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Karen McDougal

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Karen McDougal

American model and actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1971.

Countries: United States (80%), Germany (7%), Canada (7%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Playboy, Pamela Anderson, Bruce Willis

Linked to: Ferris State University, River Valley High School, China Daily, Harley-Davidson




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Karen McDougal was born in 1971 add something


In that issue, she was voted "Readers' Choice No.2 Sexiest Playmate of the 1990s", with Pamela Anderson taking the No.1 spot add something


In 1997, McDougal tried out and won her local Venus Swimwear swimsuit competition in Michigan, earning her place at the international final in Florida add something


She briefly described her experience at the Playboy Mansion when she was Miss December 1997 add something


She is known for her appearances in "Playboy" magazine as Playmate of the Month for December 1997 and Playmate of the Year of 1998 add something


Upon completing her test shoot, she was promptly selected to return for a complete photo and video shoot and chosen as Miss December 1997 add something


When she was Playmate of the Year of 1998, she had a healthy BMI of 19 add something


In May 1998, she was announced to have been chosen by Hugh Hefner and fans as Playmate of the Year of 1998 at a luncheon at the Playboy Mansion add something


McDougal's PMOY pictorial was featured in the July 1998 issue of "Playboy" where she appeared on its cover add something


In March 1999, McDougal became the first woman to appear on the cover of "Men's Fitness" magazine add something


In 2001, she co-starred with Lisa Dergan in "The Arena", a Roger Corman-produced, direct-to-video movie directed by Timur Bekmambetov add something


In 2001, the readers of "Playboy" voted McDougal "number 2 sexiest Playmate of the 1990s" add something


Lisa Dergan Podsednik - She co-starred in the film "The Arena" with fellow Playmate Karen McDougal in 2001


In an online chat in 2002, McDougal expressed interest in posing nude for "Playboy" again if offered add something


"Playboy" released a limited edition doll in 2002 based on the likeness of McDougal and emphasized that it was an accurate model of her statuesque physique add something


After winning the local try out in Los Angeles , McDougal advanced to World Wrestling Entertainment's "RAW Diva Search 2004" special held at the Beacon Theatre in New York as one of 28 finalists add something


In spring of 2004, McDougal appeared in a photo spread in the Italian edition of "Vogue" with fellow Playmates, Pamela Anderson, Audra Lynn and Tishara Cousino add something


The special was televised live on Spike TV with a live audience on July 15, 2004 add something


McDougal appeared in the 2005 "Playmates at Play at the Playboy Mansion" swimsuit calendar as the calendar girl of July add something


In summer of 2006, McDougal appeared as a fitness model demonstrating all the exercises in a fitness training DVD with Hollywood celebrity fitness trainer Valerie Waters add something


The pictorial showcased new paintball products for the 2006 holiday season add something


In November 2006, she was part of a trio of Playmates that appeared in the "Celebrity Playmate Gift Guide" pictorial of "Splat" magazine, a paintball enthusiasts magazine add something


As of 2007, McDougal is residing in Los Angeles and Phoenix , Arizona add something


In March 2008, McDougal appeared in a topless pictorial and interview in Spanish magazine "Interviu" where she discussed her relationship with Bruce Willis at the time add something


McDougal returned as "Hardbody" of the month in the November 2009 issue in a pictorial together with fellow Playmate Katie Lohmann add something


She attended the 2011 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in January 2011 to promote its products add something


In January 2017, she had her breast implants removed after her health condition worsened add something


In 2018 McDougal said she is registered to vote as a Republican add something


In February 2018, with Trump already elected as President, "The New Yorker"'s Ronan Farrow wrote about the affair and AMI's purchase of the story, largely corroborating the 2016 "Wall Street Journal" report, except that the affair had gone on for nine months add something


In March 2018, McDougal filed a lawsuit against American Media, Inc. in Los Angeles Superior Court, aiming to invalidate the non-disclosure agreement add something


On March 22, 2018, McDougal was interviewed by Anderson Cooper on "AC360" in which she detailed her affair with Trump for 10 months in 2006-2007, while he was married to a pregnant Melania Trump add something


On April 19, 2018, American Media, Inc. settled with McDougal; the settlement allows her to speak about the alleged affair add something


In July 2018, "The New York Times" reported that two months before the 2016 presidential election, Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, had secretly recorded a conversation between him and Trump regarding paying McDougal add something


Davis stated that Cohen "achieved independence" on July 2, 2018 and was ready to admit the truth at this point add something


As of May 2019 the Southern District of New York is investigating the possible role of Trump and others regarding concealment of hush money payments add something