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Judy Garland

American actress, singer and vaudevillian add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1922.

Countries: United States (71%), United Kingdom (7%), (5%)

Main connections: Lana Turner, Frank Sinatra, Mickey Rooney

Linked to: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Douglas Aircraft Company, Shell Oil Company, Band-Aid




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Judy Garland was born in 1922 add something


Following rumors that Frank Gumm had made sexual advances toward male ushers, the family relocated to Lancaster, California, in June 1926 add something


In 1928, The Gumm Sisters enrolled in a dance school run by Ethel Meglin, proprietress of the Meglin Kiddies dance troupe add something


Decca Records - Artists signed to American Decca in the 1930s and 1940s included Louis Armstrong, Charlie Kunz, Count Basie, Jimmie Lunceford, Jane Froman, The Boswell Sisters, Billie Holiday, Katherine Dunham, The Andrews Sisters, Ted Lewis, Judy Garland, The Mills Brothers, Billy Cotton, Guy Lombardo, Chick Webb, Louis Jordan, Bob Crosby, Bill Kenny & The Ink Spots, Dorsey Brothers , Connee Boswell and Jack Hylton, Victor Young, Earl Hines, Claude Hopkins, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe


Claude Thornhill - Claude went to the West Coast in the late 1930s with the Bob Hope Radio Show, and arranged for Judy Garland in "Babes in Arms"


By late 1934, the Gumm Sisters had changed their name to the Garland Sisters add something


In 1934, the trio, who by had been touring the vaudeville circuit as "The Gumm Sisters" for many years, performed in Chicago at the Oriental Theater with George Jessel add something


Their final on-screen appearance came in 1935, in another short entitled "La Fiesta de Santa Barbara" add something


By August 1935 they were broken up when Suzanne Garland flew to Reno, Nevada, Nevada, and married musician Lee Kahn, a member of the Jimmy Davis orchestra playing at Cal-Neva Lodge, Lake Tahoe add something


On November 16, 1935, in the midst of preparing for a radio performance on the "Shell Chateau Hour", Garland learned that her father, who had been hospitalized with meningitis, had taken a turn for the worse add something


Deanna Durbin - Durbin signed a contract with MGM in 1935 and made her first film appearance in a short subject, "Every Sunday" , with another young contract player, Judy Garland


Roger Edens - In 1935, he joined MGM as a musical supervisor and occasional composer and arranger, notably of music for Judy Garland


Deanna Durbin - Durbin made her first film appearance in 1936 with Judy Garland in "Every Sunday", and subsequently signed a contract with Universal Studios


The duo first appeared together in the 1937 B movie "Thoroughbreds Don't Cry" as supporting characters add something


Mickey Rooney - Also in 1937, Rooney made his first film alongside Judy Garland with "Thoroughbreds Don't Cry"


Her rendition was so well regarded that she performed the song in the all-star extravaganza "Broadway Melody of 1938" , singing to a photograph of him add something


In 1938, age 16, she was cast as Dorothy Gale in "The Wizard of Oz" , a film based on the children's book by L. Frank Baum add something


Henry Armetta - In 1938 he appeared in "Everybody Sing" with Judy Garland, Allan Jones, and Fanny Brice


Billie Burke - In 1938 she was chosen to play Glinda, "the Good Witch of the North", in the Oscar-winning seminal 1939 musical film "The Wizard of Oz", directed by Victor Fleming, with Judy Garland


Clark Gable - In the film Broadway Melody of 1938, Judy_Garland sings "You Made Me Love You" while looking at a composite picture of Gable.


Sound recording and reproduction - Major movie studios quickly developed three-track and four-track sound systems, and the first stereo sound recording for a commercial film was made by Judy Garland for the MGM movie "Listen, Darling" in 1938


Lynne Carver - Two of her better known M-G-M performances are as Sylvia Bellaire in the 1938 musical comedy film, "Everybody Sing" starring Allan Jones and Judy Garland, and as Bess, Scrooge's nephew's fiancee, in "A Christmas Carol" starring Reginald Owen as Ebenezer Scrooge


There she made more than two dozen films, including nine with Mickey Rooney and the 1939 film with which she would be most identified, "The Wizard of Oz" add something


Margaret Hamilton - In 1939, Hamilton played the role of the Wicked Witch of the West, opposite Judy Garland's Dorothy Gale in "The Wizard of Oz", creating not only her most famous role, but one of the screen's most memorable villains


Kay Thompson - On an installment of "Tune-Up Time" in April 1939, 16-year-old Judy Garland was a guest


Babes in Arms (film) - The film version stars Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Charles_Winninger, Guy Kibbee, June 1939 Preisser, Grace Hayes and Betty Jaynes


At the 1940 Academy awards ceremony, Garland received an Academy Juvenile award for her performances in 1939, including "The Wizard of Oz" and "Babes in Arms" add something


Garland's other famous films of the 1940s include "The Harvey Girls" , in which she introduced the Academy award-winning song "On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe", and "The Pirate" add something


She was deeply devoted to him and was devastated in early 1940 when he eloped with Lana Turner add something


Gil Stratton - In addition to acting in several films, Stratton began working as a radio actor in the late 1940s, performing in such shows as "Lux Radio Theater", "The Great Gildersleeve", and "My Little Margie" He worked opposite Judy Garland in the 1950 radio adaptation of "The Wizard of Oz", and acted opposite Shirley Temple in a radio version of "The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer"


Artie Shaw - Shaw even briefly dated actress Judy Garland in 1940.


The success of these three films, and a further three films in 1941, secured her position at MGM as a major property add something


They agreed to wait a year to allow for his divorce from her to become final and were wed on July 27, 1941 add something


Ziegfeld Follies - In 1941 M-G-M released "Ziegfeld Girl", starring Lana Turner, Judy Garland, Hedy_Lamarr, James Stewart and Tony Martin which was set in the 1920s


Hedy Lamarr - In 1941, Lamarr was cast alongside two other Hollywood stars, Lana Turner and Judy Garland in the musical extravaganza "Ziegfeld Girl"


The Great Ziegfeld - In 1941, Metro-Goldwyn-May 1936 er produced a sequel entitled "Ziegfeld Girl", starring James Stewart, Judy Garland, Hedy_Lamarr, and Lana Turner, which recycled some film from "The Great Ziegfeld"


Johnny Mercer - In 1941, shortly after the death of his father, Mercer began an intense affair with 19-year old Judy Garland while she was engaged to composer David Rose


Fay Templeton - In the 1941 musical, "Babes on Broadway", Judy Garland performs an impression of Templeton singing "Mary's a Grand Old Name"


The Great Ziegfeld - MGM made two more "Ziegfeld" films - one entitled "Ziegfeld Girl" , starring James Stewart, Judy Garland, Hedy_Lamarr, and Lana Turner, which recycled some film from "The Great Ziegfeld", and in 1946, "Ziegfeld Follies" by Vincente Minnelli


Garland, who had aborted her pregnancy by him in 1942, agreed to a trial separation in January 1943, and they divorced in 1944 add something


Harry Palmer (actor) - In 1942, Gene Kelly and Judy Garland player Palmer and Hayden in the MGM musical film "For Me and My Gal", directed by Busby Berkeley


Morning Glory (1933 film) - In October, 1942, Lux Radio Theatre broadcast a radio adaptation of the film, starring Judy Garland as Eva Lovelace and Adolphe Menjou reprising his role of Louis Easton


Kathryn Grayson - It was announced in 1942 that Grayson would appear in "An American Symphony" with Judy Garland


Eleanor Powell - She was signed to play opposite Dan Dailey in "For Me and My Gal" in 1942, but the two actors were removed from the picture during rehearsals and replaced by Gene Kelly and Judy Garland


Don DeFore - Judy Garland was the maid of honor at the DeFore wedding on February 14, 1942


Gaby Deslys - In 1943, her life story was bought by MGM as a potential film property for Judy Garland to be produced by Arthur Freed, but it was eventually shelved


Hugh Martin - He was best known for his score for the 1944 MGM musical "Meet Me In St. Louis", in which Judy Garland sang three Martin songs, "The Boy Next Door," "The Trolley Song," and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


They were married June 15, 1945, and on March 12, 1946, daughter Liza was born add something


James Gleason - He played a milk cart driver who gives lessons in marriage to Judy Garland and Robert Walker in the 1945 film "The Clock", while Lucille played his wife


Ziegfeld Follies - In 1946 M-G-M released a third feature motion picture on Ziegfeld's shows entitled "Ziegfeld Follies" with Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Lena_Horne, William Powell, Gene Kelly, Fanny Brice, Red Skelton, Esther Williams, Cyd Charisse, Lucille Ball, Kathryn Grayson, and others performing songs and sketches similar to those from the original Follies


Cyd Charisse - In an early role, she had her first speaking part supporting Judy Garland in the 1946 film "The Harvey Girls"


Johnny Mercer - "On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe" was a big smash for Judy Garland in the 1946 film "The Harvey Girls", and earned Mercer the first of his four Academy *awards for Best Song, after eight unsuccessful nominations


During filming for "The Pirate" in April 1947, Garland suffered a nervous breakdown and was placed in a private sanitarium add something


After being advised by her doctor that she would only be able to work in four-to-five-day increments with extended rest periods between, MGM executive Arthur Freed made the decision to suspend her on July 18, 1948 add something


Easter Parade (film) - "'Easter Parade"' is a 1948 American musical film starring Judy Garland, Fred_Astaire and Peter Lawford, featuring music by Irving Berlin, including some of Astaire and Garland's best-known songs, such as "Easter Parade", "Steppin' Out with My Baby", and "We're a Couple of Swells"


She was suspended from the picture on May 10, 1949, and was replaced by Betty Hutton, who stepped in performing all the musical routines as staged by Busby Berkeley add something


Garland was next cast in the film "Royal Wedding" with Fred Astaire after June Allyson became pregnant in 1950 add something


She again failed to report to the set on multiple occasions, and the studio suspended her contract on June 17, 1950 add something


She was several hundred thousand dollars in debt to the Internal Revenue Service, having failed to pay taxes in 1951 and 1952, and the failure of "A Star is Born" meant that she received nothing from that investment add something


In October 1951, Garland opened in a vaudeville-style, two-a-day engagement at Broadway's newly refurbished Palace Theatre add something


Garland and Luft were married on June 8, 1952, in Hollister, California add something


On June 29, 1952 Garland married Sidney Luft add something


Garland gave birth to Lorna Luft, herself a future actress and singer, on November 21, 1952, and to Joey Luft on March 29, 1955 add something


Dick Haymes - He teamed with female vocalist Helen Forrest for many hit duets during World War Two, including "Together," "I'll Buy That Dream," and "Long Ago and far Away"; he sang with Judy Garland on two Decca recordings of songs from his film "The Shocking Miss Pilgrim" with Betty_Grable; and he paired repeatedly with the very famous Andrews Sisters on a dozen or so Decca collaborations, including the Billboard hit "Teresa," "Great Day," "My Sin," and a masterful 1952 rendering of the dramatic ballad "Here in My Heart," backed by


George Cukor - In December 1952, Cukor was approached by Sid Luft, who proposed the director helm a musical remake of the 1937 film A Star is Born with his-wife Judy Garland in the lead role.


On January 5, 1953, Ethel Gumm was found dead in the Douglas Aircraft parking lot add something


She was nominated for the Academy award for Best Actress for her role in the remake of "A Star is Born" and for the Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the 1961 film "Judgment at Nuremberg" add something


Principal photography wrapped on March 17, 1954 add something


Upon its September 29, 1954 world premiere, the film was met with tremendous critical and popular acclaim add something


Ray Heindorf - He undertook the musical direction of Judy Garland's 1954 comeback film "A Star is Born" and made a cameo appearance as himself in the premiere party sequence where Jack Carson's character congratulates him on a great score


George Hoyningen-Huene - He worked in Hollywood in various capacities in the film industry, working closely with George Cukor, notably as special visual and color consultant for the 1954 Judy Garland movie "A Star Is Born"


Beginning in 1955, Garland appeared in a number of television specials add something


The first, the 1955 debut episode of "Ford Star Jubilee", was the first full-scale color broadcast ever on CBS and was a ratings triumph, scoring a 34,8 Nielsen rating add something


Humphrey Bogart - In the spring of 1955, after a long party in Las Vegas with Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, her husband Sid Luft, Mike Romanoff and wife Gloria, David Niven, Angie Dickinson and others, Lauren Bacall surveyed the wreckage of the party and declared, "You look like a goddamn rat pack


Only one additional special, a live concert edition of "General Electric Theater", was broadcast in 1956 before the relationship between the Lufts and CBS broke down in a dispute over the planned format of upcoming specials add something


She had filed for divorce from Luft more than once previously, including as early as 1956, but had reconciled add something


James Galanos - Other Galanos' contributions to film and performing arts included costume designs for Judy Garland for "General Electric Theater" and " Judy Garland Musical Special," both in 1956, as well as the 1974 film Ginger in the Morning, starring Sissy Spacek


Kay Thompson - She served as an advisor to the 1957 Patti Page TV series "The Big Record", and was creative consultant and vocal arranger for "The Judy Garland Show", Judy Garland's highly rated 1962 television special with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and she kept busy with nightclub and television performances, as well as overseeing her successful "Eloise" franchise


In November 1959, Garland was hospitalized, diagnosed with acute hepatitis add something


Ken Mansfield - Since the 1960s, Mansfield has been associated with an array of notable performers including The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Waylon Jennings, James Taylor, Roy Orbison, Don Ho, the Imperials, Tompall Glaser, Harry Nilsson, Glen Campbell, Buck Owens, Lou Rawls, Andy Williams, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Eric Burdon, Badfinger, Ray Stevens, Jackie Lomax, The Four Freshmen, Judy Garland, Dolly_Parton, David Cassidy, Nick Gilder, Claudine Longet and Jessi Colter


Cloris Leachman - The Englunds were Bel Air neighbors of Judy Garland and Sid Luft, and of their children, Lorna and Joey Luft, during the early 1960s


Dory Previn - The couple collaborated on a number of songs used in motion pictures, including "The Faraway Part Of Town" sung in the film "Pepe" by Judy Garland, which was nominated for an Oscar for Best Song in 1960


In 1961, Garland and CBS settled their contract disputes with the help of her new agent, Freddie Fields, and negotiated a new round of specials add something


Her concert appearance at Carnegie Hall on April 23, 1961, was a considerable highlight, called by many "the greatest night in show business history" add something


Tommy Vig - In 1961 he settled in Las Vegas, where he performed with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Curtis, Woody Allen, Judy Garland, and Tony Bennett.


Torben Meyer - In 1961, at the age of 76, he got his best role in the classic "Judgment at Nuremberg" starring Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Marlene Dietrich, Maximilian Schell, Judy Garland and Montgomery Clift, playing the guilt-ridden "Werner Lampe", one of the ex-Nazi judges on trial whose inability to explain his actions is one of the most powerful moments


Norman Jewison - The television production that proved pivotal to Jewison's career was the Judy Garland "comeback" special that aired in 1961, which included Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and led to a weekly show that Jewison was later called in to direct.


The first, entitled "The Judy Garland Show", aired in 1962 and featured guests Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin add something


Robert Goulet - On December 7, 1962, Goulet made a memorable appearance on "The Jack Paar Show" with Judy Garland to promote their animated film "Gay Puree"


Another variation surfaced when he was a guest on Garland's television show in 1963 add something


Garland sued Luft for divorce in 1963, claiming "cruelty" as the grounds add something


They separated in 1963 and divorced in 1965 add something


Following a third special, "Judy Garland and Her Guests Phil Silvers and Robert Goulet", Garland's weekly series debuted September 29, 1963 add something


Lorna Luft - She made her showbusiness debut at age 11 singing "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" on the 1963 Christmas episode of her mother's CBS television series, "The Judy Garland Show"


A 1964 tour of Australia was largely disastrous add something


Most notably, she performed at the London Palladium with her 18-year-old daughter Liza Minnelli in November 1964 add something


Bobby Cole (musician) - In early 1964, Bill Colleran, the executive producer for "The Judy Garland Show" fired Mel Tormé and Cole was appointed as the musical arranger for the show


Festival Hall (Melbourne) - On 20 May 1964 Judy Garland performed at Festival Hall during her Australian Tour and was unable to finish the performance


In 1965 Garland's Australia tour promoter Mark Herron announced that they had married aboard a freighter off the coast of Hong_Kong; however, she was not legally divorced from Luft at the time the ceremony was performed add something


The divorce became final on May 19, 1965, and she and Herron did not legally marry until November 14, 1965; they separated six months later add something


Cole Porter - In 1965, Judy Garland performed a medley of Porter's songs at the 37th Academy *awards shortly after Porter's death


She was invited back for a second episode in 1966 with Van Johnson as her guest add something


In February 1967, Garland was cast as Helen Lawson in "Valley of the Dolls" for 20th Century Fox add something


Susan Hayward - She replaced Judy Garland as Helen Lawson in the 1967 film adaptation of Jacqueline Susann's "Valley of the Dolls"


By early 1969, Garland's health had deteriorated add something

Judy Garland died in 1969 add something


She performed in London at the Talk of the Town nightclub for a five-week run and made her last concert appearance in Copenhagen during March 1969 add something


She married her fifth and final husband, musician Mickey Deans, at Chelsea Register Office, London, on March 15, 1969, her divorce from Herron having been finalized on February 11 add something


On June 22, 1969, Garland was found dead by Deans in the bathroom of their rented house in Chelsea, London add something


Some have suggested a connection between the date of Garland's funeral on June 27, 1969 and the Stonewall riots, the flashpoint of the modern Gay Liberation movement, which started in the early hours of June 28 add something


Kay Thompson - Immediately following the death of Judy Garland in 1969, Thompson appeared with her goddaughter Liza Minnelli in Otto Preminger's "Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon"


Eli Lilly and Company - On June 22, 1969, secobarbital overdose was the cause of death of actress Judy Garland


Douglas Kirkland - Some of his famous film shots include John Travolta in the dance sequence from "Saturday Night Fever", a portrait of Judy Garland crying and the March 1976 Playboy pictorial of Margot Kidder


Brad Steiger - He has written biographies on Greta Garbo, Judy Garland, and Rudolph Valentino, the latter of which was adapted as a film in 1977


Donna Pescow - In 1978, Pescow portrayed one of Judy Garland's older sisters in the TV bio-pic "Rainbow" directed by Jackie Cooper


Moosie Drier - Other roles from this period were in 1978 biographical dramas; Drier played a young Mickey Rooney in the 1978 Judy Garland biography "Rainbow", while in the Alan Freed bio "American Hot Wax", Drier played Artie Moress, the head of a Buddy Holly fan-club, who gives a tearful on-the-air memorial just after the famous plane crash


Jilly Rizzo - Inside was a piano bar where Judy Garland was known to sing while having a drink, In the early 80's the lounge closed and in 1985 Russian Samovar Restaurant was opened in its place


David Begelman - In 1993, a book by Coyne Steven Sanders about the history of Judy Garland's CBS Television series "The Judy Garland Show" devoted a chapter to possible embezzlement of Garland's funds by Begelman


Garland was posthumously awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement award in 1997 add something


In 1997, Garland was posthumously awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement award add something


On stage, Garland is a character in the musical "The Boy from Oz" , portrayed by Chrissy Amphlett in the original Australian production and by Isabel Keating on Broadway in 2003 add something


Shirley Bassey - In the 1998 film "Little Voice", Bassey was one of three central figures along with Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland, and Bassey's track "Goldfinger" featured in the movie


Tracie Bennett - She was winner of "Celebrity Stars in their Eyes", as Judy Garland, in 2000


Joe Longthorne - In 2006, Longthorne performed again at the London Palladium, and in 2007 the Variety Club awarded him their Lifetime Achievement Award, which placed him amongst past recipients such as Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Ella_Fitzgerald, Wayne Dobson, Freddie "Parrot Faced" Davies and Gary Wilmot


However, in a 2009 interview gay historian David Carter stated that there is no connection, evidenced by a mocking reference to the riot by an anti-gay writer in the "Village Voice" the next day add something


Tracie Bennett - In February 2010, Bennett took on the role of Judy Garland in the first London production of Peter Quilter's play, "End of the Rainbow"


Hollis Resnik - Resnik played Judy Garland in the 2014 Milwaukee Repertory Theatre production of End of the Rainbow


Marc Acito - Also in the works is Chasing Rainbows, a musical based on the early childhood of Judy Garland, which premieres in December, 2015 at Flat Rock Playhouse in North Carolina


Lorna Luft - From May-August of 2015, Luft plans on touring the UK with the mesmerizing " Judy Garland Show" which takes a spellbound audience through the life and music of her mother, Judy Garland showing the highs and lows, the good times and the bad


Marc Acito - Also in the works is "Chasing Rainbows", a musical based on the early childhood of Judy Garland, which premiered in December 2015 at Flat Rock Playhouse in North Carolina


In January 2017, Garland's remains were removed from Ferncliff Cemetery at the request of her children and relocated to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles add something


Renée Zellweger is set to portray Garland in the upcoming biopic "Judy", which is expected to be released in 2018 add something


Lorna Luft - Luft is the co-author of the 2018 book,  "A Star Is Born: Judy Garland and the Film That Got Away


On June 25, 2019, "The New York Times Magazine" listed Judy Garland among hundreds of artists whose material was reportedly destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire add something