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Kathy Griffin

American actress, comedian, writer, producer, and television host add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1960.

Countries: United States (80%), (6%), Canada (4%)

Main connections: Anderson Cooper, CNN, Donald Trump

Linked to: American Broadcasting Company, Apple Inc., Bachelor Party Vegas, Democratic Party




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Kathy Griffin was born in 1960 add something


Born in Chicago, Illinois, she moved in 1978 to Los Angeles, where she studied drama at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and became a member of the improvisational comedy troupe The Groundlings add something


ABC News reported that she walked down the aisle to the strains of 1980s power ballad "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger add something


Griffin began performing in the early 1980s in the Los Angeles improv comedy troupe The Groundlings add something


Griffin gradually amassed a number of TV and film credits throughout the 1990s add something


In the 1990s, Griffin began performing as a standup comedian and appeared as a guest star on several television shows add something


Griffin made an appearance in Quentin Tarantino's 1994 film "Pulp Fiction" as a pedestrian coming to the aid of Marcellus Wallace after he is hit by a car driven by Butch Coolidge add something


After starring in an "HBO Half Hour Comedy Special", Griffin had her first consistent public exposure in 1996, when she was cast as the acerbic colleague of Brooke Shields' title character on the NBC sitcom "Suddenly Susan" add something


She appeared in fellow comic Bob Goldthwait's film "Shakes the Clown" and as the enthusiastic leader of a fanatical car club in the "Ellen" episode "Oh, Sweet Rapture", airing in January 1996 add something


Griffin would later title her 1998 solo HBO special after the night add something


In 1998, Griffin starred in her first one-hour special, HBO's "Kathy Griffin: A Hot Cup of Talk" add something


MTV - MTV continued to experiment with late night talk shows in the early 2000s with relatively short-lived programs such as "Kathy's So Called Reality", starring Kathy Griffin, and "The New Tom Green Show"


Griffin married Washington, D.C. native Matt Moline on February 18, 2001, atop the 360 Degree Restaurant in Hollywood add something


She frequently appears in such self-consciously tacky projects as the reality show competition "Celebrity Mole Hawaii", in which she won the 2003 edition after undergoing such experiences as walking over hot lava with her bare feet add something


After briefly separating and reconciling in 2005, they divorced in May 2006 add something


In a 2006 interview, Griffin said she does not drink alcohol add something


The second season, which premiered on June 6, 2006, brought Griffin the 2007 Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Reality Program, non-competition, on September 8, 2007 add something


In 2007, Griffin commented on her aversion to making fun of celebrity friends by saying, "There's nothing I won't do, but on the other hand I'm full of shit because that changes add something


She placed 17th on Oxygen's 2007 list of "The 50 Funniest Women Alive" add something


They attended the 2007 Emmy awards together, and speculation arose when the two were interviewed together on the red carpet add something


Her father, John Patrick Griffin, died of heart failure on February 17, 2007, during the shooting of the third season of her reality show; he was 90 years old add something


Kathy Griffin served as the unofficial guest co-host of "The View" from May 2007 to September 2007 and was considered as a replacement for the recently departed Rosie O'Donnell add something


The episode related to his death aired on June 19, 2007 add something


In July 2007, rumors circulated that Griffin was dating Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak add something


On September 10, 2007, Sherri Shepherd took over the remaining co-host spot that had been vacant since Star Jones's departure add something


Patricia Field - Her eponymous boutique was featured in a 2007 episode of Kathy Griffin's reality show "My Life on the D-List", as well as on a 2008 episode of "Paris Hilton's My New BFF"


Since the 2008 presidential election Griffin has made frequent jokes about the Palin family add something


On "Tom Green's House Tonight" on February 6, 2008, Griffin confirmed her relationship with Wozniak add something


The disc was recorded at the ETK Theatre at the Grand Theatre Center For The Arts in Tracy, California on February 17, 2008 add something


On March 9, 2008, Kathy Griffin became an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church World Headquarters add something


When asked if she actually targeted Wozniak to make her ex-husband jealous, Griffin stated: "What better way to get back at my ex, who was a tech, than to marry the biggest techno-nerd in the Universe-" Wozniak and Griffin served as King and Queen of the Humane Society of Silicon Valley Fur Ball on April 5, 2008, in Santa Clara, California, and scenes for the fourth season of "My Life on the D-List" were taped add something


However, in June 2008, it was confirmed that Griffin and Wozniak were no longer dating add something


On June 10, 2008, Griffin released a comedy CD titled "For Your Consideration" add something


Yet in July 2008, he asserted that Griffin's assistant Jessica Zajicek had quit because she could not take Griffin's now hectic career add something


On December 3, 2008, Griffin was nominated for a Grammy for Best Comedy Album add something


Kate French - In 2008, she appeared alongside comedienne Kathy Griffin in a web ad urging California voters to vote against Proposition 8


In 2009, a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs, California, Walk of Stars was dedicated to her add something


In 2009, she released her autobiography "Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin", which topped "The New York Times" Best Seller list add something


She hosted the 2009 Bravo A-List awards, which aired on April 15, 2009, and her Bravo special "Kathy Griffin: She'll Cut a Bitch", taped on March 4, 2009, in Portland, Oregon, aired beforehand add something


In a July 2009 episode of "My Life on the D-List", after using profanity in an Octomom joke during her routine at New York's legendary Apollo Theater, Griffin claimed that she received a letter banning her from the venue add something


On August 25, 2009, Griffin released a second comedy album, "Suckin' It for the Holidays", in another bid for a Grammy add something


On September 8, 2009, Ballantine Books published Griffin's memoir, titled "Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin" add something


As of August 2009, Griffin had been un-banned from "The View" and was a guest on September 18, 2009, and June 15, 2010 add something


In November 2009, Aid For AIDS presented Kathy Griffin with an "AFA Angel award" at their silver anniversary celebration add something


It was announced on November 3, 2009, that Griffin was to host ABC's new show "Let's Dance", which was supposed to premiere immediately after the finale of "Dancing with the Stars" on November 23 add something


The album was initially released as a digital download and retail released on November 3, 2009 add something


On December 2, 2009 it was nominated for Best Comedy Album, making it Griffin's second Grammy nomination add something


Griffin hosted CNN's New Year's Eve Broadcast on December 31, 2009, along with Anderson Cooper add something


Drop Dead Diva - Among them are: Quinton Aaron, Melissa Ponzio, Candice Accola, Clay Aiken, Louis Van Amstel, Jake T. Austin, Diedrich Bader, Lance Bass, Amanda Bearse, Delta Burke, Danielle Campbell, Bruce Davison, David Denman, Patty Duke, Jorja Fox, Vivica A. Fox, Tony Goldwyn, Elliott Gould, Nancy Grace, Kathy Griffin, Tim_Gunn, Deidre Hall, Valerie Harper, Gregory Harrison, Natasha Henstridge, Howard Hesseman, Star Jones, Kim Kardashian, Rami Kashou, Ricki Lake, Sharon Lawrence, Mario Lopez, Chad Lowe, MacKenzie Mauzy


Bette Midler - In June 2009, Midler appeared on the Bravo TV show My Life on the D-List with Kathy Griffin.


Griffin caused controversy when she confronted Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann over her views on homosexuality at the 2010 Radio and Television Correspondents' Association Dinner, while in town for her rally against DADT. According to Griffin, she asked Bachmann "if she was naturally a bigot or if that's just the way she legislates add something


In March 2010, Griffin helped organize a rally in Washington DC to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell add something


In 2011, she became the first comedian to have four televised specials in a year add something


In March 2011, Sarah Palin responded to Griffin by calling her a "bully add something


On March 7, 2011, while appearing on Howard Stern's radio show, Griffin announced that she was romantically involved with actor and former NFL practice-squad player Isaiah Mustafa add something


On March 15, 2011, Griffin had a guest-starring role on "Glee" in the episode "Original Song" as a Regionals competition judge, "Twitterer and former Tea Party candidate" Tammy Jean Albertson add something


Gloria Vanderbilt - Vanderbilt is very close friends with Diane von F├╝rstenberg, and the comedienne Kathy Griffin, and while appearing as a guest on her son Anderson Cooper's talk show, "Anderson" on September 19, 2011, referred to Griffin as her "fantasy daughter


On New Years Eve 2012, Griffin made repeated remarks on the CNN television coverage to her co-host, recently out gay man, Anderson Cooper, including seemingly groping him repeatedly add something


On January 7, 2012, it was announced that along with having two more standup specials on Bravo Griffin will start a weekly one-hour talk show on the channel, "Kathy", which will consist of standup routines, "rant about pop culture", and celebrity interviews add something


The first show aired on April 19, 2012, on Bravo add something


On May 4, 2012, the full length version of "I'll Say It", the theme song of her show "Kathy", was released to iTunes as a single add something


Griffin announced via Twitter on July 26, 2012, that the show had been picked up for a second season add something


On August 20, 2012, Griffin released a seven track EP containing dance remixes of "I'll Say It" add something


On April 8, 2013, during a live standup performance in Cincinnati, Ohio, Griffin reportedly announced that her show would not be renewed for a third season add something


Megan Mullally - On March 14, 2013, while on Kathy Griffin's Bravo talk show "Kathy", she appeared with her husband and fellow guest Michelle Trachtenberg, and when Kathy did a poll of who is heterosexual, all three guests raised their hands, hence confirming Megan is indeed not bisexual as previously stated in 1999


After being nominated for six years in a row for the Grammy for Best Comedy Album, she finally won in 2014, becoming only the third woman to win the category add something


On June 13, 2014, it was announced that Griffin was set to host the 41st Daytime Emmy awards add something


On August 14, 2014, Griffin released a third comedy CD titled Look at My Butt Crack add something


In May 2017, Griffin posted a video of her holding "a mask styled to look like the severed, bloody head" of U.S. President Donald Trump, which was posted on her Instagram and Twitter accounts add something


On May 31, 2017, CNN fired her from its New Year's Eve broadcast with Anderson Cooper add something


On June 2, 2017, an attorney for Griffin, Lisa Bloom, stated, "Like many edgy works of artistic expression, the photo could be interpreted different ways add something


In August 2017, shortly after her Donald Trump controversy, Griffin announced a worldwide comedy tour add something


On October 28, 2017, Griffin uploaded a YouTube video titled "Kathy Griffin: A Hell Of A Story", detailing the backlash she received for the Trump photo controversy add something


She continued with a North America leg of the tour, commencing May 23, 2018, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and including both Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall in New York City add something