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Larry Collins (writer)

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Larry Collins (writer)

American writer add

Category: Literature

Born in 1929.

Countries: France (45%), United States (18%), New York (14%)

Main connections: Middle East, Glenn Ford, Kirk Douglas

Linked to: Newsweek, Paramount Pictures, Category:Loomis Chaffee School alumni




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Larry Collins was born in 1929 add something


Born in West Hartford, Connecticut, he was educated at the Loomis Chaffee Institute in Windsor, Connecticut, Connecticut, and graduated from Yale as a BA in 1951 add something


He went back to Procter and Gamble and became the products manager of the new foods division in 1955 add something


Disillusioned with commerce, he took to journalism and joined the Paris bureau of United Press International in 1956, and became the news editor in Rome in the following year, and later the MidEast bureau chief in Beirut add something


In 1959, he joined Newsweek as Middle East editor, based in New York add something


He became the Paris bureau chief in 1961, where he would work until 1964, until he switched to writing books add something


In 1965, Collins and Dominique Lapierre published their first joint work, "Is Paris Burning-" , a tale of Nazi occupation of the French capital during World War II and Hitler's plans to destroy Paris should it fall into the hands of the Allies add something


In 1966, Collins married Egyptian princess Nadia Sultan add something


The book was an instant success and was made into a movie in 1966 by director René Clément, starring Kirk Douglas, Glenn Ford and Alain Delon add something


In 1967, they co-authored "Or I'll Dress you in Mourning" about the Spanish bullfighter Manuel Benítez El Cordobés add something


In 1975, they published "Freedom at Midnight", a story of the Indian Independence in 1947, and the subsequent assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948 add something


The duo published their first fictional work, "The Fifth Horseman", in 1981 add something


Deauville American Film Festival - Collins won the Deauville American Film Festival literary award in 1985, and the Mannesman Talley literary prize in 1989 add something


In 1985, Collins authored "Fall From Grace" about a woman agent sent into occupied France who realizes she may be betrayed by her British masters if necessary add something


In 2005, while working from his home in the south of France on a book on the Middle East, Collins died of a sudden cerebral haemorrhage add something

Larry Collins died in 2005 add something