Liberal Party (UK)

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Liberal Party (UK)

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Category: Politics

Founded in 1983.

Countries: United Kingdom (88%), New Zealand (6%), United States (2%)

Main connections: New Zealand Liberal Party, Liberal Democrats, House of Commons of the United Kingdom

Linked to: Conservative Party, Labour Party, Social Democratic Party, House of Lords




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The 1987 election saw the Alliance's share of the votes drop slightly and it now had 22 MPs, and in the election's aftermath Liberal leader David Steel proposed a merged of the two parties add something


Rosie Barnes - The local Labour Party selected a left-wing candidate, and the Greenwich by-election held in February 1987 saw a deluge of canvassers, including many members of the Liberal Party, come from near and far to help her win the seat


During 1988, the Liberals formally merged with the SDP to form the Liberal Democrats, though a small splinter Liberal Party was formed in 1989 by former members opposed to the merger add something


In 1988 the Liberals and Social Democrats merged to create what came to be called the Liberal Democrats add something


Most SDP members voted in favour of the merger, but SDP leader David Owen objected and continued to lead a "rump" SDP, with the merger of the two parties being completed in March 1988 to form the "'Social and Liberal Democrats"', becoming the "'Liberal Democrats"' in October 1989 add something


Tim Farron - He was president of Newcastle University Union Society - the first Lib Dem to hold the position - in 1991, having joined the Liberal Party at the age of 16


In the 2005 general election, the Liberal Democrats elected 62 MPs to the House of Commons, a far cry from the days when the Liberals had just 5 MPs and Liberalism as a political force had seemed moribund add something


The party name was appropriated in 2006 by the far-right political think tank the Third Way add something


Meadowcroft himself eventually joined the Liberal Democrats in 2007 add something


In the 2010 General Election, the Conservative Party won more seats than any other, but not enough to form a majority government add something