Leonard Steinberg, Baron Steinberg

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Leonard Steinberg, Baron Steinberg

British life peer and multi-millionaire businessman add

Category: Business

Born in 1936.

Countries: United Kingdom (80%), Malaysia (20%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Conservative Party (UK), Genting Group, House of Lords

Linked to: Conservative Party, Genting Group, House of Lords, Provisional Irish Republican Army




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Leonard Steinberg, Baron Steinberg was born in 1936 add something


Steinberg, who lived in Hale, Greater Manchester, was made a Tory life peer in 2004 with the title "'Baron Steinberg"', of Belfast in the County of Antrim, and had made contributions to the Conservative Party add something


His personal fortune was estimated as being some £108 million in 2005 add something


Since 2005, Stanley Leisure has seen changes of ownership, with William Hill buying the bookmaking operations and the Genting Group buying the casino operation add something

Leonard Steinberg, Baron Steinberg died in 2009 add something


The Northern Ireland Friends of Israel group was launched with Steinberg as president in March 2009 add something


Steinberg died in London on 2 November 2009 while travelling to attend a sitting of the House of Lords add something