Leonid Shamkovich

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Leonid Shamkovich

Chess Grandmaster, and chess writer add

Category: Literature

Born in 1923.

Countries: Russia (65%), United States (29%), Canada (6%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Vladimir Simagin, Boris Spassky, Nikolai Krogius




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Leonid Shamkovich was born in 1923 add something


Evgeni Vasiukov - In the 1961 Moscow Championship, he tied for 3rd-5th places with 11/17, behind winners Bronstein and Leonid Shamkovich


Shamkovich became a Grandmaster in 1965 and won several tournaments, with his best victory coming at Sochi in 1967, where he tied for first place with Nikolai Krogius, Vladimir Simagin, Boris Spassky and Alexander Zaitsev add something


Nikolai Krogius - He made one of his top career results with a shared 1st-5th place at Sochi 1967 on 10/15; the other co-winners were Boris Spassky, Alexander Zaitsev, Leonid Shamkovich, and Vladimir Simagin


Boris Spassky - Spassky won at Beverwijk 1967 with 11/15, one-half point ahead of Anatoly Lutikov, and shared first place at Sochi 1967 on 10/15 with Krogius, Alexander Zaitsev, Leonid Shamkovich, and Vladimir Simagin


He won the 1975 Canadian Open Chess Championship add something


Shamkovich left the Soviet Union in 1975, moving first to Israel, Canada, and finally the United States, where he lived the remainder of his life add something


Milan Vukcevich - From 1976 to 1979 he played in the National Telephone League, scoring 16,5 from 22 games, including wins against Yasser Seirawan, Nick De Firmian, Leonid Shamkovich and Bisguier


Anatoly Lein - In 1976 Lein emigrated to the United States, finishing equal first with Leonid Shamkovich in the U.S. Open, and equal first with Bernard Zuckerman in the World Open chess tournament that year


He continued to play through the 1990s, and wrote several chess books add something

Leonid Shamkovich died in 2005 add something


Shamkovich died of complications from Parkinson's disease and cancer in his Brooklyn home on April 22, 2005 add something