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Leo Weiner

One of the leading Hungarian music educators of the first half of the twentieth century and a composer add

Category: Music (650)

Born in 1885.

Countries: Hungary (45%), United States (18%), United Kingdom (18%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Zoltan Kodaly, Hans von Koessler, Bela Bartok




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Leo Weiner was born in 1885 add something


In 1908, he became a theory teacher at the Budapest Academy of Music add something


Louis Kentner - He received his education as a musician at the Royal Academy of Music in Budapest from 1911 to 1922, studying with Arnold Székely , Hans Koessler and Zoltán Kodály , and Leo Weiner


He was appointed Professor of Composition in 1912 and Professor of Chamber Music in 1920 add something


Ilona Kabos - She studied at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music under Arpad Szendy , Leo Weiner and Zoltán Kodály, and in 1915 she won the Liszt Prize


Livia Rev - She studied with Leo Weiner and Arnold Székely at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, with Professor Robert Teichmüller at the Leipzig Conservatory, and with Paul Weingarten at the Vienna Conservatory, having left Hungary in 1946


In 1949 he became Emeritus Professor, but he continued to teach until the end of his life add something


Antal Dorati - He studied at the Franz Liszt Academy with Zoltán Kodály and Leo Weiner for composition and Béla Bartók for piano. His links with Bartók continued for many years: he conducted the world premiere of Bartók's Viola Concerto, as completed by Tibor Serly, with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra in 1949, with William Primrose as the soloist

Leo Weiner died in 1960 add something


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