


Iain Macmillan - On 9 November 1966 John Lennon met Yoko at the Indica Gallery, later on she introduced him to Iain


When the group travelled by train to Bangor, Wales, in 1967, for the Maharishi Yogi's Transcendental Meditation seminar, a policeman did not recognise her and stopped her from boarding add something


John Maddison Morton - In 1967 the National Theatre performed Morton's "A Most Unwarrantable Intrusion" as part of a triple bill including a play by John Lennon


ABKCO Industries, formed in 1968 by Allen Klein as an umbrella company to ABKCO Records, recruited May Pang as a receptionist in 1969 add something


After negotiations between Lennon, Spinetti and the artistic director of the National Theatre, Sir Laurence Olivier, the play opened at the Old Vic in 1968 add something


At the end of 1968, Lennon featured in the film "The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus" in the role of a Dirty Mac band member add something


The next month the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service began deportation proceedings, arguing that his 1968 misdemeanor conviction for cannabis possession in London had made him ineligible for admission to the United States add something


With Epstein gone, the band members became increasingly involved in business activities, and in February 1968 they formed Apple Corps, a multimedia corporation comprising Apple Records and several other subsidiary companies add something


In May 1968, while his wife was on holiday in Greece, Lennon invited Ono to visit add something


Ono became pregnant in 1968 and miscarried a male child they named John Ono Lennon II on 21 November 1968, a few weeks after Lennon's divorce from Cynthia was granted add something


Richard Keith Wolff - Richard Keith Wolff work includes rare photographic portraits from 1968-70 of John Lennon, Yoko_Ono, Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding, Eric Clapton, Charlie Watts, Keith Reid, Jim Capaldi and Quentin Crisp


Harry Nilsson - When John Lennon and Paul McCartney held a press conference in 1968 to announce the formation of Apple Corps, John was asked to name his favorite American artist


Linda McCartney - In May 1968, they met again in New York, as John Lennon and McCartney were there to announce the formation of Apple Corps


Victor Spinetti - Spinetti co-authored "In His Own Write", the play adapted from a book by John Lennon with the Beatle which he directed at the National Theatre, premiering on 18 June 1968, at the Old Vic


After his marriage to Yoko Ono in 1969, he changed his name to John Ono Lennon add something


In 1969, they formed the Plastic Ono Band, releasing "Live Peace in Toronto 1969" add something


Lennon and Ono used their honeymoon as what they termed a "Bed-In for Peace" at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel; the March 1969 event attracted worldwide media ridicule add something


Lennon and Ono were married on 20 March 1969, and soon released a series of 14 lithographs called "Bag One" depicting scenes from their honeymoon, eight of which were deemed indecent and most of which were banned and confiscated add something


They were married at The Rock Hotel in Gibraltar on 20 March 1969, and spent their honeymoon at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam campaigning with a week-long Bed-In for peace add something


Lennon changed his name by deed poll on 22 April 1969, adding "Ono" as a middle name add something


Yoko Ono - John Lennon later gave Ono the original handwritten lyrics to "The Word", which were subsequently reproduced in Cage's book Notations published in 1969.


Paul McCartney - In 1969, James sold a controlling interest in Northern Songs to Lew Grade's Associated Television after which McCartney and John Lennon sold their remaining shares although they remained under contract to ATV until 1973


Timothy Leary - On June 1, 1969, Leary joined John Lennon and Yoko Ono at their Montreal Bed-In and Lennon subsequently wrote Leary a campaign song called "Come Together"


Keith Moon - On 15 December 1969, Moon joined John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band for a live performance at the Lyceum Ballroom in London for a UNICEF charity concert


Although his friendship with Starr remained consistently warm during the years following the Beatles' break-up in 1970, Lennon's relationship with McCartney and Harrison varied add something


McCartney took over on bass after Sutcliffe decided to stay in Hamburg, and drummer Ringo Starr replaced Best, completing the four-piece line-up that would endure until the group's break-up in 1970 add something


Robert Greenidge - In the 1970s, he performed with numerous well-established acts such as Maurice White, Earth Wind and Fire, Harry Nilsson, John Lennon, and Ringo Starr


Vietnam War - Controversial through his political and peace activism, he moved to New York City in 1971, where his criticism of the Vietnam War resulted in a lengthy attempt by Richard Nixon's administration to deport him, while some of his songs were adopted as anthems by the anti-war movement add something


Lennon and Ono showed their solidarity with the Clydeside UCS workers' work-in of 1971 by sending a bouquet of red roses and a cheque for £5,000 add something


Lennon's relationship with Julian was already strained, and after Lennon and Ono's 1971 move to New York, Julian would not see his father again until 1973 add something


The final 10 documents in Lennon's FBI file, which reported on his ties with London anti-war activists in 1971 and had been withheld as containing "national security information provided by a foreign government under an explicit promise of confidentiality", were released in December 2006 add something


Happy Xmas - Lennon and Ono moved to New York in August 1971, and in December released "Happy Xmas " add something


They first lived in the St. Regis Hotel on 5th Avenue, East 55th Street, moved to a street-level flat at 105 Bank Street, Greenwich Village, on 16 October 1971 add something


In December 1971 at Ann Arbor, Michigan, 20,000 people attended the "John Sinclair Freedom Rally", a protest and benefit concert with contributions from Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Bob Seger, Bobby Seale of the Black Panther Party, and others add something


Hunter Davies - John Lennon mentioned in his 1971 Rolling Stone interview that he considered the book 'bullshit', though Lennon at the time was vigorously debunking the Beatle myth and anyone who had helped to create it


Michael X - His bail was paid by John Lennon in January 1971


Eddie Lawrence - On February 22, 1971, Eddie appeared as a guest on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show , performing a five-minute "Old Philosopher" routine at the end of which Carson was laughing loudly and repeating some of its lines and, in 1974, he was heard as the announcer on a television advertisement for John Lennon and Harry Nilsson's album, "Pussy Cats", which included contributions by Ringo Starr and Keith Moon


King Curtis - In July 1971, Curtis recorded saxophone solos on "It's So Hard" and "I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier Mama I Don't Wanna Die" from John Lennon's "Imagine"


Jim Keltner - He and Starr were the drummers on the Concert for Bangladesh, rock music's first charity benefit, initiated by George Harrison and Ravi Shankar, in August 1971 at Madison Square Garden in New_York; he performed at the Garden in 1972 for John Lennon's "One To One" benefit for the Willowbrook State School


Following the "Bloody Sunday" incident in Northern Ireland in 1972, in which 14 unarmed civil rights protesters were shot dead by the British Army, Lennon said that given the choice between the army and the IRA he would side with the latter add something


Recorded as a collaboration with Ono and with backing from the New York band Elephant's Memory, "Some Time in New York City" was released in 1972 add something


Lennon and Ono co-hosted the "Mike Douglas Show" for a week in February 1972, introducing guests such as Jerry Rubin and Bobby Seale to mid-America add something


Nixon believed that Lennon's anti-war activities could cost him his re-election; Republican Senator Strom Thurmond suggested in a February 1972 memo that "deportation would be a strategic counter-measure" against Lennon add something


Staged at Madison Square Garden on 30 August 1972, they were his last full-length concert appearances add something


Keith Moon - In 1972, the performance was released as a companion disc to Lennon's and Ono's "Some Time In New York City" LP.


On 23 March 1973, Lennon was ordered to leave the US within 60 days add something


In response, Lennon and Ono held a press conference on 1 April 1973 at the New York City Bar Association, where they announced the formation of the state of Nutopia; a place with "no land, no boundaries, no passports, only people" add something


After a robbery, they relocated to the more secure Dakota at 1 West 72nd Street, in May 1973 add something


"Mind Games", credited to the "Plastic U.F.Ono Band", was released in November 1973 add something


Bobby Keys - From 1973-1975, Keys participated in John Lennon's Lost Weekend in Los Angeles along with Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson and Keith Moon


Maureen Starkey Tigrett - In 1973, they bought Tittenhurst Park from John Lennon


In early 1974, Lennon was drinking heavily and his alcohol-fuelled antics with Harry Nilsson made headlines add something


The two later began to reestablish something of the close friendship they had once known, and in 1974, they even played music together again before eventually growing apart once more add something


Andy Newmark - After leaving the band in 1974, Newmark has performed and recorded with John Lennon, Cat_Stevens, Joe Walsh, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Bryan Ferry, George Harrison, Rickie Lee Jones, Patrick Moraz, Randy Newman, Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Murray Head, Ronnie Wood, Roxy Music, ABC, Hue and Cry, Laura Nyro, Elkie Brooks, Sting, Steve Winwood, Nils Lofgren, George Benson and Michael Franks


Elton John - In 1974 a collaboration with John Lennon took place, resulting in Lennon appearing on John's single cover of The Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", the b-side of which was Lennon's "One Day at a Time


Keith Moon - In 1974, Moon played drums on Harry Nilsson's album "Pussy Cats", which was produced by John Lennon


Lennon disengaged himself from the music business in 1975 to devote time to raising his infant son Sean, but re-emerged with Ono in 1980 with the new album "Double Fantasy" add something


Nixon's successor, Gerald Ford, showed little interest in continuing the battle against Lennon, and the deportation order was overturned in 1975 add something


Lennon co-wrote "Fame", David Bowie's first US number one, and provided guitar and backing vocals for the January 1975 recording add something


Lennon spent the next three and a half years in and out of deportation hearings until on 8 October 1975, when a court of appeals barred the deportation attempt, stating " add something


Sean was born on 9 October 1975, Lennon's 35th birthday, delivered by Caesarean section add something


With the birth of his second son Sean on 9 October 1975, Lennon took on the role of househusband, beginning what would be a five-year hiatus from the music industry during which he gave all his attention to his family add something


Roberta Flack - Flack knew John Lennon and Yoko Ono, as both households moved in 1975 into the The Dakota apartment building in New York City, and had apartments across the hall from each other


Nino Tempo - In 1975, Tempo played saxophone on John Lennon's "Rock 'n' Roll" album


Buddy Holly - In addition, John Lennon recorded a cover version of "Peggy Sue" on his 1975 album "Rock 'n' Roll"


Michael X - The Save Malik Committee, whose members included Angela Davis, Dick Gregory, Kate Millet and others, including the well known "radical lawyer" William Kunstler, who was paid by John Lennon, pleaded for clemency, but he was hanged in 1975


Carlos Alomar - In January 1975, Bowie and John Lennon recorded "Across the Universe" at Electric Lady Studios and from this session resulted the impromptu song "Fame" which evolved from the guitar riff Alomar had originated for the song "Footstompin'" during the Philly Dogs shows


He wrote "Cookin' " for Starr's "Ringo's Rotogravure" , performing on the track in June in what would be his last recording session until 1980 add something


He formally announced his break from music in Tokyo in 1977, saying, "we have basically decided, without any great decision, to be with our baby as much as we can until we feel we can take time off to indulge ourselves in creating things outside of the family add something


The following year, his US immigration status finally resolved, Lennon received his "green card" certifying his permanent residency, and when Jimmy Carter was inaugurated as president in January 1977, Lennon and Ono attended the Inaugural Ball add something


Edward Patey - Landmarks of his tenure as Dean included the dedication of the cathedral by Elizabeth II in October 1978 , a memorial service for John Lennon in 1981, and a controversial visit from Pope John Paul II in 1982


When McCartney released, "Coming Up", in 1980, the year Lennon returned to the studio and the last year of his life, he took notice add something

John Lennon died in 1980 add something


Lennon emerged from retirement in October 1980 with the single " Starting Over", followed the next month by the album "Double Fantasy", which contained songs written during a journey to Bermuda on a 43-foot sailing boat the previous June, that reflected his fulfilment in his new-found stable family life add something


Ringo Starr - After Lennon was murdered in 1980, Starr and his girlfriend Barbara Bach flew to New York City to be with Lennon's widow Yoko Ono


Peter Curry - He acted for John Lennon, George_Harrison, and Ringo Starr in their dispute with Paul McCartney, shareholders in Banco Ambrosiano following the bank's collapse in the 1980s, and for Thomas Ward, the former director involved in the Guinness share-trading scandal


Michael Douglas - He is a notable Democrat and has donated money to Barack Obama, Christopher Dodd, and Al Franken He has been a major supporter of gun control since John Lennon was murdered in 1980.


Andy Newmark - In 1980, he was the sole drummer on John Lennon's last album, "


Robert Whitaker (photographer) - In the interview conducted just before his death in 1980 , John Lennon confirmed this


Paul McCartney's musical career - McCartney carried on recording after the death of John Lennon in 1980, but did not play any live concerts for some time, saying that he was nervous that he would be the next to be murdered


Tom Snyder - Unique one-on-one exchanges were common to the program, notably with author Harlan Ellison, John Lydon of PiL and The Sex Pistols in 1980, John Lennon in 1975, actor and writer Sterling Hayden, convicted serial killer Charles Manson, and author and philosopher Ayn Rand


Yoko Ono - John Lennon retired from music to become a househusband caring for their child, until shortly before his murder in December 1980, which Ono witnessed at close range.


Andy Peebles - Peebles' name was thrust into the media spotlight in December 1980 when John Lennon was murdered in New York


George Harrison - Harrison was deeply shocked by the 8 December 1980 murder of John Lennon


Harry Nilsson - Nilsson was profoundly affected by the death of John Lennon on December 8, 1980


Annie Leibovitz - On December 8, 1980, Leibovitz had a photo shoot with John Lennon for "Rolling Stone", promising him that he would make the cover


Townes Van Zandt - They met on December 9, 1980 at a memorial for John Lennon


David Sancious - On Sunday, December 14, 1980, during the ten minutes' silence organized in memory of the recently-murdered John Lennon, Sancious performed an extended improvisation based upon Lennon's Across the Universe


"Double Fantasy", released shortly before his death, and his best-selling, post-Beatles' studio album at three million shipments in the US, won the 1981 Grammy award for Album of the Year add something


Robert Rosen (writer) - John Lennon's diaries were given to Rosen in 1981 by Frederic Seaman, Lennon's personal assistant


Ringo Starr - Harrison sang a rewritten version himself, including it on his 1981 album "Somewhere in England" following Lennon's murder


Mark McGann - McGann first appeared on stage in 1981 in the production "Lennon" at the Everyman Theatre and the London Astoria where he portrayed John Lennon, role which won him the first of his two Olivier Award nominations for best actor in a West End show


Phil Spector - Spector worked with Yoko Ono in 1981, and co-produced "Season of Glass", her first work after the death of her husband, John Lennon


Bryan Ferry - The band achieved their first and only UK number one single, "Jealous Guy", released in 1981 as a posthumous tribute to its author John Lennon who had been murdered some months earlier


In 1983, Wiener sued the FBI with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California add something


Pink Floyd - Gilmour had recorded his second solo album, "About Face", in 1984, and he used it to express his feelings about a variety of topics; from the murder of John Lennon to his relationship with Waters


Bernard Hill - In 1985, he played the lead role in a TV dramatisation of John Lennon's life, "A Journey in the Life"


He was posthumously inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1987 and into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994 add something


Ringo Starr - Lewisohn p173 and played the drums on "The Ballad of John and Yoko", recorded on 14 April 1969, since only he and Lennon were immediately available to record the song


The ACLU, representing Wiener, won a favourable decision in their suit against the FBI in the Ninth Circuit in 1991 add something


The Justice Department appealed the decision to the Supreme Court in April 1992, but the court declined to review the case add something


Joe Stefanelli - In 1992, Joe decided to try out for a spot as John Lennon in Beatles tribute bands throughout the Los Angeles area


In 1997, respecting President Bill Clinton's newly instigated rule that documents should be withheld only if releasing them would involve "foreseeable harm", the Justice Department settled most of the outstanding issues outside court by releasing all but 10 of the contested documents add something


Ringo Starr - However, following Lennon's murder, Starr did not feel comfortable recording them; the former was released posthumously under Lennon's name on the album "Milk and Honey", while the latter's painfully ironic lyrics kept it unissued until 1998's " John Lennon Anthology"


Liam Gallagher, his group Oasis among the many who acknowledge the band's influence, identifies Lennon as a hero; in 1999 he named his first child Lennon Gallagher in tribute add something


In 2000, David Shayler, a former member of Britain's domestic security service MI5 suggested that Lennon had given money to the IRA though this was swiftly denied by Ono. Biographer Bill Harry records that following Bloody Sunday, Lennon and Ono financially supported the production of the film "The Irish Tapes", a political documentary with a Republican slant add something


Yoko Ono - In 2000, she founded the John Lennon Museum in Saitama, Saitama, Japan.


Elizabeth Peyton - Since the late 2000s, Peyton's career was endorsed by the art market where the price of her works has steadily increased (an oil on canvas representing John Lennon was sold for a record $800,000 in 2005; the same oil on panel, entitled "Craig, 1997", was sold twice at Sotheby's in NYC, first for $384 000 in May 2007 and for $566 000 in November 2010).


In 2002 a BBC poll on the 100 Greatest Britons voted him eighth, and in 2008, "Rolling Stone" ranked him the fifth-greatest singer of all-time add something


Participants in a 2002 BBC poll voted him eighth of "100 Greatest Britons" add something


Alan Davies - He was invited to champion the case for John Lennon to be the greatest Briton of all time on the BBC's "Great Britons" series in 2002


Ed Kowalczyk - War in Iraq - Kowalczyk performed John Lennon's "Imagine" with Slash in 2003 at "Peace on the Beach," a rally to protest the coming War in Iraq


James Ray (singer) - John Lennon included "If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody" on his jukebox, the contents of which were issued as a double album in 2004 after the jukebox itself was purchased at an auction


Charlie Brill - They were interviewed in 2005 for the "Big Break" episode of PRI radio program "This American Life," regarding their Beatles-Sullivan experience, including a dressing room encounter with John Lennon


Mitzi McCall - They were interviewed in 2005 for the "Big Break" episode of PRI radio program "This American Life," regarding their Beatles-Sullivan experience, including a dressing room encounter with John Lennon


Madonna (entertainer) - In January 2005, Madonna performed a cover version of the John Lennon song "Imagine" at Tsunami Aid


Madonna - In January 2005, Madonna performed a cover version of the John Lennon song "Imagine" at Tsunami Aid. She performed at the Live 8 benefit concert in London.


Geoff Lloyd - Lloyd has made several television appearances, appearing on the Channel 4 show "Richard & Judy" on 8 December 2005 to celebrate the life of former Beatles member, John Lennon and again on 26 March 2007 to discuss the band Slade, together with the band's frontman Noddy Holder


According to FBI surveillance reports Lennon was sympathetic to the International Marxist Group, a Trotskyist group formed in Britain in 1968 add something


Phil Spector - Spector produced singer-songwriter Hargo's track, "Crying For John Lennon", which originally appears on Hargo's 2006 album "In Your Eyes", but on a visit to Spector's mansion for an interview for the John Lennon tribute movie, "Strawberry Fields", Hargo played Spector the song and asked him to produce it


Peter Gabriel - At the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Turin , Italy, Gabriel performed John Lennon's "Imagine" during the opening of the festivities on 10 February 2006


Eric Clapton - Greenwood Publishing Group, 2007 On 15 December 1969 Clapton performed with John Lennon, George_Harrison, and others as the Plastic Ono Band at a fundraiser for UNICEF in London


Tina Dico - In February 2007 Tina recorded the John Lennon song Working Class Hero, as part of Amnesty International's Global campaign Make Some Noise


George Harrison - In June 2007, portraits of Harrison and John Lennon were unveiled at The Mirage Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, where they will be on permanent display


Sam Taylor-Wood - In August 2008, Taylor-Wood was chosen to direct Nowhere Boy, a biopic about the childhood of The Beatles singer, John Lennon.


Matthew Shepard - Lady Gaga performed John Lennon's 'Imagine' at the 2009 HRC Dinner and changed the lyrics from "above us only sky" to "with only Matthew in the sky" and Melissa Etheridge, whose 1999 album "Breakdown" contained "Scarecrow", a song dedicated to Shepard and his family and friends


Yoko Ono - In 2009, Ono created an exhibit called John_Lennon: THE NEW YORK CITY YEARS for the NYC Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex.


Chris Cornell - On September 11, 2009, Cornell performed John Lennon's "Imagine" on "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien"


Christopher Eccleston - In November 2009, Eccleston was reported to have been cast as John Lennon in a BBC production called "Lennon Naked"


His family continued to appeal in 2010 add something


In 2010, on what would have been Lennon's 70th birthday, the John Lennon Peace Monument was unveiled in Chavasse Park, Liverpool , by Cynthia and Julian Lennon add something


Jackson Browne - Browne appeared at the 2010 NAMM Conference in Anaheim, California with Yoko Ono and Quincy Jones in support of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.


As of 2012 Lennon's solo album sales in the United States exceed 14 million units, and as writer, co-writer or performer, he is responsible for 25 number-one singles on the US Hot 100 chart add something


In December 2013 the International Astronomical Union named one of the craters on Mercury after Lennon add something


In 2016, he was denied parole for a ninth time add something


In August 2018, he was denied parole for a 10th time add something