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Kay Thompson

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Kay Thompson

American author, composer, musician, actress and singer add

Category: Literature

Born in 1909.

Countries: United States (58%), France (21%), United Kingdom (4%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Judy Garland, Otto Preminger, Andre Kostelanetz

Linked to: Paramount Pictures, Turner Classic Movies, Vanity Fair, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer




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Kay Thompson was born in 1909 add something


Thompson began her career in the 1930s as a singer and choral director for radio add something


In 1935, she recorded four sides for Brunswick and another four sides for Victor add something


In 1939, she reunited with André Kostelanetz for "Tune-Up Time" , a show that was produced by radio legend William Spier add something


On an installment of "Tune-Up Time" in April 1939, 16-year-old Judy Garland was a guest add something


In 1943 Thompson signed an exclusive contract with MGM to become the studio's top vocal arranger, vocal coach, and choral director add something


Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, Kay mentored the solo career of the young Andy Williams add something


She later recorded for Capitol, Columbia, Decca, and, most importantly, for MGM Records which issued the one and only complete album of songs by Thompson in 1954 add something


In February 1956, Thompson wrote and recorded the song "Eloise" at Cadence Records with an orchestra conducted by Archie Bleyer add something


The song debuted on March 10, 1956, and became a Top 40 hit, selling over 100,000 copies add something


Playhouse 90 - He began with "Forbidden Area" , adapted by Serling from the Pat Frank novel about Soviet sabotage, following with "Rendezvous in Black" , adapted from Cornell Woolrich's novel of twisted revenge; "Eloise" , adapted from the book by Kay Thompson and Hilary_Knight; and "The Family Nobody Wanted" , from the Helen Doss book about a childless couple who adopt a dozen children of mixed ancestry, a book brought to TV again in 1975


She served as an advisor to the 1957 Patti Page TV series "The Big Record", and was creative consultant and vocal arranger for "The Judy Garland Show", Judy Garland's highly rated 1962 television special with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and she kept busy with nightclub and television performances, as well as overseeing her successful "Eloise" franchise add something


She got her friend Archie Bleyer to add Andy to the roster of artists on his label Cadence Records where she wrote many of the songs Andy recorded, including the 1958 Top 20 hit "Promise Me, Love" add something


Immediately following the death of Judy Garland in 1969, Thompson appeared with her goddaughter Liza Minnelli in Otto Preminger's "Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon" add something


She returned to live in New York in 1969 add something


In 1974, Thompson directed a fashion show at the Palace of Versailles featuring a performance by Minnelli and the collections of Halston, Bill Blass, Oscar de la Renta, and Anne Klein add something


Thompson eventually moved into Minnelli's Upper East Side penthouse, where she died in 1998 at the age of 88 add something

Kay Thompson died in 1998 add something


A fifth book, "Eloise Takes a Bawth", was posthumously published by Simon & Schuster in 2002, culled from Thompson's original manuscripts once slated for 1964 publication by Harper & Row. However, at the time, Thompson was burned out on Eloise; she blocked publication and took all but the first book out of print add something


Julie Andrews - Andrews continued her association with Disney when she appeared as the nanny in two 2003 made-for-television films based on the Eloise books, a series of children's books by Kay Thompson about a child who lives in the Plaza Hotel in New York City


In a December 6, 2006, interview on Turner Classic Movies, Donen said that "Funny Face" was made at Paramount with a primarily MGM crew, including Donen, Edens and Thompson, because Paramount Pictures would not release Hepburn for any film except one made at Paramount add something


Though it had been denied for decades, Williams claimed in his 2009 memoir, "Moon River and Me" , that he and Thompson had been secret lovers for several years, despite the age gap between them add something


"Private Screenings", TCM, December 11, 2010 add something


Hilary Knight - The 2015 HBO documentary, "It's Me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise", chronicles Knight's work on Eloise, personal life, and tumultuous relationship with Kay Thompson