Legacy of Kain

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Legacy of Kain

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Launched in 1993.

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Main connections: Crystal Dynamics, Microsoft Windows, Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013

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Crystal Dynamics agreed to publish the game in 1993, and although there was indecision as to whether it should be produced for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer or the Sega Saturn, both parties settled on the PlayStation once Sony announced its impending launch add something


Dyack conceived the "vampire project" under the title "The Pillars of Nosgoth" in 1993, and Crystal Dynamics producer Lyle Hall chose this fantasy concept over two other proposals add something


Silicon Knights conceptualized Kain, a vampire antihero inspired by Clint Eastwood's "Unforgiven", as an atypical "gray" protagonist, neither good nor evil, despite being advised in 1993 that such a character would not appeal to gamers add something


According to Harland, a colleague introduced the "Soul Reaver" team to his work through "Ozar Midrashim", a track from Information Society's 1997 album "Don't Be Afraid" add something


In 1997, it was ported to Microsoft Windows add something


In 1998, Silicon Knights filed a suit against Crystal Dynamics for rights to the "Legacy of Kain" IP, requesting an injunction to prevent Crystal Dynamics from marketing the sequel add something


"'Blood Omen 2""s "creative seeds were sown" in 1999, and the finished product was released in 2002, six months after "Soul Reaver 2", for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo GameCube add something


A single-issue promotional comic by Top Cow Productions was released in October 1999 to promote the release of "Soul Reaver", starring the vampire Raziel and serving as a prequel to the game's events add something


It was initially targeted for release in late 2000 on the PlayStation and Dreamcast, but was reworked and released in 2001 as a PlayStation 2 exclusive, and was ported to Microsoft Windows later that year add something


Music from both "Soul Reaver" and "Soul Reaver 2" was released on a promotional soundtrack in 2001 add something


Top Cow collaborated with Crystal Dynamics to produce a second comic in early 2004, recapitulating the series' backstory, to coincide with the release of "Defiance" add something


By 2007, the "Legacy of Kain" series had collectively sold over 3,5 million copies, but its commercial success has varied with each game add something


The "Legacy of Kain" games have enjoyed critical success, particularly receiving praise for high-quality voice acting, narrative, and visuals, and, as a whole, had sold over 3,5 million copies as of 2007 add something


In 2008, it emerged that a sixth game, "Legacy of Kain: The Dark Prophecy", had briefly been in development at Ritual Entertainment in 2004 before being canceled add something


Both Kain and Raziel feature as playable characters in downloadable content for 2010's "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light" add something


Kelion has stated that "Nosgoth" will be more formally announced and revealed at a future date, sometime beyond the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013 add something


"'Nosgoth"', an upcoming multiplayer game, was confirmed by Square Enix London community manager George Kelion to be in development in June 2013, in response to a series of internet leaks and resultant speculation add something


In October 2015, Crystal Dynamics' senior designer, Michael Brinker, revealed there was "a 50/50 chance" of a Legacy of Kain 6 single player game coming out during the Xbox One/PlayStation 4 generation add something


The game officially shut down its servers on May 31, 2016 add something


Since 2017, the "Legacy of Kain" series has been available for external developers to license through the Square Enix Collective service add something


In April 2019, Elliott stated that no such projects were in production as no team had come forward with a credible proposal, but that the Collective program would remain open to future "Legacy of Kain" submissions add something