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Lachy Hulme

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Lachy Hulme

Australian-born actor and screenwriter add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1971.

Country: Australia (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Working Dog Productions, Sam Worthington, Ed Kavalee

Linked to: Working Dog Productions, Wesley College, Melbourne, Sydney Theatre Company




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Lachy Hulme was born in 1971 add something


Hulme completed his secondary-schooling at Melbourne 's Wesley College, graduating with honors in drama, appearing in school theatrical productions such as "South Pacific" and "Rover" in 1988 add something


The film's premise was inspired by the real-life comedy event staged by Andrew Denton back in the 1990s on his Ch-7 late-night show "Denton" in which he had staged a telethon called "Chase for Skase" to raise funds to hire a kidnapper to bring fugitive businessman Christopher Skase back to Australia from Spain where he had moved following the collapse of his business empire in 1991 add something


Hulme's first film role was starring in the Australian 1994 thriller "The Intruder", directed by Richard Wolstencroft but the film was never completed due to the sudden closure of the production company Boulevard Films add something


In 1997, Hulme wrote the screenplay for the Canadian action-thriller "Men with Guns" directed by Kari Skogland add something


In 2000, Hulme appeared in the Australian thriller "Four Jacks", directed by Matthew George add something


Un-expectedly, the real-life Skase died in Marjoca in August 2001 whilst the film was in post-production, causing some criticism of the timing of the film's release shortly afterwards add something


In 2003, Hulme scored roles in the sequels to the smash-hit science-fiction film "The Matrix" add something


In 2006, Hulme played the role of Macduff, alongside Sam Worthington in Geoffrey Wright's adaptation of William Shakespeare's play "Macbeth", in which the play was set amongst Melbourne 's criminal underworld add something


In 2006-2007, on a number of occasions, Hulme appeared as a guest co-host on the Triple M radio comedy show "Get This" which starred Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee, a show that he was both a fan and vocal supporter of and on which he revealed his extensive knowledge of, and passion for, cinema add something


Geoffrey Wright - In 2006, he adapted Shakespeare's "Macbeth" for film, starring Sam Worthington and Lachy Hulme


Returning to the small-screen in 2008, Hulme starred in the Australian TV comedy series "The Hollowmen", produced by Working Dog Productions and which aired on the ABC. The show was a comedy-satire, set in Parliament House, Canberra and featuring the fictional Central Policy Unit, a team designed to both formulate policy and, more importantly, ensure that any government decisions earn enough popularity to ensure re-election add something


Hulme has continued to work in theatre, appearing in the Sydney Theatre Company's 2009 production of the comedy-drama play "Elling", based on an original Norwegian film and novel and directed for the stage by Pamela Rabe, a performance for which Hulme received good reviews add something


In 2009-2010, Hulme appeared in episodes of the TV comedies "Chandon Pictures" and "The Librarians" and the Ch-10 police drama "Rush" add something


In 2010, Hulme became a regular cast member on the Ch-10 drama series "Offspring", appearing as the brilliant but eccentric Dr Martin Clegg for all three seasons that have aired so far add something


He returned to the big screen in 2011, appearing as a rogue SAS soldier in the action-thriller "The Killer Elite", directed by Gary McKendry add something


Hulme, having lost most of the weight he gained in 2011 for the filming of "Beaconsfield" , was again obliged to regain more girth to play the role of the heavy-set famous businessman add something


He had a well received supporting role in the 2012 Australian comedy "Any Questions for Ben-", created by Working Dog Productions add something


In 2012, Hulme appeared in the comedy film "Scumbus", written & produced by, and starring, Ed Kavalee, the film airing on Ch-10 in November add something


In 2012, Hulme starred in the Ch-9 TV movie "Beaconsfield", a dramatized depiction of the Beaconsfield Mine Collapse in Tasmania, 2006 where one miner was killed in a sudden cave-in and two others, Todd Russell and Brant Webb, were trapped for 14 days, prompting a large-scale rescue operation which drew in nation-wide media coverage add something


In March 2014, Hulme was cast in the Nine Network's eight-part drama series, "Gallipoli" to be telecast in 2015 and in which he will play Lord Kitchener add something


In 2017, Hulme was cast as Blake Farron, leader of white nationalist group Patriot Blue in the television series "Romper Stomper", a follow-up to the 1992 film add something