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Lee Harvey Oswald

Initially arrested for the murder of police officer J. D. Tippit, on a Dallas street approximately 40 minutes after Kennedy was shot add

Category: Justice-Crime

Born in 1939.

Countries: United States (70%), Louisiana (8%), Texas (8%)

Main connections: John F. Kennedy, Texas, Warren Commission

Linked to: Warren Commission, Dallas Police Department, Soviet Union, Moscow State University




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Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939 add something


In August 1952, while living with half-brother John Pic, at the time a U.S. Coast Guardsman stationed in New York City , Oswald and Marguerite were asked to leave after Oswald allegedly threatened Pic's wife with a knife and struck their mother, Marguerite add something


However, in January 1954, Oswald's mother Marguerite returned with him to New Orleans add something


While a teenager Oswald attended Civil Air Patrol meetings in New Orleans , in 1955 add something


In New Orleans, in October 1955, Oswald left the 10th grade after one month add something


Planning for his enlistment, the family returned to Fort Worth in July 1956, and he re-enrolled in 10th grade for the September session at Arlington Heights High School in Fort Worth, but quit in October to join the Marines "; he never received a high school diploma add something


Oswald enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on October 24, 1956, just after his seventeenth birthday add something


Like all Marines, Oswald was trained and tested in shooting, scoring 212 in December 1956 but in May 1959 scoring only 191 add something


Peter Worthington - A foreign correspondent with the "Toronto Telegram" newspaper from 1956, Worthington was an eyewitness to the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963, and can be seen in photographs of the event


A May 1957 document states that he was "granted final clearance to handle classified matter up to and including CONFIDENTIAL after careful check of local records had disclosed no derogatory data add something


He was assigned first to Marine Corps Air Station El Toro in July 1957, to Naval Air Facility Atsugi in Japan in September as part of Marine Air Control Squadron 1 add something


The Associated Press story of the defection of a U.S. Marine to the Soviet Union was reported on the front pages of some newspapers in 1959 add something


Although this was an unusual endeavor, in February 1959 he was invited to take a Marine proficiency exam in written and spoken Russian add something


On September 11, 1959, he received a hardship discharge from active service, claiming his mother needed care, and was put on reserve add something


A former U.S. Marine who had defected to the Soviet Union between October 1959 and June 1962, Oswald was initially arrested for the murder of police officer J. D. Tippit, on a Dallas street approximately 40 minutes after Kennedy was shot add something


In October 1959, just before turning 20, Oswald traveled to the Soviet Union, the trip planned well in advance add something


Kerry Wendell Thornley - In the spring of 1959, Thornley served for a short time in the same radar operator unit as Lee Harvey Oswald at MCAS El Toro in Santa Ana, California


In September 1960, the CIA had considered using Guy Banister Associates for the collection of foreign intelligence, but decided against it add something


In 1961, Walker had been relieved of his command of the 24th Division of the U.S. Army in West Germany for distributing right-wing literature to his troops add something


In March 1961, Oswald met Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova, a 19-year-old pharmacology student; they married less than six weeks later in April add something


The address was in the "Newman Building" which, from October 1961 to February 1962, housed the militant anti-Castro group, the Cuban Revolutionary Council add something


Norman Mailer - In September of 1961 Mailer was one of the original original twenty-nine prominent American sponsors of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee organization that was the same organization that alleged John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald became a member of in 1963.


The Oswalds' first child, June, was born on February 15, 1962 add something


In July 1962, Oswald was hired by Dallas' Leslie Welding Company; he disliked the work and quit after three months add something


George de Mohrenschildt - Lee Harvey Oswald and his Russian-born wife Marina Oswald were introduced to de Mohrenschildt in the summer of 1962 in Fort Worth, Texas


Kerry Wendell Thornley - He and Hill authored the religion's seminal text "Principia Discordia, Or, How I Found Goddess, And What I Did To Her When I Found Her." Thornley was known for his 1962 manuscript, "The Idle Warriors", which was based on the activities of his acquaintance, Lee Harvey Oswald, prior to the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy


Marina Oswald has always maintained she took the photos herself, and the 1963 de Mohrenschildt print bearing Oswald's signature clearly indicate they existed before the assassination add something

Lee Harvey Oswald died in 1963 add something


He was fired during the first week of April 1963 add something


Marina Oswald testified to the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald confessed to her on the night of April 10, 1963, that he shot at General Edwin Walker with his rifle, and buried the rifle that night add something


The Warren Commission concluded that on April 10, 1963, Oswald attempted to kill retired U.S. Major General Edwin Walker, an outspoken anti-communist, segregationist, and member of the John Birch Society add something


George de Mohrenschildt, friend of the Oswalds when they were in Dallas, told the Warren Commission that he strongly suspected that Oswald took a 'pot shot' at General Walker, because the following weekend, on the Saturday night before Easter Sunday, April 13, 1963, George and Jeanne De Mohrenschildt brought an Easter bunny to baby June Oswald, and when Marina was showing Jeanne their new apartment, Oswald's dug-up rifle appeared in a closet add something


Oswald returned to New Orleans on April 24, 1963 add something


Marina's friend, Ruth Paine, transported Marina and her child by car from New Orleans to the Paine home in Irving, Texas, Texas, near Dallas, on September 23, 1963 add something


Instead, on October 3, 1963, Oswald left by bus for Dallas add something


Ike Altgens - Based in Dallas, Texas, in 1963, Altgens took arguably the most famous photograph of the in-progress assassination of President John F. Kennedy a snapshot that led to a years-long debate among researchers over whether accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald is visible in Dealey Plaza as the shots were fired


Joseph Wershba - He was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his work on "The Lee Harvey Oswald Story" in 1963


Norman Mailer - Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald became a member of in 1963.


Ned Touchstone - Touchstone opposed the Fair Play for Cuba movement, a communist front in which Lee Harvey Oswald had been active prior to 1963


Edwin Walker - Walker was an attempted assassination target of Lee Harvey Oswald on April 10, 1963


G. Wray Gill - Ferrie was briefly detained in November 1963 over charges made by Jack S. Martin, another Gill associate, that Ferrie had been involved in some way with Lee Harvey Oswald


Buddy Turman - Turman was interviewed by the FBI soon after Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald in November 1963


Jack Ruby - Ruby was seen in the halls of the Dallas Police Headquarters on several occasions after the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963; and newsreel footage from WFAA-TV and NBC shows Ruby impersonating a newspaper reporter during a press conference at Dallas Police Headquarters on the night of the assassination


Dallas Police Department - The best-known instance was the murder of Officer J. D. Tippit by Lee Harvey Oswald, approximately 40 minutes after Oswald shot President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963


Eldon Rudd - When assassin Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963, Rudd was ordered by Hoover to collect from the Mexican government their law enforcement and intelligence files on Lee Harvey Oswald, including files relating to Oswald's connections to the pro- Fidel Castro Fair Play for Cuba Committee, Oswald's several trips to and from Cuba, and his arrest in Mexico City


Geoff Edwards - As a news reporter, Edwards was present in the basement of the Dallas Police Department when Jack Ruby shot suspected John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald on November 24, 1963


Peter Worthington - On assignment for the "Telegram", Worthington was in Dallas on November 25, 1963, where he was an eyewitness to the killing of Lee Harvey Oswald


Frank Sturgis - In an article published in the "South Florida Sun Sentinel" on December 4, 1963, James Buchanan, former reporter for the Pompano Beach Sun-Sentinel, claimed that Sturgis had met Lee Harvey Oswald in Miami , Florida shortly before the assassination of John F. Kennedy


In 1964, the Warren Commission concluded that Oswald acted alone in assassinating Kennedy, firing three shots, a conclusion reached by prior investigations carried out by the FBI and Dallas Police Department, yet rejected by much of the U.S. public over the years add something


Larry Buchanan - In 1964, Buchanan created "The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald", which presented an alternate history in which John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald both survived Kennedy's assassination


In 1968, the Ramsey Clark Panel examined various photographs, X-ray films, documents, and other evidence, concluding that Kennedy was struck by two bullets fired from above and behind him, one of which traversed the base of the neck on the right side without striking bone, and the other of which entered the skull from behind and destroyed its right side add something


Arthur Bremer - While Bremer's actions in May 1972, and trial and conviction three months later, attracted media attention, he did not become as infamous as Lee Harvey Oswald or John Wilkes Booth, who both killed the presidents they shot


The HSCA obtained another first generation print on April 1, 1977 from the widow of George de Mohrenschildt add something


In 1979, after a review of the evidence and of prior investigations, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations was preparing to issue a finding that Oswald had acted alone in killing Kennedy add something


In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that Oswald fired the shots which killed Kennedy, but differed from previous investigations in concluding he "probably" did not act alone add something


In 1982, a group of twelve scientists appointed by the National Academy of Sciences , led by Norman Ramsey, concluded that the acoustic evidence submitted to the HSCA was "seriously flawed add something


Vincent Bugliosi - In 1986, Bugliosi played the part of prosecutor in an unscripted 21-hour mock television trial of Lee Harvey Oswald


Gerry Spence - In 1986, Spence defended Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, against well-known prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi in a 21-hour televised unscripted mock trial sponsored by London Weekend Television in the United Kingdom


Don DeLillo - DeLillo followed White Noise with Libra, a speculative fictionalised take on the life of Lee Harvey Oswald up to the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy.


Gary Oldman - In 1991, Oldman starred in what was at that point the most significant role of his career as Lee Harvey Oswald in Oliver Stone's JFK. The following year, he starred as Count Dracula in Francis Ford Coppola's romance-horror Dracula.


Danny Aiello - He played nightclub owner and Lee Harvey Oswald assassin Jack Ruby in the 1992 biopic "Ruby" and a political bigshot with mob ties in "City Hall", starring Al Pacino


In 1993, the PBS television program "Frontline" obtained a photograph, taken eight years before the assassination, showing Oswald and Ferrie at a Civil Air Patrol cookout with other C.A.P. cadets add something


Donald B. Thomas said in a 2001 article in "Science & Justice", the journal of Britain's Forensic Science Society, that the NAS investigation was itself flawed add something


The staff director and chief counsel for the Committee, G. Robert Blakey, told ABC News in 2003 that at least 20 persons heard a shot from the grassy knoll, and that a conspiracy was established by both the witness testimony and acoustic evidence add something


In 2005, Ralph Linsker and several members of the original NAS team reanalyzed the timings of the recordings and reaffirmed in an article in "Science & Justice" the earlier conclusion of the NAS report that the alleged shot sounds were recorded approximately one minute after the assassination add something


In 2010, D.B. Thomas, in his book "Hear No Evil: Social Constructivism and the Forensic Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination", challenged the 2005 "Science & Justice" article and restated his conclusion that at least two gunmen were firing at President Kennedy add something


Speculation about the owner of the plot, and their motive was finally quelled in August 2013, when Beef , a writer, was revealed as the owner of the plot add something


Robert F. Kennedy - In 2013, son Robert Jr. told CBS journalist Charlie Rose that his father was "fairly convinced" that others besides Lee Harvey Oswald were involved in his brother's assassination


James Reston, Jr. - Reston's 2013 work, "The Accidental Victim", is a non-fiction book about John F. Kennedy's assassination which argues that Texas Governor John Connally was Lee Harvey Oswald's intended victim


In January 2015, a district judge in Tarrant County, Texas ruled that the funeral home intentionally concealed the existence of the pine coffin from Robert Oswald who had originally purchased it and believed that it been discarded after the exhumation add something