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Kenneth Williams

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Kenneth Williams

English actor and comedian add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1926.

Countries: United Kingdom (88%), Sweden (4%), Ireland (4%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Nicholas Parsons, George Bernard Shaw, Billy Dainty

Linked to: Concert Party, Pembroke College, Cambridge, British Army, Scotland Yard




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Kenneth Williams was born in 1926 add something


Williams is commemorated by a blue plaque at the address of his father's barber shop in Marchmont Street, London, where he lived from 1935 to 1956 add something


Williams wrote his diaries from the age of 14 in 1940 until his death 48 years later, although the earliest to survive to publication was for 1942 when he reached 16 add something


Williams kept pocket-sized diaries for 1942 and 1947 ; a desk diary for 1948; pocket-sized diaries for 1949 and 1950; desk diaries for 1951 to 1965; standard edition desk diaries for 1966 to 1971, and finally A4-sized executive desk diaries for 1972 to 1988 add something


He joined the Army in 1944 at 18 add something


Williams' professional career began in 1948 in repertory theatre add something


Failure to become a serious dramatic actor disappointed him, but his potential as a comic performer gave him his break when he was spotted playing the Dauphin in George Bernard Shaw's "St Joan" in 1954 by radio producer Dennis Main Wilson add something


James Roose-Evans - In 1954, he joined a repertory company at Bridgewater, Somerset, where his fellow-actor Kenneth Williams encouraged him to try directing


Hattie Jacques - In 1956, she was asked to join the radio series "Hancock's Half Hour", with regulars Tony Hancock, Sid James, Bill Kerr and Kenneth Williams


Bamber Gascoigne - While at Magdalene, he wrote a musical, "Share My Lettuce", which was produced in London in 1957 by Michael Codron, and performed by Maggie Smith and Kenneth Williams


Eric Barker - Along with Kenneth Williams and Kenneth Connor he is the only actor in the Carry On films to appear in the first, "Carry On Sergeant" in 1958 and the last of the original series of "Carry On" films "Carry On Emmannuelle" in 1978


Jimmy Edwards - In December 1958, Jimmy Edwards played the King in Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella" at the London Coliseum with Kenneth Williams, Tommy Steele, Yana and Betty Marsden


Fenella Fielding - By 1959 she was appearing with Kenneth Williams in the comedy revue "Pieces of Eight", written by Harold Pinter and Peter Cook


Sheila Hancock - She appeared in Joan Littlewood's Theatre Workshop production of "Make Me An Offer" in 1959, and her other early West End appearances included the revue "One Over the Eight" with Kenneth Williams in 1961, and starring in "Rattle of a Simple Man" in 1962


On 14 October 1962, Williams's father, Charlie, was taken to hospital after drinking carbon tetrachloride that had been stored in a cough mixture bottle add something


Williams was a regular on the BBC radio panel game "Just a Minute" from its second season in 1968 until his death add something


Lorraine Chase - Her first acting role following her Campari advertisements in the 1970s was in a play, "The Undertaking", starring Kenneth Williams


He appeared with Ingrid Bergman in a stage production of George Bernard Shaw's "Captain Brassbound's Conversion" in 1971 add something


From 1972, when he felt he wasn't being appreciated, he would scream, "I've come all the way from Great Portland Street add something


In 1972, Williams starred opposite Jennie Linden in "My Fat Friend" add something


The flat Williams had lived in on Osnaburgh Street from 1972 until his death was bought by Rob Brydon and Julia Davis for the writing of their comedy series "Human Remains" add something


Emmanuelle - The 1978 spoof "Carry On Emmannuelle" starred Kenneth Williams as the French ambassador to London


Billy Dainty - On 14 January 1979, Dainty taped a guest spot on "Star Turn", a BBC children's programme, on which one of the other guests was Kenneth Williams


Barbara Windsor - In 1981 she played sex-mad landlady Kath in Joe Orton's black comedy "Entertaining Mr Sloane" at the Lyric Hammersmith, directed by her friend Kenneth Williams


Williams was a stand-in host on the "Wogan" talk show in 1986 add something

Kenneth Williams died in 1988 add something


He died on 15 April 1988 in his flat; the cause of death was an overdose of barbiturates add something


Paul Merton - After long-time "Just a Minute" panellist Kenneth Williams died in 1988, Merton contacted the producer at the suggestion of the host, Nicholas Parsons


His mother died in July 1991 and his half-sister, Pat, died in 1994 add something


Billy Dainty - "The Kenneth Williams Diaries", edited by Russell Davies, published 1993 by Harper Collins Ironically, after reading Dainty's obituary in the newspaper following his death, Williams said: "He was a delight


From 2003 to 2005, Robin Sebastian took on Williams in the West End stage show "Round the Horne add something


The English singer-songwriter John Howard's song "Who's Listening- " appeared on Howard's 2007 album "Barefoot with Angels" add something


The building was demolished in May 2007 add something


"Kenneth Williams Unseen" by Wes Butters and Russell Davies, the first Williams biography in 15 years, was published in October 2008 add something


The plaque was unveiled on 11 October 2009 by Bill Pertwee and Nicholas Parsons, with whom Williams performed add something


In September 2010, a plaque commissioned by the British Comedy Society was unveiled in the foyer of the New Diorama Theatre by the Mayor of Camden accompanied by David Benson, the actor known for his performances of his own work dedicated to Williams, "Think No Evil of Us - My Life With Kenneth Williams" add something


An authorised biography, "Born Brilliant: The Life Of Kenneth Williams", by Christopher Stevens, was published in October 2010 add something