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Josh Brolin

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Josh Brolin

American actor add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1968.

Countries: United States (69%), United Kingdom (13%), (7%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Diane Lane, Benicio del Toro, Tommy Lee Jones

Linked to: American Broadcasting Company, Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Awards 2007, St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association, Marvel Studios




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Josh Brolin was born in 1968 add something


He has acted in theater, film and television roles since 1985 add something


Tony Hawk - In 1986, Tony Hawk was a featured skateboarder and skater-double for Josh Brolin in the movie "Thrashin"'


Hollow Man - "'Hollow Man"' is a 2000 American-German science fiction-thriller-horror film directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Kevin Bacon, Elisabeth Shue, and Josh Brolin


James Whitmore - In 2003, Whitmore appeared as Josh Brolin's father on the short-lived NBC drama series Mister Sterling


Diane Lane - Lane became engaged to actor Josh Brolin in July 2003 and they were married on August 15, 2004.


He had been married to actress Diane Lane since August 15, 2004 add something


On December 20, 2004, Brolin's wife, Diane Lane called the police after an altercation with Brolin and he was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery add something


Cormac McCarthy - McCarthy's 2005 novel No Country for Old Men was adapted into a 2007 Academy Award-winning film directed by the Coen Brothers and starring Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem.


Into the Blue (2005 film) - "'Into the Blue"' is a 2005 American action film starring Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin and Scott Caan


Milk (film) - In December 2007, actors Josh Brolin, Emile_Hirsch, Alison Pill, and James Franco joined "Milk", with Brolin replacing Damon as Dan White


Brolin starred in another Oliver Stone film in 2008 called "W.", a biopic about key events in the life of President George W. Bush add something


Stated on "Inside the Actors Studio", 2008 His parents divorced when he was 16-years-old add something


On July 12, 2008, Brolin was arrested, along with actor Jeffrey Wright and five other crew members of "W.", after an altercation at the Stray Cat Bar in Shreveport, Louisiana add something


Snake Plissken - As of June 2008, a rumor has been circulating that the project is proceeding with Josh Brolin as Snake Plissken


In 2009, Brolin executive produced and performed in "The People Speak" a documentary feature film that uses dramatic and musical performances of the letters, diaries, and speeches of everyday Americans, based on historian Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" add something


Ioan Gruffudd - In 2009, he starred alongside Josh Brolin in "W.", a biopic about the life of U.S. President George W Bush, in which Gruffudd played Tony Blair


Diane Lane - Lane with husband Josh Brolin in December 2009.


During an interview in 2010, Brolin claimed to be a member of punk rock band Rich Kids on LSD in the early 1980s, and he has hosted "Saturday Night Live" twice, with the second occasion airing in April 2012 add something


The film, about an inmate who escapes prison to reunite with his daughter and search for her murdered mother, was the opening film at the first annual Union City International Film Festival in Union City, New Jersey in December 2010 add something


Jonah Hex - The character is portrayed by Josh Brolin in the 2010 film adaptation of the same name


Labor Day (film) - On June 16, 2011, it was announced that Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin committed to star as the film's leads Adele and Frank, respectively


Brolin played a younger Agent K in "Men in Black 3" released in May 2012 add something


Men in Black 3 - "'Men in Black 3"' is a 2012 American 3D comic science fiction-action film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and Josh Brolin


Brolin starred in the film "Gangster Squad" portraying John O'Mara released in 2013 which was originally scheduled for release in September 2012 add something


Brolin was a top contender for the role of Batman in Zack Snyder's sequel to the 2013 film "Man of Steel", but the role was given to Ben Affleck add something


Brolin was arrested for public intoxication on New Year's Day, 2013 in Santa Monica, US. The remainder of 2013 proved very difficult for Brolin and he later explained: "Well, it was another turning point add something


The divorce was made official November 27, 2013 add something


Elizabeth Olsen - She co-starred in the 2013 American remake of the 2003 South Korean film "Oldboy"; she played Marie, a young social worker who developed a relationship with the protagonist, played by Josh Brolin


Gangster Squad - "'Gangster Squad"' is a 2013 American film noir action film directed by Ruben Fleischer, from a screenplay written by Will Beall and starring Josh Brolin, Ryan_Gosling, Nick Nolte, Emma Stone, and Sean Penn


Denis Villeneuve - In December 2013 Villeneuve was set to direct the crime thriller film "Sicario" scripted by Taylor Sheridan, in which Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin and Emily Blunt would be starring as leads


Brolin explained in a 2014 interview that during his teenage years he was a member of a surfing friendship group who called themselves the "Cito Rats add something


In 2014 he explained that he made a large amount of money over a three-year period: "Fear and greed, that's all that there is add something


Inherent Vice (film) - The film stars Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin, Owen_Wilson, Katherine Waterston, Reese Witherspoon, Benicio del Toro, Jena Malone, May 2014 a Rudolph, and Martin Short


Hail, Caesar! - In June 2014, Josh Brolin, Channing_Tatum, Ralph Fiennes, and Tilda Swinton joined the cast, Universal Pictures was announced to be distributing the film, and Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan signed on to produce the film for Working Title Films


In March 2015, Brolin became engaged to his assistant and model Kathryn Boyd add something


The couple married on September 24, 2016 add something


In April 2017, Brolin was cast as Cable as a part of a four-film contract in the "X-Men" film series, first appearing in 2018's "Deadpool 2" add something


Brolin announced via social media on November 4, 2018 that Boyd had given birth to their daughter and first child together, Westlyn Reign Brolin add something


Carl F. Bucherer - In the 2018 movie Deadpool 2 the character Cable, a time-travelling soldier played by Josh Brolin, uses a time-machine on his wrist to move through time


Deadpool - The following month, Josh Brolin stated that production will begin some time during 2018