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John Saxon (actor)

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John Saxon (actor)

American actor who has worked on over 200 projects during the span of sixty years add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1936.

Countries: United States (44%), California (22%), Italy (11%)

Main connections: Bruce Lee, Esther Williams, George Nader

Linked to: University of California




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John Saxon was born in 1936 add something


He attended New Utrecht High School, graduating in 1953 add something


After his first sizable role, as a juvenile delinquent in "Running Wild" , he supported Esther Williams and George Nader in "The Unguarded Moment" , her first dramatic role since "The Hoodlum Saint" in 1946 add something


In 1963, Saxon co-starred with Letícia Román in Mario Bava's Italian giallo film, "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" add something


He went on to appear primarily in supporting roles in feature films, and won a Golden Globe Best Supporting Actor nomination for his portrayal of a Mexican bandit in the 1966 film "The Appaloosa" add something


He was a guest star on "Bonanza" in 1967 and in 1969 add something


He portrayed Marco Polo in episode 26 of "The Time Tunnel" , originally airing March 10, 1967 add something


He again played a Mexican, this time a revolutionary named Luis Chama, in 1972, supporting Clint Eastwood and Robert Duvall in "Joe Kidd" add something


He did appear in Bruce Lee's 1973 Hollywood debut "Enter the Dragon" add something


He is known for his role as Roper in the 1973 film "Enter the Dragon", in which he starred with Bruce Lee and Jim Kelly add something


In 1974-75, he starred in several episodes of the ABC produced mega-hit series "The Six Million Dollar Man" playing a number of characters, including the role of Major Frederick Sloan add something


In 1976, John played the role of Captain Radl in Wonder Woman add something


Saxon played Hunt Sears, head of a breakfast cereal conglomerate, opposite Robert Redford and Jane Fonda in the 1979, Oscar-nominated film "The Electric Horseman" add something


He played the villain in the pilot episode of the famous TV show "The A-Team" in the 1980s add something


He was a special guest on the Creation Entertainment - Weekend of Horrors 2010 on 21 May in L.A. add something