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Jules C. Stein

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Jules C. Stein

American physician, and businessman who founded Music Corporation of America with add

Category: Sciences

Born in 1896.

Countries: California (50%), United States (33%), Sweden (11%)

Main connections: Jack Benny, Bette Davis, Frank Sinatra

Linked to: MCA Inc., University of Chicago, Decca Records, The Nation




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Jules C. Stein was born in 1896 add something


Stein was born in South Bend, Indiana and graduated from the University of Chicago before the age of 19, and later attended Rush Medical College, graduating in 1921 add something


He founded Music Corporation of America in 1924 add something


In 1937, MCA opened shop in Hollywood and became the agent for such stars as Bette Davis, Betty Grable, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Eddie Cantor, Ingrid Bergman, Frank Sinatra and Jack Benny add something


Stein served as president of MCA until 1946, when he named Lew Wasserman as his successor as chief executive add something


Stein had been sole owner of the organization until 1954, when he voluntarily distributed 53 percent of his interest to key executives and employees, with 10 percent of the stock placed in an innovative MCA profit-sharing trust add something


In 1958, Music Corporation of America was reincorporated as MCA, Inc. which it was known by and took its stock public add something


In 1958, it acquired the Universal Studios moving into producing television programs and motion pictures while still representing talent clients, garnering accusations of conflict of interest add something


Jules Stein and his wife Doris founded the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA in the 1960s add something


Dr. Stein's biggest accomplishment came in 1962 when his company announced it was buying American Decca Records and its subsidiary Universal Pictures; however that same year, a federal antitrust suit was started against MCA. Both parties reached an agreement that MCA got rid of its worldwide talent agency business to go forward with its acquisition add something


He continued as chairman of the board until 1973 and remained a director thereafter add something


Jules Stein died in Los Angeles, aged 85, in 1981 add something

Jules C. Stein died in 1981 add something


Susan Shiva died on January 3, 1983 at her home in Manhattan; her mother died in 1984, aged 82, in California add something