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Julian Sands

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Julian Sands

English actor, known for his roles in the Best Picture nominee The Killing Fields, the cult film Warlock, A Room with a View, Arachnophobia, Vatel, the television series 24 and as Jor-El in the television series Smallville add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1958.

Countries: United States (71%), United Kingdom (18%), Germany (6%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Sherilyn Fenn, Raquel Welch, Eric Roberts

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Julian Sands was born in 1958 add something


Sands began his film career appearing in supporting roles, including parts in the 1984 films "Oxford Blues" and "The Killing Fields" add something


He was cast as the romantic lead in the 1985 film "A Room with a View", the success of which prompted Sands to move to Hollywood in 1987 and pursue a career in American films add something


Sherilyn Fenn - In 1992, photographer George Hurrell took a series of photographs of Sherilyn Fenn, Sharon Stone, Julian Sands, Raquel_Welch, Eric Roberts and Sean Penn


Sharon Stone - In 1992, photographer George Hurrell took a series of photographs of Stone, Sherilyn Fenn, Julian Sands, Raquel_Welch, Eric Roberts, and Sean Penn.


Boxing Helena - "'Boxing Helena"' is a 1993 American romance and horror film directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch, and starring Sherilyn Fenn, Julian Sands, and Bill Paxton


He played Erik aka The Phantom in the horror version of "The Phantom of the Opera" in 1998 add something


In 2001, he starred in Stephen King's television production of Rose Red add something


In 2003, he starred opposite Jackie Chan in the action-comedy film The Medallion add something


In 2005, Sands played Sir Laurence Olivier in BBC Four's "In Praise of Hardcore", a drama about the critic and impresario Kenneth Tynan add something


In the 2006 season of the television series "24", Sands plays terrorist Vladimir Bierko add something


In 2011, Sands appeared in the mystery thriller film "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", an American remake of the original version, as the younger version of Henrik Vanger add something


John Malkovich - In 2011, Malkovich directed Julian Sands in "A Celebration of Harold Pinter" in the Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Edoardo Ponti - In 2012, Ponti directed, "Il Turno di Notte lo fanno le stelle", his first Italian-language film, written by Erri de Luca, and starring Nastassja Kinski, Enrico Lo Verso, and Julian Sands


On 26 April 2013, it was announced that Sands would be appearing on the eighth season of "Dexter", in the role of "Miles Foster, a wealthy international businessman" add something