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Karyn Kupcinet

American actress who was found dead at her West Hollywood, California home, in the days following the JFK assassination add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1941.

Countries: United States (50%), California (42%), Israel (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Jerry Lewis, Irv Kupcinet, Associated Press

Linked to: Chicago Sun-Times, Mrs. G. Goes to College, Pine Manor College, Chicago Tribune




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Karyn Kupcinet was born in 1941 add something


By 1961, Kupcinet was living in Hollywood and was getting positive reviews for her acting add something


In 1961, Jerry Lewis offered Kupcinet a role in the film "The Ladies Man", where she appeared in a bit part as one of dozens of young ladies in a Hollywood boardinghouse add something


In 1962, she appeared in the role of Annie Sullivan in a Laguna Beach, California summer theater production of "The Miracle Worker" add something


In March 1962, a "Los Angeles Times" interviewer, assigned to help Kupcinet promote "The Gertrude Berg Show", noted her talking exclusively about food and her weight add something


The NBC "Today Show" on Friday carried a list of people who died violently in 1963 shortly after the death of President John F. Kennedy and may have had some link to the assassination add something

Karyn Kupcinet died in 1963 add something


After Kupcinet underwent an illegal abortion in July 1963, the relationship cooled and Prine began dating other women add something


Jones claimed that an AP wire service story about an unidentified woman who placed a phone call on November 22, 1963 from Oxnard, California, approximately 50 miles north of Los Angeles , was Kupcinet add something


The episode aired on CBS on January 16, 1964, nearly two months after her death add something


Kupcinet's death was first mentioned in connection with the assassination of JFK in 1967 by researcher Penn Jones, Jr. in the self-published book "Forgive My Grief II" add something


In 1971, Irv Kupcinet and his wife founded the Karyn Kupcinet International School for Science, a summer research internships program at the Weizmann Institute of Science add something


Crime writer James Ellroy visited the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office in the 1990s to research Kupcinet's death add something


In 1992 her father said linking her to the president's death was "an atrocious outrage" and "calumny add something


In 2007, Kupcinet's niece, actress Kari Kupcinet-Kriser, and Washburn University professor Paul Fecteau, began work on a book about Kupcinet's unsolved murder add something


According to the 2013 "Ventura County Star" piece, which quotes from an FBI report, two telephone operators listened to the unidentified woman talking for approximately 15 minutes and they believed, based on her voice, that she was middle-aged add something


In 2013, the "Ventura County Star" commemorated the 50th anniversary of $JFK (JFK_(film))'s assassination by noting that the Associated Press indeed had circulated a short article about the Oxnard, California woman who had dialed her local telephone operator add something