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Katy Jurado

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Katy Jurado

Mexican actress who had a successful film career both in Mexico and in Hollywood add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1924.

Countries: United States (44%), Italy (20%), Philippines (12%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Dolores del Rio, Ernest Borgnine, Anthony Quinn

Linked to: American Broadcasting Company




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Katy Jurado was born in 1924 add something


Jurado moved with her family to Mexico City in 1927 and studied journalism add something


Jurado's cousin, Emilio Portes Gil, was president of Mexico beginning in 1928 add something


Jurado had already established herself as an actress in Mexico in the 1940s when she came to Hollywood , becoming a regular in Western films of the 1950s and 1960s add something


In 1943, she had her first success with her third film "La vida inútil de Pito Perez", considered by many as the best Mexican picaresque novel add something


Jurado began acting in Mexican films starting in 1943, with the movie "No Matarás" , and went on to appear in sixteen more films over the next seven years during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema add something


The marriage ended in divorce in 1943, and the children remained with Jurado's family in Mexico when she traveled to the United States to work add something


In 1948, her performance in "Nosotros los pobres", opposite the well-known Mexican actor Pedro Infante, brought her fame add something


Despite her notable Hollywood success in the early 1950s, Jurado continued with some performances in Mexico add something


However, Boetticher, who was a professional bullfighter, cast Jurado in his 1951 film "Bullfighter and the Lady", opposite Gilbert Roland as the wife of an aging matador add something


In 1951, she starred in "Cárcel de Mujeres", with the Spanish star Sara Montiel add something


In 1953 she starred in Luis Buñuel's box-office success "El Bruto", for which she received an Ariel award add something


In 1954 Jurado replaced Dolores del Río in the film "Broken Lance", for which she received an Academy award nomination, playing Spencer Tracy's Comanche wife and the mother of Robert Wagner's character add something


Jurado debuted in European films in 1954 with the film "The Racers" with Kirk Douglas and Cesar Romero, and filmed in France, Italy and Spain add something


In 1955 Jurado filmed "Trial", directed by Mark Robson, with Glenn Ford and Arthur Kennedy add something


In 1955, Katy traveled to Italy for the filming of "Trapeze", directed by Carol Reed, with Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis and Gina Lollobrigida add something


In 1956 Jurado debuted on Broadway, playing "Filomena Marturano" with Raf Vallone, which would later be filmed in Italy as "Marriage Italian Style" with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni add something


On the set of "The Badlanders" , Jurado met her costar Ernest Borgnine, who became her second husband on December 31, 1959 add something


Jurado returned to Hollywood in 1965, with the film "Smoky", directed by George Sherman, with Davy Crockett add something


In 1966, she played the mother of George Maharis in "A Covenant with Death" add something


In 1966, she reprised her role of Helen Ramírez from "High Noon" in a "High Noon" TV pilot called "The Clock Strikes Noon Again", which co-starred Peter Fonda as the son of Will Kane add something


In 1967 she filmed "A Man Alone", a co-production between Germany, Spain and United Kingdom add something


After her suicide attempt in 1968, she moved back to Mexico permanently, though she continued to appear in American films as a character actress add something


In the 1970s she starred in a series of Mexican critical films like "Los albañiles" , "The Children of Sanchez" and "La Seducción" , directed by Arturo Ripstein add something


Jurado again appeared on television and in films during the 1970s add something


In 1972 she starred in "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid", directed by Sam Peckinpah, with Kris Kristofferson and Bob Dylan, among others add something


In 1973 Jurado starred on Broadway again in the Tennessee Williams stage play "The Red Devil Battery Sign", with Anthony Quinn and Claire Bloom add something


In 1976, she acted in the movie "Captain Pantoja and the Special Service" , directed by Mario Vargas Llosa, author of the novel add something


Dolores del Rio - Dolores del Río's last movie was "The Children of Sanchez" with Anthony Quinn and Katy Jurado in 1978, directed by Hall Bartlett, making only a short appearance as the Grandma


Tragedy struck when her son died in an automobile accident in 1981 at the age of 35 add something


In 1984, she acted in the Mexican-American production "Under the Volcano", directed by John Huston add something


In 1985, Jurado was named film promotion commissioner for the Mexican state of Morelos add something


In the 1990s Katy reappeared in the Mexican Telenovelas add something


In 1992, Jurado was honored with the Golden Boot award for her notable contribution to the western movies add something


In 1998, she completed a timely Spanish-language film for director Arturo Ripstein called El Evangelio de las Maravillas about a millennium sect add something


The Hi-Lo Country - "'The Hi-Lo Country"' is a 1998 classic American Western-drama film directed by Stephen Frears, starring Billy Crudup, Penélope Cruz, Woody Harrelson, Cole Hauser, Sam Elliott, Patricia Arquette, Enrique Castillo, and Katy Jurado


In 2002 she made her final film appearance in "Un secreto de Esperanza" add something

Katy Jurado died in 2002 add something


She died of kidney failure and pulmonary disease on July 5, 2002, at the age of 78, at her home in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico add something


Ernest Borgnine - Katy Jurado's death in 2002 drew Borgnine & Conway much closer, as Tim had heard so much of the actress's death


She was honored with a Google Doodle on January 16, 2018 add something