John Redwood

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John Redwood

British Conservative Party politician and Member of Parliament for Wokingham add

Category: Politics

Born in 1951.

Countries: United Kingdom (93%), (7%)

Main connections: Michael Howard, Conservative Party (UK), Antony Marlow

Linked to: Conservative Party, St Antony's College, Oxford, European integration, Kent College




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John Redwood was born in 1951 add something


William van Straubenzee - He was Member of Parliament for Wokingham from 1959 to 1987, when he retired and was succeeded by John Redwood


Redwood was educated locally, attending Kent College, Canterbury, on a scholarship before going up to Magdalen College, Oxford, where he obtained the degree of BA in Modern History in 1971 add something


Redwood has been a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, since 1972 where he was a Tutor and Lecturer from 1972 to 1973 and has been a Visiting Professor at Middlesex University since 2000 add something


He was an Oxfordshire County Councillor between 1973 and 1977, the youngest ever at the age of 21, and contested Southwark, Peckham in October 1982 at the Peckham by-election, 1982 which brought Harriet Harman into public view add something


From 1974 to 1977, he was an investment analyst at Robert Fleming & Co add something


He married Gail Felicity Chippington, a barrister, on 20 April 1974 in Chipping Norton; they had two children, Catherine and Richard add something


He later studied at St Antony's College, Oxford, taking the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in 1975 add something


From 1977 to 1978, he was a Bank Clerk at N M Rothschild & Sons, becoming a Manager in 1978, Assistant Director in 1979 and a Director of the Overseas Division from 1980 to 1983 add something


Previously had been the head of Margaret Thatcher's Policy Unit in the early to mid 1980s add something


From 1986 to 1987, he was Overseas Corporate Finance Director and Head of International Privatisation add something


Redwood became MP for Wokingham in 1987 add something


He voted for the reintroduction of capital punishment in 1988, 1990 and 1994, and voted in favour of keeping Section 28 in November 2003 add something


Redwood was made a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in July 1989 for Corporate Affairs at the Department of Trade and Industry add something


In November 1990, he was promoted to Minister of State add something


Redwood became Minister for Local Government and Inner Cities after the 1992 General Election where he successfully saw through the abolition of the Community Charge, known as the "Poll Tax", and its replacement, the Council Tax add something


Redwood's most famous gaffe was his attempt in 1993 to mime to the Welsh national anthem at the Welsh Conservative Party conference when he clearly did not know the words add something


In the May 1993 Government reshuffle, Redwood was appointed to the cabinet as Secretary of State for Wales add something


David Evennett - In 1993 be became the PPS to the Secretary of State for Wales John Redwood until 1995 when he was the PPS to the Home Office minister David Maclean, and to Gillian Shephard to the Secretary of State for Education and Skills in 1996, where he remained until he was defeated at the 1997 general election


Redwood holds conservative views on social matters, being opposed to attempts to reduce the age of consent for homosexuality in both 1994 and 1999 add something


He was formerly Secretary of State for Wales in Prime Minister John Major's Cabinet and was an unsuccessful challenger for the leadership of the Conservative Party in 1995 add something


Redwood consequently gained a somewhat haughty reputation with apparent disregard for national feeling; this did not endear him further to some of the population, most memorably when in 1995 he returned £100,000,000 of Wales's block grant to the UK Treasury unspent, and when he made a speech in Cardiff in July 1993 stating that before State Aid be granted to single mothers, the father should first be contacted to help financially add something


When John Major tendered his resignation as Conservative leader in 1995, Redwood resigned from the Cabinet and stood against Major in the subsequent party leadership election on 26 June add something


Conservative Party (UK) - Major had to survive a leadership challenge in 1995 by the Secretary of State for Wales, the aforementioned John Redwood


Antony Marlow - Marlow caught the attention of the media in 1995 when he was a conspicuous supporter of John Redwood at the press conference in which Redwood announced his challenge for the Conservative Party leadership against Prime Minister John Major


George Gardiner (politician) - In the July 1995 leadership election contest, Gardiner voted for John Redwood as party leader, although he preferred Portillo to Redwood


When Major resigned after the 1997 General Election defeat, Redwood stood for the leadership, and was again defeated, though he secured more support than rival candidates Peter Lilley and Michael Howard add something


Redwood was appointed Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions, but was dropped in a mini-reshuffle in February 2000 add something


In 2001 Hague's successor, Iain Duncan Smith offered Redwood the Shadow Trade and Industry portfolio once again, but he declined on principle add something


On 8 September 2004, Michael Howard added Redwood to the Shadow Cabinet as Spokesman on Deregulation add something


During the 2005 Conservative leadership campaign, Redwood supported first Liam Fox and David Cameron add something


He was appointed Chairman of the Conservative Party's new Policy Review Group on Economic Competitiveness by Cameron in December 2005 add something


His latest book, "I Want to Make a Difference - But I Don't Like Politics", examines the reasons for the decline in turnout at UK elections and was published in October 2006 add something


Redwood is a regular contributor to "The Times" newspaper and contributes to "Freedom Today", the journal of the Freedom Association, and "The Business" and appeared on 18 Doughty Street Talk TV in December 2006 add something


As his local party office had been the subject of numerous donations from Mabey Group, Redwood became chairman of a Mabey family trust for six years until 2007 add something


Redwood of course subsequently learned the anthem but, in August 2007, when an unconnected news story on Redwood was illustrated with the same clip, Tory activists complained and the BBC apologised to him add something


Since 2010, Redwood has received over £300,000 in remunerations from Evercore Pan-Asset Capital Management Ltd, a financial management company, and about £80,000 since 2010 from pump manufacturing company Concentric plc add something


Owen Paterson - In 2015 he joined John Redwood to found an internal pressure group Conservatives in Britain which took pride of place at the party conference in Manchester pledging on the fringe to strive for independence from European interventionism; it formed the backbone of the Conservative effort for Leave: "if there are individuals in the cabinet who are not happy with the deal, they should be allowed to campaign, he told the "Daily Telegraph", alluding perhaps to the real reason for his own resignation the previous year


Redwood has been an adamant and vocal supporter of the Brexit campaign during 2016 referendum add something


John Redwood's Diary 17th February 2018 www add something


John Redwood's Diary 17 February 2018 www add something


Redwood was knighted in the 2019 New Year Honours List add something