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John Wayne

American film actor, director and produceradd

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1907.

Countries: United States (79%), (5%), California (2%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: John Ford, Howard Hawks, Red River (1948 film)

Linked to: Glendale High School, University of Southern California, Playboy, American Film Institute




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John Wayne was born in 1907 add something


Wayne's family moved to Palmdale, California, and in 1911 to Glendale, California, California, where his father worked as a pharmacist. add something


Margaret Mann - She starred in a number of major films such as "Black Beauty" in 1921 and played the lead role in the 1928 film "Four Sons" one of John Wayne's first films


Harry L. Fraser - He directed over 80 films between 1925 and 1951, including the 1934 John Wayne film "Randy Rides Alone" and the Frank Buck cliffhanger serial Jungle Menace


Early in this period, Wayne appeared with his USC teammates playing football in Brown of Harvard, The Dropkick, and Salute and Columbia's Maker of Men. add something


By Wayne's own estimation, he appeared in about eighty of these horse operas from 1930 to 1939. add something


Muriel Evans - By the mid 1930s, Evans began co-starring in popular westerns alongside Tom Mix, John Wayne and Tex Ritter


Mack V. Wright - His heyday was in the 1930s, when he directed or co-directed serials for Republic Pictures and made westerns for Monogram Pictures, often with John Wayne


Tyrone Power, Sr. - In 1930, Power had a final great role as the villainous "bull whacker" Red Flack in Raoul Walsh's widescreen epic "The Big Trail", which was Power's first talkie and provided an unknown John Wayne with his first starring role


Wheeler Oakman - In 1932 he appeared alongside John Wayne in the film "Texas Cyclone"


Yakima Canutt - While at Mascot, Canutt met John Wayne while doubling for him in a motorcycle stunt for "The Shadow of the Eagle" in 1932


Marceline Day - By 1933, Marceline Day made the transition back to the Western genre, appearing in "B" Westerns starring Tim McCoy, Hoot Gibson, Ken Maynard, Jack Hoxie, and John Wayne


James Oliver Curwood - John Wayne starred in the 1934 production of "The Trail Beyond", based on Curwood's novel, "The Wolf Hunters"


Barbara Sheldon - Her best known role was when she starred opposite John Wayne in the 1934 film "The Lucky Texan"


Verna Hillie - She starred opposite John Wayne in the 1934 "The Star Packer" and "The Trail Beyond"


Eleanor Hunt - She starred oppostie John Wayne in the 1934 "Blue Steel"


Raoul Walsh - An undistinguished period followed with Paramount Pictures from 1935 to 1939, but Walsh's career rose to new heights soon after moving to Warner Brothers, with "The Roaring Twenties" featuring James Cagney and Humphrey_Bogart; "Dark Command" with John Wayne and Roy Rogers; "They Drive By Night" with George Raft, Ann Sheridan, Ida Lupino, and Bogart; "High Sierra" with Lupino and Bogart again; "They Died with Their Boots On" with Errol Flynn as Custer; "The Strawberry Blonde" with James Cagney and Olivia_de_Havilland; [G


Marion Burns - She is best known for having starred opposite John Wayne in the 1935 film "The Dawn Rider" and opposite him again that same year in "Paradise Canyon"


Lucile Browne - She starred opposite John Wayne in the 1935 films "Texas Terror" and "Rainbow Valley"


Sheila Bromley - She starred opposite John Wayne in the 1935 films "Westward Ho" & "Lawless Range" and the 1937 film "Idol of the Crowds"


In the Motion Picture Herald Top Ten Money-Making Western Stars poll, Wayne was listed in 1936 and 1939. add something


Eddie Imazu - A 1936 Academy Award co-nominee for best art direction on "The Great Ziegfeld," Imazu worked with Hollywood luminaries including Spencer Tracy, John Wayne and Marlon Brando


Cliff Lyons (actor) - In 1936 he worked with John Wayne for the first time and began a personal and business relationship that would remain strong for three decades


Nan Grey - She starred opposite John Wayne in the 1936 film "Sea Spoilers"


Gwen Gaze - Her best known role may have been opposite John Wayne in the 1937 film "I Cover the War"


Diana Gibson - She starred opposite John Wayne in the 1937 film "Adventure's End", which would be her best known role


Ward Bond - Among his other well-known films were "Bringing Up Baby" , "Gone with the Wind" , "The Maltese Falcon" , "Sergeant York" , "They Were Expendable" , "Joan of Arc" , in which he was atypically cast as Captain La Hire, "Rio Bravo" , and Raoul Walsh's 1930 widescreen wagon train epic "The Big Trail", which featured John Wayne's first leading role


He appeared in the similar Box Office poll in 1939 and 1940. add something


Pamela Blake - She starred opposite John Wayne in the 1939 film "Wyoming Outlaw"


Ray Middleton - During the early 1940s, he appeared in the movies "Gangs of Chicago", the original "Hurricane Smith" , and "Lady for a Night", which starred Joan Blondell and John Wayne


Billy Gilbert - He was featured prominently in the 1940 John Wayne, Marlene_Dietrich film "Seven Sinners"


Emilio Cigoli - He was the Italian voice of nearly every major Hollywood star from the 1940s through the 1960s, including John Wayne, Gary_Cooper, Clark Gable, William Holden, Charlton Heston, Burt Lancaster, Steve Reeves, Vincent Price, Lee Van Cleef, and Orson Welles


Victor Kilian - Frequently cast as a villain, while staging a fight scene with John Wayne for a 1942 film, Kilian suffered a serious injury that resulted in the loss of one eye


Margaret Lindsay - Lindsay appeared in a supporting role in the 1942 film, "The Spoilers", starring John Wayne, and in Fritz Lang's "Scarlet Street" in 1945


Randolph Scott - Scott's only role as a truly evil villain was in Universal's "The Spoilers", a rip-roaring adaptation of Rex Beach's 1905 tale of the Alaskan gold rush co-starring Marlene Dietrich and John Wayne


Gary Cooper - The Spoilers appeared the following year with Betty Compson, which was remade in 1942 with Compson lookalike Marlene Dietrich and John Wayne in Cooper's role.


Christina Stead - She taught 'Workshop in the Novel' at New York University in 1943 and 1944, and worked as a Hollywood screenwriter in the 1940s, contributing to the "Madame Curie" biopic and the John Ford and John Wayne war movie, "They Were Expendable"


He took part in creating the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals in February 1944 and was elected president of that organization in 1947. add something


Clark Gable - In 1944, he became an early member of the conservative Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals, alongside Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Gary_Cooper, and other conservative actors and filmmakers.


Coleen Gray - After initially playing a bit part in "State Fair" , she became pregnant and briefly stopped working, only to return a year later as the love interest of the character played by John Wayne in "Red River" , which was shot in 1946 but held for release until 1948, by which time she had already graduated to leading roles in films noir such as "Kiss of Death" opposite Victor Mature and "Nightmare Alley" opposite Tyrone Power


James Edward Grant - He collaborated with John Wayne on twelve projects, starting with "Angel and the Badman" in 1947 through "Circus World" in 1964


Montgomery Clift - Clift's first movie role was opposite John Wayne in the 1948 film Red River which was shot in 1946 and released in 1948.


Eduard Franz - He was a leading Broadway actor for nearly 20 years, in such plays as "First Stop to Heaven" and "Embezzled Heaven", before making his film debut opposite John Wayne in "Wake of the Red Witch" in 1948


Howard Hawks - In 1948, Hawks made Red River, an epic western reminiscent of Mutiny on the Bounty starring John Wayne and Montgomery Clift in his first film.


Coleen Gray - In 1948, she appeared as John Wayne's love interest in the opening sequences of "Red River", but, overshadowed by the men in Howard Hawks's western, her career suffered and Fox ended her contract in 1950


In 1949, director Robert Rossen offered the starring role of All the King's Men to Wayne. add something


The Golden Globe Awards are presented annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to recognize outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry, both domestic and foreign, and to focus wide public attention upon the best in motion pictures and television. add something


While these two polls are really an indication only of the popularity of series stars, Wayne appeared in the Top Ten Money Makers Poll of all films from 1949 to 1957 and 1958 to 1974, taking first place in 1950, 1951, 1954 and 1971. add something


Julie Bishop (actress) - In 1949, Bishop played a down-on-her-luck wife and mother in the "Sands of Iwo Jima", opposite John Wayne


Ira Hayes - Ira Hayes appeared in the 1949 John Wayne film, "Sands of Iwo Jima", along with fellow flag raisers John Bradley and Rene Gagnon


John Wayne desperately wanted the role of "Jimmy Ringo" in the 1950 film The Gunfighter, directed by Henry King, but the role went to Gregory Peck instead. add something


Bing Crosby - Developed by John T. Mullin and Wayne R. Johnson since 1950, the device aired what were described as "blurred and indistinct" images, using a modified Ampex 200 tape recorder and standard quarter-inch audio tape moving at 360 inches per second


Martin Milner - It was the first of several war films in which he would have both minor and major roles in the 1950s, including another John Wayne picture called "Operation Pacific" in 1951


Phil Harris - Additionally, he appeared in "Thunder Across the Pacific" , alongside Forrest Tucker and Walter Brennan, during the same year, he made a cameo appearance in the Warner Bros. musical, Starlift", with Janice Rule and Dick Wesson, and was featured in "The High and the Mighty" with John Wayne in 1954


Lain to show his support for the anti-communist cause. add something


Patricia Neal - By 1952, Neal had starred with John Garfield in "The Breaking Point", "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with Michael Rennie and "Operation Pacific," starring John Wayne


Lee Aaker - In 1953 he co-starred in the John Wayne western classic "Hondo" as the curious blond son of homesteader Geraldine Page


Pilar Pallete - In 1953, Pilar came to Los Angeles to dub a film in English, when she ran into John Wayne for the second time


Pilar Pallete - She met John Wayne, 29 years her senior, in Lima , Peru, in 1953, while still married to Richard Weldy


Louis L'Amour - This was published as "Hondo" in 1953 and released on the same day the film opened with a blurb from John Wayne stating that "Hondo was the finest Western Wayne had ever read"


Brett Halsey - In 1954 Halsey married Renate Hoy, an actress who had won the "Miss Germany" contest that year, and who appeared in such films as "The Sea Chase" with John Wayne


John Ford - Ford made his first forays into television in 1955, directing two half-hour dramas for network TV. In the summer of 1955 he made Rookie of the Year (Hal Roach Studios) for the TV series Studio Directors Playhouse; scripted by Frank S. Nugent, it featured Ford regulars John and Pat Wayne, Vera Miles and Ward Bond, with Ford himself appearing in the introduction.


Randolph Scott - In 1955 screenwriter Burt Kennedy wrote a script entitled "Seven Men from Now" which was scheduled to be filmed by John Wayne's Batjac Productions with Wayne as the film's star and Budd Boetticher as its director


John Ford - In the summer of 1955 he made Rookie of the Year (Hal Roach Studios) for the TV series Studio Directors Playhouse; scripted by Frank S. Nugent, it featured Ford regulars John and Pat Wayne, Vera Miles and Ward Bond, with Ford himself appearing in the introduction.


Susan Hayward - Later, in 1955, she was cast by Howard Hughes to play Bortai in the historical epic "The Conqueror", again opposite John Wayne


Frank McGrath - Even at the age of fifty-three, the durable McGrath did three separate horse fall and drag scenes for the 1956 John Wayne picture "The Searchers" not long after McGrath had barely recovered from having broken his back


John Ford - Ford returned to the big screen with The Searchers, the only Western he made between 1950 and 1959, which is now widely regarded as not only one of his best films, but regarded by many as the greatest western ever made, and one of the best performances of John Wayne's career.


Torben Meyer - He played a scribe in the John Wayne film "The Conqueror" in 1956, and later he played a French waiter in the musical "Anything Goes" starring Bing Crosby and Donald O'Connor


Dorothy Jordan (film actress) - She appeared in a small role as the sister-in-law of John Wayne's character, Ethan Edwards, who seeks Jordan's daughter, played by Natalie Wood, in the epic 1956 Argosy film "The Searchers"


Kenneth Tobey - In 1957, he co-starred with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara in John Ford's "The Wings of Eagles"


Montgomery Clift - In 1958, he turned down what became Dean Martin's role in Rio Bravo, which would have reunited him with John Wayne.


Howard Hawks - In 1959 Hawks re-teamed with John Wayne in Rio Bravo, starring Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson and Walter Brennan as four marshal's "defending the fort" of their local jail where a local criminal is awaiting a trial and his family attempt to break him out.


Angie Dickinson - In 1959, Dickinson appeared in Howard Hawks' "Rio Bravo", in which she played a flirtatious gambler called "Feathers" who becomes attracted to the town sheriff played by Dickinson's childhood idol John Wayne


John Russell (actor) - Russell appeared in other motion pictures for Warner Brothers, notably as the villain in "Yellowstone Kelly" with other Warner Brothers Television contract stars as well as the Howard Hawks 1959 western, "Rio Bravo", which starred John Wayne, Dean_Martin, Ricky Nelson, and Walter Brennan


Wayne supported Vice President Richard Nixon in the presidential election of 1960, but expressed his vision of patriotism when John F. Kennedy won the election: "I didn't vote for him but he's my president, and I hope he does a good job. add something


James Bowie - Richard Widmark starred as Jim Bowie in John Wayne's 1960 movie "The Alamo "


Aldo Ray - His best known work of the 1960s, however, was his portrayal of Sergeant Muldoon, alongside John Wayne, in "The Green Berets"


Laurence Harvey - In 1960 he starred in "BUtterfield 8" and John Wayne's epic "The Alamo", released within a month of each other


Henry Hathaway - In the 1960s, Hathaway directed John Wayne in several notable films, including "Circus World"


John Ford - Also in 1962, Ford directed his fourth and last TV production, Flashing Spikes, a baseball story made for the Alcoa Premiere series and starring James Stewart, Jack Warden, Patrick Wayne and Tige Andrews, with Harry Carey, Jr. and a lengthy surprise appearance by John Wayne, billed in the credits as "Michael Morris.


James Bassett (author) - Bassett drew on his World War II experiences for his novel "Harm's Way", which became a bestseller after its publication in 1962 and was made into a motion picture starring John Wayne, Kirk_Douglas, and Henry Fonda and directed by Otto Preminger


Russ Tamblyn - He appeared in two 1962 MGM-Cinerama movies, "The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm" with a cast that included Laurence Harvey, Karlheinz Boehm, Barbara Eden, Jim Backus, and Buddy Hackett, and "How the West Was Won" with a cast that included Henry Fonda, Karl Malden, Gregory Peck, Debbie Reynolds, James Stewart and John Wayne


Lee Van Cleef - He played one of Lee Marvin's villainous henchmen in the 1962 John Ford classic "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance", with James Stewart and John Wayne


Howard Hawks - In 1962 Hawks made Hatari/, again with John Wayne as a big game hunter in Africa.


Elizabeth Allen (actress) - In 1963, Allen starred with John Wayne, Dorothy_Lamour and Lee Marvin in the John Ford film "Donovan's Reef"


He had been a chain-smoker of cigarettes since young adulthood and was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1964. add something


Instead he supported his friend Ronald Reagan's runs for Governor of California in 1966 and 1970. add something


Ron Hayes - From 1966, Hayes co-starred as Ben Jones in M-G-M's short-lived ABC comedy-Western series "The Rounders" about cowpokes on a Texas cattle ranch, with Chill Wills as rancher Jim Ed Love and Patrick Wayne, a son of John Wayne, in the role of Howdy Lewis


Christopher George - George first rose to prominence in 1966 playing a supporting role in the Howard Hawks-directed western film "El Dorado", starring John Wayne


James Caan - In 1966, Caan appeared as Alan Badillion Trahern aka Mississippi in El Dorado with John Wayne and Robert Mitchum.


Howard Hawks - In 1967 Hawks made El Dorado, starring Wayne, Robert Mitchum and James Caan.


Due to his enormous popularity and his status as the most famous Republican star in Hollywood, wealthy Texas Republican Party backers asked Wayne to run for national office in 1968, as had his friend and fellow actor Senator George Murphy. add something


He was asked to be the running mate for Democratic Alabama Governor George Wallace in 1968, rejecting the offer and actively campaigned for Richard_Nixon; Wayne addressed the Republican National Convention on its opening day in August 1968. add something


Jim Hutton - Also in 1968, Hutton appeared with John Wayne in "Hellfighters", playing the role of Greg Parker


Vera Miles - In 1968, she played John Wayne's estranged wife in the movie "Hellifghters"


Robin Moore - The song was featured in the 1968 film "The Green Berets" based on Moore's book which starred John Wayne


Barry Sadler - " The book became a 1968 movie, "The Green Berets," starring John Wayne, with "The Ballad of the Green Berets" arranged in a choral version by Ken Darby as the title song of the film


Charles Portis - John Wayne won an Academy *award and a Golden Globe for Best Actor for his performance as Rooster Cogburn in "True Grit", one of the top box office hits of 1969


Jan-Michael Vincent - He performed in several movies in that period, such as the 1969 Twentieth Century Fox movie "The Undefeated" starring John Wayne, Rock_Hudson and Mexican actor Antonio Aguilar


Hal B. Wallis - He produced "True Grit", for which John Wayne won the Academy *award for Best Actor of 1969, and its sequel


John Pickard (American actor) - In 1969, he appeared as Frank Ross in another John Wayne film, "True Grit"


William Conrad - Conrad intoned a rhyming narration heard over the credits of 1970 John Wayne film Western "Chisum"


Howard Hawks - In 1970 he made Rio Lobo, with Wayne, Jorge Rivero and Jack Elam.


Joan Crawford - In 1970, Crawford was presented with the Cecil B. DeMille *award by John Wayne at the Golden Globes, which was telecast from the Coconut Grove at The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles


Ross Martin - In 1970, Martin portrayed Alexander Hamilton in the NBC television special "Swing Out, Sweet Land", hosted by John Wayne


John Ford - Marine, General Lewis B. Puller, with narration by John Wayne, which was made in 1970 but not released until 1976, three years after Ford's death.


An interview Wayne gave in 1971 to Playboy magazine became a hot topic, as Wayne made headlines for controversial remarks about social issues and race relations in the United States. add something


I know all about that. add something


Ernie Barnes - In 1971 Barnes, along with Mike Henry, created the "Super Comedy Bowl", a CBS television variety special which showcased pro athletes with celebrities such as John Wayne, Frank_Gifford, Alex Karras, Joe Namath, Jack Lemmon, Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Tony Curtis


Colleen Dewhurst - In 1972 she played a madam, Mrs. Kate Collingwood, in "The Cowboys" , which starred John Wayne


Ann-Margret - In 1973 she starred with John Wayne in "The Train Robbers"


Jim Davis (actor) - In 1974, he starred as Marshal Bill Winter in a short-lived ABC western series "The Cowboys", based on a 1972 John Wayne film of the same name


His status grew so large and legendary that when Japanese Emperor Hirohito visited the United States in 1975, he asked to meet John Wayne, the symbolic representation of his country's former enemy. add something


Ron Howard - In 1976, Howard played Gillom Rogers in the movie "The Shootist", with John Wayne


Lauren Bacall - In 1976, she co-starred with John Wayne in his last picture, The Shootist.


Paul Fericano - In 1978, one of his poems, "The Three Stooges at a Hollywood Party", from his book, "Loading the Revolver with Real Bullets," provoked outrage in some Republican members of the California State legislature who claimed the poem libeled actor John Wayne


John Wayne died in 1979 add something


Wayne was exempted from service due to his age and family status, classified as 3-A. add something


On June 9, 1980, Wayne was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Jimmy Carter, at whose inaugural ball Wayne had appeared "as a member of the loyal opposition," as Wayne described it in his speech to the gathering add something


She published a biography of her life with him entitled "Duke: A Love Story" in 1983 add something


Several of Wayne's children entered the film and television industry; Wayne's son Ethan was billed as John Ethan Wayne in a few films, and played one of the leads in the 1990s update of the "Adam-12" television series add something


Dennis Hopper - In a December 1994 interview on the Charlie Rose Show, Hopper credited John Wayne with saving his career, as Hopper acknowledged that because of his insolent behavior, he could not find work in Hollywood for seven years.


In 1998, Wayne was posthumously awarded the Naval Heritage award by the U S Navy Memorial Foundation for his support of the U S Navy and military during his film career add something


Michael Caine - In 2005, he was cast as Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred Pennyworth in the first production of the new Batman film series.


In 2006, "Premiere Magazine" ran an industry poll in which Wayne's portrayal of Ethan Edwards was rated the 87th greatest performance in film history add something


In 2006, friends of Wayne's and his former Arizona business partner, Louis Johnson, inaugurated the "Louie and the Duke Classics" events benefiting the John Wayne Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society add something


Several celebrations took place on May 26, 2007, the centennial of Wayne's birth add something


Harrison Ford - Other 2008 work included Crossing Over, directed by Wayne Kramer.


Raymond Chandler - In 2010, Chandler historian Loren Latker, with the assistance of attorney Aissa Wayne , brought a petition to disinter Cissy's remains and reinter them with Chandler in Mount Hope


He kept it docked in Newport Harbor and it was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 2011 add something


On September 30, 2014 federal judge David Carter dismissed the suit against Duke University, saying the jurisdiction was incorrect add something


In 2016 Republican assemblyman Matthew Harper proposed marking May 26th as "John Wayne Day" in California add something


In March 2019, the "Playboy" interview resurfaced, which resulted in calls for John Wayne Airport to be renamed add something