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Justin Long

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Justin Long

American film and television and voice actor add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1978.

Countries: United States (83%), California (13%), Canada (4%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Drew Barrymore, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis

Linked to: Apple Inc., Fairfield College Preparatory School, Fairfield University, Sacred Heart University




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Justin Long was born in 1978 add something


Waiting... (film) - "' is a 2005 American comedy film starring Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, and Justin Long


Blake Lively - In 2006, she co-starred with Justin Long in "Accepted", and Lively had minor roles in the horror film, "Simon Says"


He voiced the character of Alvin in 2007's "Alvin and the Chipmunks" and played the main character in the 2006 comedy film "Accepted" add something


In 2007, he co-starred with Bruce Willis as a "white-hat hacker" in "Live Free or Die Hard" and had a role in the film, "The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang" add something


Long had a small role in the 2008 comedy "Zack and Miri Make a Porno", where he plays Brandon St. Randy, a gay porn star add something


Long dated actress Drew Barrymore, but they confirmed their split in July 2008 add something


Olivia Wilde - In 2008, Wilde campaigned with actors Justin Long and her former "House" castmate Kal Penn for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama


Judy Greer - In April 2008, Greer appeared as a yoga instructor in the "Get a Mac" ad series alongside John Hodgman and Justin Long


Drew Barrymore - She dated actor Justin Long, but they confirmed their split in July 2008.


The couple reunited in 2009 and co-starred in the 2010 film "Going the Distance" add something


Meg Ryan - In 2009, Ryan starred alongside Kristen Bell and Justin Long in the independent comedy film "Serious Moonlight"


Also in 2010, Long starred in the comedy "Going the Distance" with Drew Barrymore add something


The two reportedly split again in 2010 add something


On August 16, 2010, he co-hosted "WWE Raw" with "Going the Distance" co-stars Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis at the Staples Center in Los Angeles add something


Charlie Day - He had a role in the 2010 film "Going the Distance", alongside Justin Long, Jason_Sudeikis, and Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore - In 2010, Barrymore reunited with former partner Justin Long on the set of Going the Distance, directed by Nanette Burstein.


Hayden Panettiere - Panettiere provided the voice of Kate, along side Justin Long in 2010's "Alpha and Omega"


Jason Sudeikis - Sudeikis co-hosted "WWE Raw" with "Going the Distance" co-stars Charlie Day and Justin Long on August 16, 2010, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles


Jay Alaimo - As of October 2012, Alaimo is in pre-production for his third feature film, titled "Chronicle", with Ryan Phillippe, Justin Long, and John Hawkes attached to star alongside Milla Jovovich and Kate Mara to co-star


In August 2013, it was confirmed that he is currently dating actress Amanda Seyfried add something


Since October 2013, he has been dating actress Amanda Seyfried add something


Emmy Rossum - In June 2013, it was announced that Rossum would play the female lead opposite Justin Long in the indie romantic comedy "Comet"


Amanda Seyfried - Since October 2013, she has been dating actor Justin Long


Long and Seyfried broke up in September 2015 add something


He started dating CHVRCHES singer Lauren Mayberry in 2016 add something