Julius Raab

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Julius Raab

Conservative Austrian politician add

Category: Politics

Born in 1891.

Country: Austria (100%)

Main connections: Karl Renner, Engelbert Dollfuss, Bruno Kreisky

Linked to: Austrian People's Party, Austrian People's Party, Social Democratic Party of Austria, Christian Social Party




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Julius Raab was born in 1891 add something


He attended a Catholic high school and enrolled at the Vienna University of Technology in 1911 add something


The death of his father and the beginning of his political career compelled Raab to drop out of the university in 1925 add something


In 1927 he was elected to the Parliament of Austria for the first time add something


He was active in the Heimwehr, the paramilitary arm of right-wing political forces, and was appointed Heimwehr chief for Lower Austria in 1928 add something


Raab represented the forces of the past that were unacceptable to the Soviets Raab co-founded the Austrian People's Party , which denounced the dark legacy of the 1930s, and assumed leadership of ÖVP parliamentary group after the legislative elections held in November 1945 add something


Raab revealed his anti-semitism as a parliament member in 1931 when he famously branded the Socialist leader Otto Bauer an "insolent Jewish pig add something


In 1933 he joined the Fatherland Front, a right-wing coalition led by Engelbert Dollfuss add something


In April 1945, Raab was made a member of Karl Renner's provisional government, formed in the Soviet occupation zone add something


Raab succeeded Leopold Figl as the ÖVP party chairman in 1951 and as the elected Federal Chancellor of Austria in 1953 add something


He was Federal Chancellor of Austria from 1953 to 1961 add something


Austrian State Treaty - In 1955 he negotiated and signed the Austrian State Treaty add something


The success of 1955 marked the peak of ÖVP influence add something


In February 1955 Vyacheslav Molotov proposed resuming the talks on Austrian independence add something


On April 12, 1955 Raab arrived in Moscow for the negotiations that paved the way to the Austrian State Treaty concluded in Vienna on May 15 add something


In 1957 he and trade union chief Johann Bohm co-founded the Joint Commission on Wages and Prices, the social partnership institution that became a cornerstone of Austrian corporatism add something


In 1959 Raab suffered a heart attack add something


Bruno Kreisky - After the 1959 election, he became Foreign Minister in the coalition cabinet of Chancellor Julius Raab


In 1961 he passed ÖVP leadership to Alfons Gorbach add something


In 1963 Raab lost presidential elections to Adolf Schärf add something

Julius Raab died in 1964 add something


His health rapidly deteriorated, and he died, aged 72, in Vienna on January 8, 1964 add something