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Land Rover

British car manufacturer with its headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom which specialises in four-wheel-drive vehicles add

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Founded in 1978.

Countries: United Kingdom (29%), (18%), Germany (10%)

Main connections: Jaguar Cars, Land Rover Defender, Jaguar Land Rover

Linked to: Ford Motor Company, Rover Company, Tata Motors, British Leyland Motor Corporation




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Range Rover Classic - From 1979 onwards, Land Rover collaborated with Perkins on Project Iceberg, an effort to develop a diesel version of the Range Rover's 3,5 litre V8 engine


Land Rover Defender - In the 1980s the Australian Army ordered Defenders made to their own specification, called the Land Rover Perentie, some of which were 6x6 drive


Land Rover Series - In the early 1980s, Land Rover Australia had made some changes to the vehicle to try to combat this sales decline


Santana Motor - Up to the late 1980s the Santana models - supposed to be quickly and cheaply built versions of Land Rover's own product often ended up being superior to the Land Rover equivalent


In 1981, the colour scheme was changed to green with yellow stripes add something


Land Rover Defender - From 1983 Land Rover introduced a third wheelbase to its utility line-up, a wheelbase vehicle designed to accommodate larger, heavier loads than the One Ten. Called the Land Rover 127, it was designed specifically with use by utility and electrical companies in mind, as well as military usage


Land Rover Defender - Production of the model now known as the Defender began in 1983 as the Land Rover One Ten, a name which reflected the length of the wheelbase


Santana Motor - The Santana Motor Company ended its agreement with Land Rover in 1983 but continued to develop its own range of vehicles which remained visually similar to Land Rover's Series and Defender range


PTOs remained regular options on Series I, II and III Land Rovers up to the demise of the Series Land Rover in 1985 add something


Range Rover - Before 1987, Land Rover vehicles were only sold in the United States through the grey market


Otokar - In 1987, the Turkish Armed Forces had Otokar manufacture military Land Rover Defenders in Turkey in agreement with Land Rover


Land Rover Series - The Land Rover Perentie, a military variant of the Land Rover Defender, was introduced in 1987


Land Rover Defender - The bulk of the division's work was the construction of stretched-wheelbase mobile workshops and crew carriers for British and European utility companies, often including 6-wheel-drive conversions, but more unusual projects were undertaken, such as the construction of an amphibious Land Rover Ninety used by the company as part of its sponsorship of Cowes Week from 1987 to 1990


Range Rover Classic - To counter these criticisms Land Rover used a Turbo D Range Rover to set several speed and endurance records for diesel vehicles during 1987, including a continuous run over 24 hours at over


Range Rover - The Land Rover company began selling the Range Rover officially in the U.S. on 16 March 1987


Jaguar Land Rover - Ford had acquired Jaguar Cars in 1989 and Land Rover from BMW in 2000


Land Rover Defender - In 1989, a third model was brought out by Land Rover to be produced in parallel with the other two: the Land Rover Discovery


By 1990, there had been more than 1,000 produced add something


Land Rover Experience was established in 1990, and consists of a network of centres throughout the world, set up to help customers get the most out of their vehicle's on and off-road capability add something


The Land Rover Tangi was built by the Royal Ulster Constabulary's own vehicle engineering team during the 1990s add something


Land Rover Defender - Initially held back by the low power of the Land Rover engines , the 127 benefited from the improvements to the line-up, and by 1990 was only available with the two highest power engines, the 3,5-litre $V8 (V8_engine) petrol, and the 2,5-litre Diesel Turbo


Land Rover Defender - The biggest change to the Land Rover came in late 1990, when it became the Land Rover Defender, instead of the Land Rover Ninety or One Ten. This was because in 1989 the company had introduced the Discovery model, requiring the original Land Rover to acquire a name


Land Rover Series - In 1992 the Blackheath factory in the Cape Province was identified as the largest Land Rover CKD assembly outside the UK.


Land Rover Defender - In 1992 the first Special Edition Land Rover Defender was produced


Pendragon PLC - The Stratstone brand was acquired in 1992, establishing a relationship for Pendragon with Jaguar and Land Rover


In 1994 Rover Group plc was acquired by BMW add something


Land Rover Defender - For the 1994 and 1995 model year Land Rover offered the Defender 90, fitted with a 3,9-litre V8 engine and a manual transmission which was clearly intended to compete with the Jeep Wrangler


BMW X5 (E53) - The history of the X5 begins in 1994, when ideas began on a BMW sports utility vehicle after the acquisition of Land Rover


In 1995, Land Rover endorsed the production of a hand-made bicycle using its logo add something


Land Rover Defender - For Land Rover's 50th anniversary in 1998 two special editions were built


Land Rover Defender - It has not met U.S. safety requirements since 1998 and since Land Rover has been offering U.S. buyers the more luxurious LR2 and LR4 instead


Land Rover Freelander - The first generation Freelander was used in the 1998 Camel Trophy and participated in Land Rover's G4 Challenge


Land Rover Defender - The second 1998 Special Edition was the 'Heritage', intended to hark back to the early days of Land Rover in the 1940s


Lotus Elise - A faster edition called the 111S, named after the Lotus type-number of the Elise M111, was introduced in early 1999 and had a VVC Rover K-Series engine with a modified head and VVT technology, producing a declared rather than the standard Rover 1,8 L K-series inline-four unit, along with a closer ratio manual gearbox and lower ratio final drive


Jaguar Cars - In 1999 it became part of Ford's new Premier Automotive Group along with Aston Martin, Volvo Cars and, from 2000, Land Rover


In 2000, Rover Group was broken-up by BMW and Land Rover was sold to Ford Motor Company, becoming part of its Premier Automotive Group add something


This reunited the Rover and Land Rover brands for the first time since 2000 when the Rover group was broken up by BMW. add something


Land Rover Defender - Possibly the best known Special Edition was the Tomb Raider of 2000, built to commemorate Land Rover's role in the first film of that franchise


Bernd Pischetsrieder - Rover was sold off in 2000, with Ford taking on Land Rover, and the Mini brand remaining at BMW. A more lasting achievement was the assumption of the Rolls-Royce marque, a deal which left rival Volkswagen Group manager, Ferdinand Piëch, with only the Bentley marque, and the Crewe factory


Jaguar Land Rover - The latter was acquired by Land Rover, whilst still under Ford ownership, from BMW in the aftermath of the collapse of MG Rover Group, BMW having retained ownership of the marque when it broke up Rover Group in 2000, licensing it to MG Rover as a condition of the sale of Land Rover to Ford


Ford of Britain - This ceased to be a Ford plant when the last Escort came off the production line in 2000 and was converted to make the Jaguar X-Type in 2001, and latterly the Land Rover Freelander


Jaguar Land Rover - This reunited the Rover and Land Rover brands for the first time since the Rover group was broken up by BMW in 2000, and brought Jaguar into the same stable as Rover/Land Rover more than 15 years after it was spun out from the former British Leyland in 1984


Pendragon PLC - Throughout the remainder of 2000-2001, various other California-based dealerships were acquired including Hornburg, South Coast Jaguar and Land Rover


Land Rover Defender - While emissions and safety regulations have threatened the Defender since the early 2000s, these had either been avoided through 'grandfather rights', or Land Rover had found ways to modify the vehicle to economically meet the new requirements


Jaguar Cars - Since Land Rover's May 2000 purchase by Ford, it has been closely associated with Jaguar


Lane Garrison - Garrison was allegedly at a party attended by high schoolers and was going out to buy more alcohol when his 2001 Land Rover jumped a curb at about 50 mph and hit a tree, according to authorities


Land Rover Discovery - The locking centre differential was still fitted until early 2001, although the linkage to operate it was not attached, as Land Rover believed that the traction control and newly developed Hill Descent Control would render it redundant


Jaguar Land Rover - The Jaguar Cars and Land Rover businesses were first united under a single entity by Ford Motor Company in 2002


Land Rover Defender - Following the first Land Rover G4 Challenge in 2003, G4-Edition Defenders became available


Range Stormer - Land Rover's first concept vehicle, unveiled at the 2004 North American International Auto Show, later became the Range Rover Sport add something


Land Rover Freelander - In 2004, Land Rover introduced an improved and upgraded version of the Mark I; changes included a new interior and major external revisions, including a new face and rear


Tata Motors - Tata Motors acquired the South Korean truck manufacturer Daewoo Commercial Vehicles Company in 2004 and the British premium car maker Jaguar Land Rover in 2008


Land Rover Discovery - On 2 April 2004, Land Rover introduced the Discovery 3, marketed as the LR3 in North America


In June 2004, Land Rover released a comprehensive 25 model range of bicycles to complement the automotive range add something


Range Rover - On 26 November 2004, Land Rover released the first photographs of the Range Rover Sport, a new model it planned to show to the public for the first time at the 2005 North American International Auto Show


BMW and Ford had previously retained ownership of the Rover brand to protect the integrity of the Land Rover brand, with which 'Rover' might be confused in the US 4x4 market; the Rover brand was originally used under license by MG Rover until it collapsed in 2005, at which point it was re-acquired by the Ford Motor Company owned Land Rover Limited add something


In 2005, under Ford ownership, Land Rover became more interested in the club environment add something


Land Rover has had its name associated with coffee since 2005 when the Land Rover Coffee company was established add something


Rover Company - Following MG Rover's collapse in 2005, the Rover marque became dormant, and was subsequently sold to Ford, by now the owners of Land Rover, a move which effectively reunited the Rover trademark with the original company


Range Rover - In 2005, members of Greenpeace temporarily disrupted Range Rover production at the Land Rover plant in Solihull


Lotus Elise - The 111S models were discontinued in 2005 in favour of the Toyota powerplant , mainly due to Lotus plans to introduce the Elise to the US market, which needed the engine to comply with the emission regulations in USA, which was not the case for the K-series Engine as MG Rover did not sell cars in the US.


Jaguar Cars - The historic Browns Lane plant ceased trim and final operations in 2005, the X350 XJ having already moved to Castle Bromwich two years prior, leaving the XK and S-Type production to Castle Bromwich and the X-Type at Halewood , alongside the new Land Rover Freelander 2, from 2007


In 2006 Ford purchased the Rover brand from BMW for around £6 million add something


In 2006, the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire club were the pilot licensees for the new agreement, who now benefit from a reciprocal arrangement where their own logo is trade marked and owned by Land Rover and they can refer to themselves as a 'Land Rover Approved Club' add something


Production of the TDi engine ended in the United Kingdom in 2006, meaning that Land Rover no longer offers it as an option add something


Brandon Soo Hoo - Brandon began his acting career in 2006, at the age of 10, when he was featured in television advertisements for Toys "R" Us, Land Rover, and ExxonMobil


Land Rover Discovery - In 2006, Land Rover used the Discovery 3 in its G4 Challenge, alongside the Range Rover Sport


Land Rover Freelander - Lack of the MG Rover K18 and KV6 engines after the end of the MG Rover production led Land Rover to discontinue the model after 2006 in the U.S. and Canada


Rover Company - Legally the Rover marque is the property of Land Rover under the terms of Ford's purchase of the name in 2006


Land Rover Defender - With 300Tdi production stopping in 2006, Land Rover set up production of a military version of the 4-cylinder Ford Duratorq engine that is used as a replacement for the Td5 in civilian vehicles


Aston Martin - After suggestions of selling Jaguar Cars, Land Rover, or Volvo Cars were weighed, Ford announced in August 2006 it had engaged UBS AG to sell all or part of Aston Martin at auction


Jaguar Cars - Before the sale was announced, Anthony Bamford, chairman of British excavator manufacturer JCB had expressed interest in purchasing the company in August 2006, but backed out upon learning that the sale would involve Land Rover, which he did not wish to buy


Range Rover (L322) - Other changes for 2007 include better brakes, a revised suspension, and Land Rover's Terrain Response system


Range Rover (L322) - The BMW M57 diesel engine was replaced for 2007 with a Diesel engine developed by Ford paid for by Land Rover at its Dagenham Diesel engine design facility and the Gaydon design centre for Land Rover


Range Rover (L322) - Mid-way through production of the 2007 model the style of the key was changed from the BMW design to Land Rover's current "switchblade" type


In June 2007, Ford Motor Company announced its plan to sell Land Rover, along with Jaguar add something


Jaguar Cars - On 11 June 2007, Ford announced that it planned to sell Jaguar, along with Land Rover and retained the services of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and HSBC to advise it on the deal


The buyer was initially expected to be announced by September 2007, but the sale was delayed and an announcement was not made until March 2008 add something


Land Rover LRX - Land Rover's second concept vehicle, first unveiled at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show add something


Land Rover presented at the 2008 London Motor Show its new ERAD diesel-electric hybrid in a pair of Freelander 2 prototypes add something


Rover Company - Land Rover is currently part of Jaguar Land Rover having being sold by Ford to Tata Motors in 2008


Volvo Cars - After Ford sold Jaguar Land Rover to Tata Motors of India in 2008, the company initially decided to keep Volvo Cars despite mounting losses and gross economic downturns


Ford of Britain - Halewood was included in the sale of Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors in 2008, although Ford retained ownership of its transmission works


Tata Motors - In 2008, Tata Motors acquired the British car maker Jaguar Land Rover, manufacturer of the Jaguar, Land Rover and Daimler luxury car brands, from Ford Motor Company


Jaguar Land Rover - In 2008, the Jaguar Land Rover company was established when Tata Motors acquired the Jaguar and Land Rover businesses from Ford


Range Rover Evoque - The production vehicle is similar to the Land Rover LRX concept, which was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in January 2008


In March 2008, Ford announced that it had agreed to sell its Jaguar and Land Rover operations to Tata Motors, and that the sale was expected to be completed by the end of the second quarter of 2008 add something


Jaguar Cars - On 26 March 2008, Ford announced that it had agreed to sell its Jaguar and Land Rover operations to Tata Motors of India, and that they expected to complete the sale by the end of the second quarter of 2008


In June 2008, Ford sold both Land Rover and Jaguar Cars to Tata Motors add something


Tata Motors - Jaguar Land Rover PLC is a British premium automaker headquartered in Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom and has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Motors since June 2008, when it was acquired from Ford Motor Company


On 2 June 2008, the sale to Tata Motors was completed by both parties add something


Land Rover sold 194,000 vehicles worldwide in 2009 add something


Land Rover Defender - Mid 2009 Land Rover expanded the model range to include 110 and 130 Cab-Chassis, Panel Van and High Capacity Pick-up versions and late in the year announced the re-introduction of the 90 station wagon model for sale from early 2010


North American International Auto Show - Nissan, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, &Ferrari, and Porsche did not attend the 2009 auto show, the largest number of non-returning automakers in the show's history


Victoria Police Special Operations Group - SOG took delivery of this vehicle in 2009 to replace their previous ageing armoured Land Rover


Range Rover Evoque - On 11 March 2009, the British government announced a £27 million grant to Land Rover to produce an all-new model, subject to the conditions that the Evoque would be manufactured at its Halewood Body & Assembly facility in Liverpool


Carl-Peter Forster - On 15 February 2010 India's Tata Motors announced that Carl Peter Forster has been appointed as the group CEO with overall responsibility for Tata Motors globally, including that of its British unit Jaguar and Land Rover


In May 2010, Tata Motors announced that it plans to build Land Rover and Jaguar models in Mainland China as the company seeks to cut costs and expand sales add something


CarBuyer - It was launched by Dennis Publishing in 2010, and was first published on October 29, 2010, with initial sponsorship from Ford, Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar and Volvo


Land Rover DC100 - Land Rover's third concept vehicle, first unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, designed to be a replacement for the Land Rover Defender, though it is unlikely that the Defender's replacement will be exactly the same as the DC100 concept add something


Ford Territory - In 2011 Ford will introduce a new model with the 2,7L diesel V6 that is shared with Land Rover, &Peugeot and Citroen


Range Rover Evoque - In 2011, Land Rover brought the Evoque to New York City for promotional purposes


Jaguar Cars - The 5,0 Litre engine is available in supercharged form in the XFR. From 2011, the 2,2-litre diesel engine from the Land Rover Freelander was added to the range as part of a facelift


Land Rover Discovery - In a January 2011 comparison test by "Car and Driver", the Land Rover LR4 came in fourth place out of five cars behind the Audi Q7, BMW X5, and Acura MDX


Jaguar Land Rover - In March 2011, Jaguar Land Rover announced that it would be hiring an additional 1,500 staff at its Halewood plant, and signed over £2 billion of supply contracts with UK-based companies, to enable production of its new Range Rover Evoque model


Jaguar Land Rover - In the year ended 31 March 2011, Jaguar Land Rover sold a total of 240,905 units, of which 189,087 were Land Rovers and 51,818 were Jaguars


Range Rover - The Range Rover Evoque, which went into production in July 2011, has its roots in the Land Rover LRX concept car; with which it bears an almost identical resemblance


Land Rover Defender - In August 2011, Land Rover announced an update of the Defender for the 2012 model year


In September 2011, the Range Rover Evoque was launched, though it was based on the LRX hybrid concept presented at the 2008 North American Auto Show, it did not include the ERAD system, includedn n the original concept add something


Range Rover Evoque - Prior to going on sale in September 2011, Land Rover had 18,000 pre-orders for the Evoque


Jaguar Land Rover - In November 2011 Jaguar Land Rover announced that it would be creating 1,000 new jobs at its Solihull plant, a 25 per cent increase in the size of the workforce at the site


Range Rover - In 2012, at the Geneva Motor Show, Land Rover unveiled a convertible concept, which featured four seats and a drop-down tailgate


Land Rover Discovery - A major milestone in the history of the Land Rover Discovery came when the one millionth example to be built rolled off the Solihull production line in March 2012


Jaguar Land Rover - In March 2012, Jaguar Land Rover announced the creation of 1,000 new jobs at its Halewood plant, and a shift to 24-hour production at the plant


Jaguar Land Rover - In the year ended 31 March 2012, Jaguar Land Rover sold a total of 305,859 units, of which 251,632 were Land Rovers and 54,227 were Jaguars


Land Rover Defender - In Oct 2013 Land Rover announced that production would end on Dec 20, 2015, after a continuous run of 67 years, "due to legislative reasons"


In February 2013, Land Rover unveiled at the 83rd Geneva Motor Show an All-Terrain Electric Defender that produces zero emissions add something


Jaguar Land Rover - Jaguar Land Rover invested a total of £1,058 million in research and development in the year ended 31 March 2013


In September 2013 Jaguar Land Rover announced plans to open a 100 million GBP research and development centre in the University of Warwick, Coventry to create a next generation of vehicle technologies add something


Jaguar Land Rover - In September 2013 Jaguar Land Rover announced an additional 1,700 jobs and £1,5 billion investment at its facility in Solihull


Jaguar Land Rover - In September 2013 Jaguar Land Rover announced plans to establish a new research and development center in the UK.


Land Rover Defender - In October 2013 Land Rover announced that production would end in December 2015, after a continuous run of 67 years


The carmaker said around 1,000 academics and engineers would work there and that construction would start in 2014 add something


Land Rover Discovery - For the 2014 models Land Rover Discovery receives a new look, new badging, new fuel stretching technology, improved audio systems and a new range of driver assistance, comfort and safety features to broaden its appeal even further


Jaguar Land Rover - In January, 2014 the Wall Street Journal reported that Jaguar Land Rover, sold a record 425,006 vehicles in 2013 as demand for its luxury vehicles increased in all major markets including in China, North America and Europe


Trial production at the facility began in April 2014, with a potential capacity of 130,000 vehicles annually add something


Range Rover Sport - On 11th August 2014, the Range Rover SVR was announced by Land Rover at Pebble Beach


Range Rover Sport - On 11 August 2014, the Range Rover SVR was announced by Land Rover at Pebble Beach


Mercedes-Benz G-Class - In October 2014, "Top Gear" magazine placed the G63 on its list of "The worst cars you can buy right now", commenting that "unlike, say, a Land Rover Defender ,it has no purpose in life other than annoying us poor people


Land Rover DC100 - The "' Land Rover DC100 "' was an off-road concept vehicle from Land Rover originally intended to demonstrate what the vehicle that will replace the long-running Defender in 2015 will look like


Land Rover Defender - The new vehicle, which according to Land Rover design director Gerry McGovern will bear little resemblance to the DC100, will according to some sources be in production by 2015 and will replace the 25-year-old model which is the longest running production of any Land Rover vehicle


Jaguar Land Rover - In January 2015, Jaguar Land Rover announced it will create 1,300 new jobs in the UK to build Jaguar's first sports utility vehicle model, the Jaguar F-Pace


A plant for Ingenium engines was added in 2017 add something