Laura Schlessinger

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Laura Schlessinger

American talk radio host, socially conservative commentator and author add

Category: Politics

Born in 1947.

Countries: California (40%), United States (20%), Canada (10%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Judith Reisman, The West Wing, Reuven Bulka

Linked to: University of Southern California, Columbia University, Hillsdale College, Jericho High School




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Laura Schlessinger was born in 1947 add something


Certain aspects of feminism are often discussed on her website; she was a self-proclaimed feminist in the 1970s, but is now opposed to feminism add something


Schlessinger met and married Michael F. Rudolph, a dentist, in 1972 while she was attending Columbia University add something


In 1975, while working in the labs at USC, she met Lewis G. Bishop, a professor of neurophysiology who was married and the father of three children add something


Schlessinger's first appearance on radio was in 1975 when she called into a KABC show hosted by Bill Ballance add something


Separating from Rudolph, Schlessinger moved to Encino, California in 1975 when she obtained a job in the science department at the University of Southern California add something


In the late 1980s, Schlessinger was filling in for Barbara De Angelis' noon-time relationship-oriented talk show in Los Angeles on KFI, while working weekends at KGIL in San Fernando, California add something


Bishop and Schlessinger married in 1985 add something


Schlessinger's only child, a son named Deryk, was born in November 1985 add something


Schlessinger was non-religious until she and her son began practicing Conservative Judaism in 1996 add something


In 1998 she received the American Women in Radio & Television's Genii Award add something


In 1998, Schlessinger was in a Costa Mesa surf shop with her son when she began perusing the skateboarding magazine, "Big Brother" add something


In 1998, Schlessinger's early radio mentor, Bill Ballance, sold nude photos that he had taken of Schlessinger in the mid-1970s to a company specializing in internet porn add something


Schlessinger created the Laura Schlessinger Foundation to help abused and neglected children in 1998 add something


Reuven Bulka - For several years, Bulka was spiritual advisor to American radio talk show host Laura Schlessinger and, in 1998, converted her and her family to Orthodox Judaism


American Library Association - In 1999, radio personality Laura Schlessinger campaigned publicly against the ALA's intellectual freedom policy, specifically in regard to the ALA's refusal to remove a link on its web site to a specific sex-education site for teens


A short-lived television talk show hosted by Schlessinger was launched in 2000 add something


In 2000, Schlessinger signed a deal with Paramount Domestic Television to produce a syndicated talk show, which would be carried mainly by television stations owned and operated by CBS add something


In 2000, in the episode The Midterms on "The West Wing", the fictional "Dr. Jenna Jacobs" is scolded by President Bartlet, who criticizes her views on homosexuality, and points out she is not a doctor in any field related to morality, ethics, or theology add something


In March 2000, a group of gay activists launched, an online campaign with the purpose of convincing Paramount to cancel the Dr. Laura television show prior to its premiere add something


She discontinued the column in July 2000, citing lack of time due to her upcoming television show add something


The first episode of Schlessinger's television show aired September 11, 2000 add something


A September 25, 2000, episode named "Readin', Writin', and Cheatin'" featured a so-called college student who specialized in professional note-taking add something


By November 2000, advertisers that had originally committed to Schlessinger's show left, and the ratings plummeted add something


Schlessinger received a National Heritage award from the National Council of Young Israel in March 2001 add something


The television show was cancelled in March 2001 and last aired in September 2001 add something


She had not spoken to her mother for 18 to 20 years before her mother's death in 2002 from heart disease add something


She wrote a monthly column for "WorldNetDaily" between 2002 and 2004, with one entry in 2006 add something


In May 2002, the show still had an audience of more than 10 million, but had lost several million listeners in the previous two years as it was dropped by WABC and other affiliates, and was moved from day to night in cities such as Seattle and Boston add something


She was the commencement speaker at Hillsdale College in June 2002, and was awarded an honorary degree as a doctor of tradition and culture add something


In September 2002, the industry magazine "Talkers" named Schlessinger as the seventh-greatest radio talk show host of all time add something


Her 2004 book, "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands", sold well despite poor reviews by critics add something


In 2004, Schlessinger said that although there is more money and celebrity in television, it is not as meaningful or intimate as radio, and for her television was a "terrible experience" add something


In September 2004, Schlessinger announced that she was closing down the foundation because it had become too difficult and costly for her and her husband to underwrite, and they wished to devote their "energies and resources to other pressing needs" add something


Judith Reisman - Prior to the release of the 2004 film "Kinsey", Reisman and Laura Schlessinger attempted to place an advertisement "alleging Kinsey was a pervert and a pedophile"


In 2006, Schlessinger joined the "Santa Barbara, California News-Press", writing bi-weekly columns dealing with Santa Barbara, California news, as well as general news and cultural issues discussed on her radio show add something


In 2006, Schlessinger wrote that she had been attacked in a "vulgar, inhumane manner by media types" because of the circumstances surrounding her mother's death, and that false allegations had been made that she was unfit to dispense advice based on family values add something


In 2006, Schlessinger's show was being aired on approximately 200 stations add something


In 2007, Schlessinger began fundraising for Operation Family Fund, an organization which aids the families of fallen or seriously injured veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq add something


In 2007, Schlessinger was given an Exceptional Public Service award by the Office of the U.S. Secretary of Defense add something


She suspended the column in mid 2007, resumed writing it later, discontinued it in December 2008 add something


In 2008, Talkers Magazine presented her with an award for outstanding community service by a radio talk show host add something


As of 2009, it was tied for third place along with "The Glenn Beck Program" and "The Savage Nation" add something


As of September 2009, Schlessinger broadcast from her home in Santa Barbara, California with KFWB as her flagship station add something


In August 2010, she announced that she would end her syndicated radio show in December 2010 add something


On August 10, 2010, Nita Hanson, an African-American woman married to a white man, called Schlessinger's show to ask for advice on dealing with racial comments made by acquaintances add something


Her show moved to Sirius XM Radio's Sirius XM Stars on January 3, 2011 add something


On January 3, 2011, Schlessinger's show moved exclusively to Sirius XM Radio add something


Laura's husband, Lewis G. Bishop, died November 2, 2015, after being ill for 1,5 years add something


In 2017, Dr. Laura began donating proceeds from the sale of jewelry and glass art she designs and handmakes to Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, a charitable organization that provides college scholarships to military children who lost a parent in the line of duty add something


Schlessinger most recently was named to the National Radio Hall of Fame, Class of 2018 add something


On November 5, 2018, her radio program moved to Sirius XM Radio's Sirius XM Triumph channel add something