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Lee Hazlewood

American country and pop singer, songwriter, and record producer, most widely known for his work with guitarist Duane Eddy during the late 1950s and singer Nancy Sinatra in the 1960s add

Category: Music

Born in 1929.

Countries: United States (76%), United Kingdom (12%), Germany (6%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Duane Eddy, Frank Sinatra, Gram Parsons

Linked to: Southern Methodist University, The Byrds, United States Army




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Lee Hazlewood was born in 1929 add something


Sanford Clark - "'Sanford Clark"' is an American country-rockabilly singer and guitarist best known for his 1956 hit "The Fool," written by Lee Hazlewood


Duane Eddy - In the late 1950s and early 1960s he had a string of hit records, produced by Lee Hazlewood, which were noted for their characteristically "twangy" sound, including "Rebel Rouser", "Peter Gunn", and "Because They're Young"


Duane Eddy - While performing at local radio station KCKY they met disc jockey Lee Hazlewood, who produced the duo's single, "Soda Fountain Girl", recorded and released in 1955 in Phoenix


His first hit as a producer and songwriter was "The Fool", recorded by rockabilly artist Sanford Clark in 1956 add something


Duane Eddy - In 1958, Eddy signed a recording contract with Lester Sill and Lee Hazlewood to record in Phoenix at the Audio Recorders studio


Hazlewood's collaborations with Nancy Sinatra as well as his solo output in the late 1960s and early 1970s have been praised as an essential contribution to a sound often described as "Cowboy Psychedelia" or "Saccharine Underground" add something


Though it did not receive much attention at the time, Hazlewood worked with Gram Parsons and the International Submarine Band in the mid 1960s add something


He wrote "Houston", a 1965 US hit recorded by Dean Martin add something


He wrote the theme song "The Last of the Secret Agents", the theme song of the 1966 spy-spoof film of the same title add something


Among his most well-known vocal performances is "Some Velvet Morning", a 1967 duet with Nancy Sinatra add something


For Frank Sinatra's 1967 detective movie, "Tony Rome", Hazlewood wrote the theme song which was performed by Nancy add something


Hazlewood performed that song along with "Jackson" and "See the Little Children" on her 1967 television special "Movin' With Nancy" add something


Jackson (song) - It is best known from two 1967 releases: a pop hit single by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood and a country hit single by Johnny Cash and June Carter, which has become more appreciated by non-country audiences in recent years as a result of Cash's continued popularity and its use in the 2011 film "The Help"


Gram Parsons - They relocated to Los Angeles the following year, and after several lineup changes signed to Lee Hazlewood's LHI Records, where they spent late 1967 recording "Safe at Home"


Hazlewood wrote "This Town", a song that was recorded by Frank Sinatra that appeared on his 1969 album "Greatest Hits" and is the basis for Paul Shaffer's "Small Town News" segment theme on the "Late Show with David Letterman" add something


Hazlewood was semi-retired from the music business during the 1970s and 1980s add something


Craig Doerge - Initially these included albums by Lee Hazlewood and Linda Ronstadt, and he recorded a solo album for Columbia Records in 1974


Steve Shelley - Steve was able to track down Lee Hazlewood in 1997 and secure permission to reissue five of the finest titles of the Hazlewood back catalog


In 2005, Hazlewood was diagnosed with terminal renal cancer, yet undertook an extensive round of interviews and promotional activities in support of his last album, "Cake or Death" add something


In 2006, Hazlewood sang on Bela B.'s first solo album, "Bingo", on the song "Lee Hazlewood und das erste Lied des Tages" add something

Lee Hazlewood died in 2007 add something


Hazlewood died of renal cancer in Henderson, Nevada, Nevada on August 4, 2007, survived by his wife Jeane, son Mark and daughters Debbie and Samantha add something


Lula (singer) - Lula sang a duet with Lee Hazlewood, who died on the 4th August 2007


Lula (singer) - Lula sang a duet with Lee Hazlewood, who died on 4 August 2007


Tracey Thorn - Thorn's third solo album "Love and Its Opposite" was released in May 2010 on Ben Watt's Strange Feeling Records in the UK, and on Merge Records in the US. Recorded in London and Berlin and produced by Ewan Pearson, it contained eight new songs and two cover versions, "Come on Home to Me" by Lee Hazlewood, and "You Are a Lover" by The Unbending Trees


Musician and producer Charles Normal and a group of musician friends, including Black Francis of the Pixies, Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse, Pete Yorn and members of Art Brut and the Dandy Warhols, are releasing their own version of Trouble Is a Lonesome Town" in July, 2013 add something


Musician and producer Charles Normal and a group of musician friends, including Black Francis of the Pixies, Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse, Larry Norman, Pete Yorn and members of Art Brut and the Dandy Warhols, released their own version of "Trouble Is a Lonesome Town" in July 2013 add something


Lana Del Rey - The following month, in April 2013, another self-produced video was released; it showed Del Rey and her boyfriend, Barrie-James O'Neil, covering "Summer Wine", by Lee Hazlewood