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Joshua Slocum

First man to sail single-handedly around the world add

Category: Literature

Born in 1844.

Countries: United States (65%), Philippines (8%), (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, White House, Alaska

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Joshua Slocum was born in 1844 add something


Miss Walker, quite coincidentally, was an American whose New York family had migrated west to California at the time of the 1849 gold rush and eventually continued on, by ship, to settle in Australia add something


In 1865, he settled in San Francisco , became an American citizen, and, after a period of salmon fishing and fur trading in the Oregon Territory of the northwest, he returned to the sea to pilot a schooner in the coastal trade between San Francisco and Seattle add something


Between 1869 and 1889, he was the master of eight vessels, the first four of which he commanded in the employ of others add something


His first blue-water command, in 1869, was the barque "Washington", which he took across the Pacific, from San Francisco to Australia, and home via Alaska add something


Shortly before Christmas 1870, Slocum and the "Washington" put in at Sydney, Australia add something


Their marriage took place on 31 January 1871 add something


While in the Philippines, in 1874, under a commission from a British architect, Slocum organized native workers to build a 150-ton steamer in the shipyard at Subic Bay add something


The Slocums sold the "Pato" in Honolulu in the spring of 1878 add something


" He worked this ship until June 23, 1881 add something


Under troubling legal circumstances he sold his share in the "Northern Light 2" in 1883 add something


In 1884, Slocum's wife Virginia became ill aboard the "Aquidneck" in Buenos Aires and died add something


In 1886, at age 42, Slocum married his 24-year-old cousin, Henrietta "Hettie" Elliott add something


Shortly afterward, near the end of 1887, the unlucky "Aquidneck" was wrecked in southern Brazil add something


In 1890, Slocum published the accounts of these adventures in "Voyage of the Liberdade" add something


On April 24, 1895, he set sail from Boston, Massachusetts add something


After an extended visit to his boyhood home at Brier Island and visiting old haunts on the coast of Nova Scotia, Slocum took his departure from North America at Sambro Island Lighthouse near Halifax, Nova Scotia on July 3, 1895 add something


Cruising (maritime) - The Canadian-American Joshua Slocum was one of the first people to carry out a long-distance sailing voyage for pleasure, circumnavigating the world between 1895 and 1898


Sunday Times Golden Globe Race - The first single-handed circumnavigation of the world was made by Joshua Slocum, between 1895 and 1898, and many sailors have since followed in his wake, completing leisurely circumnavigations with numerous stopovers


More than three years later, on June 27, 1898, he returned to Newport, Rhode Island, having circumnavigated the world, a distance of more than 46,000 miles add something


He was one of eight invited speakers at a dinner in honor of Mark Twain in December, 1900 add something


In 1900 he wrote a book about his journey "Sailing Alone Around the World", which became an international best-seller add something


In 1901, Slocum's book revenues and income from public lectures provided him enough financial security to purchase a small farm in West Tisbury, on the island of Martha's Vineyard, in Massachusetts add something


Slocum hauled the "Spray" up the Erie Canal to Buffalo, New York for the Pan-American Exposition in the summer of 1901, and he was well compensated for participating in the fair add something


Visiting Riverton, New Jersey in May, 1906, Slocum was charged with raping a 12-year-old girl add something


Slocum again met with President Roosevelt in May 1907, this time at the White House in Washington add something


By 1909, Slocum's funds were running low; book revenues had tailed off add something

Joshua Slocum died in 1909 add something


He disappeared in November 1909 while aboard his boat, the "Spray" add something


In November 1909, Slocum set sail for the West Indies on one of his usual winter voyages add something


In July 1910, his wife informed the newspapers that she believed he was lost at sea add something


In 1924, Joshua Slocum was declared legally dead add something


It was this boat that Moitessier sailed from Tahiti to France, and he sailed "Joshua" in the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race around the world, making great time, only to abandon the race near the end and sail on to the Polynesian Islands add something


Ferries named in Slocum's honour served the two Digby Neck runs in Nova Scotia between 1973 and 2004 add something


It was capable of carrying 2000 tons on three decks add something


In 2009, a Slocum glider, modified by Rutgers University, crossed the Atlantic in 221 days add something