Kazuo Ishiguro

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Kazuo Ishiguro

Japanese-born British novelist add

Category: Literature

Born in 1954.

Countries: United Kingdom (35%), (24%), UK (18%)

Main connections: Japan, Stacey Kent, Never Let Me Go (2010 film)

Linked to: University of Kent, BBC, University of Kent at Canterbury, Stoughton Primary School




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Kazuo Ishiguro was born in 1954 add something


He was born in Nagasaki, Japan, and his family moved to England in 1960 when he was 5 years old add something


In 1960 his family, including his two sisters, moved to Guildford, Surrey so that his father could begin research at the National Institute of Oceanography add something


Ishiguro left Japan in 1960 at the age of 5 and did not return to visit until 1989, nearly 30 years later, as a participant in the Japan Foundation Short-Term Visitors Program add something


In 1974 he began at the University of Kent, Canterbury, and he graduated in 1978 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy add something


Ishiguro obtained his Bachelor's degree from University of Kent in 1978 and his Master's from the University of East Anglia's creative writing course in 1980 add something


After spending a year writing fiction, he resumed his studies at the University of East Anglia where he studied with Malcolm Bradbury and Angela Carter, and gained a Master of Arts in Creative Writing in 1980 add something


His most recent, "Never Let Me Go", has science fiction qualities and a futuristic tone; however, it is set in the 1980s and 1990s, and thus takes place in a very similar yet alternate world add something


Ishiguro has been married to Lorna MacDougall, a social worker, since 1986 add something


Ishiguro is one of the most celebrated contemporary fiction authors in the English-speaking world, having received four Man Booker Prize nominations, and winning the 1989 for his novel "The Remains of the Day" add something


In a 1990 interview he said, "If I wrote under a pseudonym and got somebody else to pose for my jacket photographs, I'm sure nobody would think of saying, 'This guy reminds me of that Japanese writer add something


The Remains of the Day (film) - "'The Remains of the Day"' is a 1993 Merchant Ivory film adapted by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala from the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro


He wrote the liner notes to Kent's 2003 album, "In Love Again" add something


Stacey Kent - Booker Prize-winning novelist Kazuo Ishiguro wrote the liner notes to Kent's 2003 album, "In Love Again"


Cloning - The 2005 Kazuo Ishiguro novel "Never Let Me Go" and the 2010 film adaption are set in an alternate history in which cloned humans are created for the sole purpose of providing organ donations to naturally born humans, despite the fact that they are fully sentient and self-aware


He co-wrote four of the songs on jazz singer Stacey Kent's 2009 "Breakfast on the Morning Tram" add something


In 2010, his novel "Never Let Me Go" was adapted to film add something


Andrew Garfield - In 2010, he co-starred in the British film based on the novel by Japanese-born British author Kazuo Ishiguro, "Never Let Me Go"


Never Let Me Go (2010 film) - "'Never Let Me Go"' is a 2010 British dystopian alternate history drama film based on Kazuo Ishiguro's 2005 novel of the same name


Paavo Jarvi - In December 2014, he premiered Karol Beffa's second violin concerto, A Floating World, tribute to Kazuo Ishiguro's novel "An Artist of the Floating World"


His seventh novel, "The Buried Giant" was published on March 3, 2015 in both the United States and the United Kingdom add something


David Horovitch - Horovitch has performed numerous audiobooks, including the 2015 production of "The Buried Giant" by Kazuo Ishiguro


Ishiguro wrote an opinion piece decrying the rise of hate crimes in Britain as a result of the 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum add something


In 2017, the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Ishiguro "who, in novels of great emotional force, has uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world add something


Ishiguro was knighted in the 2018 Queen's Birthday Honours List add something