Joseph Payne Brennan

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Joseph Payne Brennan

Prolific American writer of fantasy and horror fiction, and also a distinguished poet add

Category: Literature

Born in 1918.

Countries: Rhode Island (67%), United States (33%)

Education: undef.

Main connection: Stephen King

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Joseph Payne Brennan was born in 1918 add something


The only organization to contribute substantially was the Virginia Humanities Foundation, most likely through the auspices of Dorothy Ulrich Troubetzkoy, who had worked with Brennan in the late Thirties on staff at the "New Haven Journal-Courier", 1937-1939 add something


Brennan's first professional sale came in December 1940 with the publication of the poem, "When Snow Is Hung", which appeared in the Christian Science Monitor Home Forum, and he continued writing poetry up until the time of his death add something


His debut pulp western appearance occurred in December 1948 with the yarn "Fast-Gun Freedom", in "Western Short Stories" add something


His first book, "Heart of Earth", issued in 1950, was a collection of poems. he was on the staff of "Theatre News" add something


As a horror writer, Brennan started out writing stories for "Weird Tales" in 1952 and began publishing his own magazine "Macabre", which ran from 1957 to 1976 add something


Brennan belatedly "broke into" the pages of Weird Tales with the short-short "The Green Parrot" in the July 1952 issue of that unique magazine, to which Brennan was a regular contributor add something


Additionally, the 1961 poetry collection "Wind of Time" was issued by Derleth under the "Hawk and Whippoorwill Press" imprint, a subsidiary of Arkham House add something


In the tradition of the psychic or paranormal detective, Brennan introduced his character, the sarsaparilla-sipping occultist Lucius Leffing in the story "The Haunted Housewife", which made its debut in the Winter of 1962-63 issue of MACABRE. For several decades Brennan championed Leffing's skill, the results of which can be found in the three collections, CASEBOOK, CHRONICLES, and the ADVENTURES, as well as a full length investigation into the bizarre happenings at the First World Fantasy Convention in 1975 "Act of Providence" add something


In 1970, Brennan married the former Doris M. Philbrick, who was herself a published poet add something


"Macabre" published two more of his adventures before the series began to run in "Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine" and "Mike Shayne Mystery magazine", where a further thirteen tales appeared prior to the 1973 publication of "The Casebook of Lucius Leffing" add something


A second collection of Leffing tales, containing eight stories, was published in 1977 as "Chronicles of Lucius Leffing" add something


The third Lucius Leffing book was the short novel "Act of Providence" , set in and around the events of the First World Fantasy Convention, convened in Providence, RI., on Halloween Weekend 1975 add something


In 1980, many of Brennan's classic horror stories were collected in the paperback-only collection "The Shapes at Midnight", with an introduction by Stephen King add something


The 1981 poetry collection "Creep to Death" assembled an even-handed blend of 84 poems by Brennan, many culled from the pages of Essence and Macabre, and various contemporary semi-pro genre magazines of the day, including Bleak December, Cross Plains, Myrddin, Nyctalops, Weirdbook, Whispers, and the one-off collaboration, Toadstool Wine , The collection concludes with a brief showcase by his wife, Doris Philbrick Brennan add something


In 1982, the short hardboiled detective novel "Evil Always Ends" made its hardcover debut at the 1982 World Fantasy Convention, at which tribute was paid to Brennan as Guest of Honor add something

Joseph Payne Brennan died in 1990 add something


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