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Lila Lee

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Lila Lee

Prominent screen actress of the early silent film era add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1901.

Countries: United States (56%), California (22%), Italy (11%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: James Kirkwood, Sr., Colleen Moore, Rudolph Valentino

Linked to: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, Paramount Pictures, One Increasing Purpose




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Lila Lee was born in 1901 add something


In 1918, she was chosen for a film contract by Hollywood film mogul Jesse Lasky for Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, which later became Paramount Pictures add something


Lee continued to be a highly popular leading lady throughout the 1920s and made scores of critically praised and widely watched films add something


In 1922 Lee was cast as "Carmen" in the enormously popular film "Blood and Sand", opposite matinee idol Rudolph Valentino and silent screen vamp Nita_Naldi; Lee subsequently won the first WAMPAS Baby Stars award that year add something


Claire Windsor - The publicity paid off; in 1922 the newly formed Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers began their annual WAMPAS Baby Stars awards and named Claire Windsor, along with Bessie Love, Lila Lee, Mary_Philbin and Colleen Moore, as the year's most promising starlets


Her first husband was actor James Kirkwood, Sr., whom she married in 1923 add something


Lee and Kirkwood had a son in 1924, James Kirkwood, Jr., whose custody was granted to his father; he became a highly regarded playwright and screenwriter whose works include "A Chorus Line" and "P.S. Your Cat Is Dead" add something


She went back to working with the major studios and appeared, most notably, in "The Unholy Three", in 1930, opposite Lon Chaney Sr. in his only talkie add something


The marriage ended in August 1931 on grounds of her desertion add something


Lee made several uneventful appearances in stage plays in the 1940s, and starred in early television soap operas in the 1950s add something


In 1973 Lee died of a stroke at Saranac Lake, New York add something

Lila Lee died in 1973 add something