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Lillian Gish

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Lillian Gish

American stage, screen and television actress whose film acting career spanned 75 years, from 1912 to 1987 add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1893.

Countries: United States (62%), France (7%), United Kingdom (7%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Robert Harron, Bette Davis, Mae Marsh

Linked to: American Film Institute, American Mutoscope and Biograph Company, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, PBS




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Lillian Gish was born in 1893 add something


She was a prominent film star of the 1910s and 1920s, particularly associated with the films of director D. W. Griffith, including her leading role in Griffith's seminal "Birth of a Nation" add something


Independent film - In early 1910, director D.W. Griffith was sent by the Biograph Company to the west coast with his acting troupe, consisting of performers Blanche Sweet, Lillian Gish, Mary_Pickford, Lionel Barrymore, and others


Robert Harron - Robert Harron's film career continued to flourish throughout the 1910s and he was occasionally paired with leading actresses Mae Marsh and Lillian Gish with romantic plots, often in roles that cemented his "sensitive boy" image


The Lady of the Camellias - The role of the tragic Marguerite Gautier became one of the most coveted amongst actresses and included performances by Lillian Gish, Vivien_Leigh, Eleonora Duse, Margaret Anglin, Gabrielle Réjane, Tallulah Bankhead, Eva Le Gallienne, Isabelle Adjani, , and especially Sarah Bernhardt, who starred in Paris, London, and several Broadway revivals, plus a 1911 film


In 1912, their friend Mary Pickford introduced the sisters to D. W. Griffith, and helped get them contracts with Biograph Studios add something


Her father died in Norman, Oklahoma, January 9, 1912, and, soon after, Lillian returned to Ohio add something


Blanche Sweet - In 1914 Sweet was initially cast by Griffith in the part of Elsie Stoneman in his epic "The Birth of a Nation" but the role was eventually given to rival actress Lillian Gish, who was Sweet's senior by three years


Dorothy Cumming - She appeared in 39 American, English, and Australian films between 1915 and 1929, notably appearing as the Virgin Mary in Cecil B. DeMille's 1927 film "The King of Kings" and the jealous wife in Lillian Gish's 1928 The Wind


Madame Sul-Te-Wan - Following her roles for Griffith, Madame Sul-Te-Wan followed up in 1916 with a role in the Anita Loos penned drama "The Children Pay" with the young actress Lillian Gish and in 1917 with Gish's sister Dorothy in the Edward Morrissey-directed drama "Stage Struck"


Harold Lockwood - Lockwood was among the all-star ensemble cast of the 1916 D.W. Griffith directed classic "Intolerance" which included Lillian Gish, Robert_Harron, Mae Marsh, Douglas Fairbanks, Sam De Grasse, Wallace Reid, Mildred Harris and Carol Dempster


Violet Wilkey - Other notable films of the period were the Lloyd Ingraham directed and Anita Loos penned drama "The Children Pay" , opposite Lillian Gish and Alma Rubens and the 1917 drama "Cheerful Givers" opposite Bessie Love, Spottiswoode Aitken, Kenneth Harlan and Pauline Starke


Robert Harron - One of Harron's most popular roles of the era came in 1919 when he starred opposite Lillian Gish in the Griffith directed romantic film "True Heart Susie"


In the 1920s, Gish's association with Duell was something of a tabloid scandal because he had sued her and made the details of their relationship public add something


Carol Dempster - Dempster would eventually become one of Griffith's "favorites" and cast her in nearly every one of his films throughout the 1920s, allegedly to the irritation of Mae Marsh and Lillian Gish


Henry B. Walthall - He continued through the 1920s, appearing in "The Plastic Age" with Gilbert Roland and Clara Bow and a 1926 adaptation of "The Scarlet Letter" opposite Lillian Gish


Montagu Love - Usually cast in heartless villain roles, in the 1920s, he played opposite Rudolph Valentino in "The Son of the Sheik"; opposite John Barrymore in "Don Juan"; and appeared with Lillian Gish in 1928's "The Wind"


In 1922, at the time of the opening of Orphans of the Storm, Lillian reported that the Gish family was of French origin, descending from the Duke de Guiche add something


Ronald Colman - While appearing on stage in New York in "La Tendress", Director Henry King saw him, and engaged him as the leading man in the 1923 film, "The White Sister", opposite Lillian Gish, and was an immediate success


Lars Hanson - At the request of American actress Lillian Gish, Hanson arrived in Hollywood, California in 1926 to star opposite Gish in the film version of "The Scarlet Letter" directed by fellow countryman Victor Sjöström


Patricia Avery - Her first film role was in 1927 when she starred in "Annie Laurie" alongside the films lead actress, Lillian Gish


MGM released her from her contract in 1928 after the failure of "The Wind" , now recognized by many as among her finest performances and one of the most distinguished works of the late silent period add something


Una Merkel - She bore a resemblance to actress Lillian Gish and began her career as a stand-in for Gish, most notably in the 1928 classic "The Wind", a late silent film


Victor Sjostrom - He went on to direct great stars of the day such as Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Lillian Gish, Lon Chaney, and Norma Shearer in another eight films in America before his first talkie in 1930


John Gielgud - Clintic's production in which Lillian Gish played Ophelia in 1936.


Judith Anderson - In 1936, Anderson played Gertrude to John Gielgud's Hamlet in a production which featured Lillian Gish as Ophelia


Barbara O'Neil - In 1937, O'Neil debuted in the film "Stella Dallas" and in 1939 she was cast in the role of Ellen O'Hara, Scarlett O'Hara's mother, in "Gone with the Wind", after the role was turned down by Lillian Gish


Eva Marie Saint - In the late 1940s, she continued doing extensive work in radio and television before winning the Drama Critics *award for her Broadway stage role in the Horton Foote play "The Trip to Bountiful" , in which she co-starred with such formidable actors as Lillian Gish and Jo Van Fleet


John Berry (film director) - In 1943, Houseman was producing films in Hollywood at Paramount Pictures and he hired Berry to direct the film "Miss Susie Slagle's" starring Veronica Lake and Lillian Gish


Returning to movies, Gish was nominated for the Academy award for Best Supporting Actress in 1946 for "Duel in the Sun" add something


D. W. Griffith - In 1946, he visited the film location of David O. Selznick's epic western "Duel in the Sun", where some of his veteran actors, Lillian Gish, Lionel Barrymore, and Harry Carey were cast members.


Gish made numerous television appearances from the early 1950s into the late 1980s add something


She did considerable television work from the early 1950s into the 1980s, and closed her career playing, for the first time, opposite Bette Davis in the 1987 film "The Whales of August" add something


Shelley Winters - Throughout the 1950s, Winters continued in films, including "Meet Danny Wilson" as Frank Sinatra's leading lady, most notably in Charles Laughton's 1955 "Night of the Hunter", with Robert Mitchum and Lillian Gish, and the less successful "I Am A Camera" starring opposite Julie Harris and Laurence Harvey


Her most acclaimed television work was starring in the original production of "The Trip to Bountiful" in 1953 add something


Jo Van Fleet - Van Fleet established herself as a notable dramatic actress on Broadway over several years, winning a Tony *award in 1954 for her skill in a difficult role, playing an unsympathetic, even abusive character, in Horton Foote's "The Trip to Bountiful" with Lillian Gish and Eva Marie Saint


Charles Laughton - In 1955, Laughton directed The Night of the Hunter, starring Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters and Lillian Gish.


The Night of the Hunter (film) - "'The Night of the Hunter"' is a 1955 American thriller film directed by Charles Laughton and starring Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters and Lillian Gish


She appeared as Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna in the short-lived 1965 Broadway musical "Anya" add something


Henri Langlois - In 1970, an English language documentary "Henri Langlois" was made about his life's work, featuring interviews with Ingrid Bergman, Lillian Gish, François_Truffaut, Catherine Deneuve, Jeanne Moreau and others


She was awarded an Honorary Academy award in 1971, and in 1984 she received an AFI Life Achievement award add something


In 1975, she hosted "The Silent Years", a PBS film program of silent films add something


Bowling Green State University - Dedicated to BGSU in 1976, it features early film memorabilia and highlights the careers of both Lillian Gish and Dorothy Gish


A Wedding - "'A Wedding"' is a 1978 comedy film directed by Robert Altman, starring Desi Arnaz, Jr., Carol Burnett, Paul Dooley, Vittorio Gassman, Mia Farrow, Lillian Gish, Geraldine_Chaplin, Howard Duff, Nina Van Pallandt, Amy Stryker, and Pat McCormick


In 1984, she received an American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement award, becoming only the second female recipient , and the only recipient who was a major figure in the silent era add something


Her last film role was in "The Whales of August" in 1987 at the age of 93, with Vincent Price, Bette Davis and Ann Sothern, in which she and Davis starred as elderly sisters in Maine add something


Vincent Price - In 1987, he starred with Bette Davis, Lillian Gish, and Ann Sothern in "The Whales of August", a story of two sisters living in Maine, facing the end of their days


Her final professional appearance was a cameo on the 1988 studio recording of Jerome Kern's "Show Boat", starring Frederica von Stade and Jerry Hadley, in which she affectingly spoke the few lines of "The Old Lady on the Levee" in the final scene add something

Lillian Gish died in 1993 add something


Ornette Coleman - In 2004 Coleman was awarded The Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize, one of the richest prizes in the arts, given annually to “a man or woman who has made an outstanding contribution to the beauty of the world and to mankind’s enjoyment and understanding of life.


Robert Redford - In 2008 he was awarded The Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize, one of the richest prizes in the arts, given annually to "a man or woman who has made an outstanding contribution to the beauty of the world and to mankind’s enjoyment and understanding of life.


Chinua Achebe - In 2010 Achebe was awarded The Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize for $300,000, one of the richest prizes for the arts.


In the liner notes for the 2012 re-release of the album, Corgan states that his grandmother remembered seeing her once and the name "Gish" stuck add something


The Birth of a Nation - In February 2019, the University's Black Student Union called for the renaming of the Gish Theatre due to Gish's involvement with the controversial "The Birth of a Nation" add something


In April 2019, a task force recommended removing the Gish name; the trustees unanimously voted to remove the name on May 3, 2019 add something


Bowling Green State University - On May 3, 2019, the trustees voted to remove the Gish name from the theatre following calls to do so from the Black Student Union and a subsequent a task force report, which found that naming the theatre after Lillian Gish created a non-inclusive learning environment due to her involvement with "The Birth of a Nation"