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Kingpin (comics)

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Kingpin (comics)

Fictional character, a supervillain in the add

Category: Movies & TV (150)

Launched in 1602.

Country: England (100%)

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In the "Marvel 1602" universe, Wilson Fisk is a pirate captain of the HMS "Vanessa", known as the King's Pin, who attacks the ship taking Peter Parquarh and Sir Norman Osborne back to England add something


It is later revealed that Fisk was hired by an elderly woman named Lillie McGurty, who orchestrated the events so the Runaways can travel back to 1907 and ensure that she would come back to the present with them, which her past self declined add something


Duncan signed on for the role in January 2002, though he had been attached far earlier add something


In July 2006, Duncan showed interest in returning for the role of the Kingpin, but stated that he would not be willing to gain weight as he felt "comfortable" being down to 270 pounds add something


In the 2008 - 2009 "Old Man Logan" storyline, a future Kingpin appears in a possible future timeline in which the United States has been carved up between the various supervillains add something


During the "Secret Wars" storyline, Kingpin hosts a viewing party for the incursion between Earth-616 and Earth-1610 where his guests include Absorbing Man, Bullseye, Norman Osborn, Sandman, and Scorpion add something


Civil War - During the 2016 "Civil War II" storyline, Kingpin returns from San Francisco where he ends up in a fight with Bushwacker which ends in Bushwacker's death add something


During the 2017 "Secret Empire" storyline, Kingpin is among the people trapped in a Darkforce-enclosed Manhattan add something