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Linda Darnell

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Linda Darnell

American film actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1923.

Countries: United States (55%), California (24%), Italy (5%)

Main connections: Gene Tierney, Alice Faye, Tyrone Power

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Linda Darnell was born in 1923 add something


In 1936, she entered The Dallas Little Theater and was cast in the southwestern premiere of "Murder in the Cathedral" add something


Before leaving school for Hollywood, Darnell was a student at Sunset High School, which she entered in September 1937, majoring in Spanish and art add something


In November 1937, a talent scout for 20th Century Fox arrived in Dallas, looking for new faces add something


Arriving in California alongside Mary Healy and Dorris Bowdon in February 1938, Darnell was initially rejected by film studios and was sent home because she was declared "too young" add something


At the encouragement of her mother, she made her first film in 1939, and appeared in supporting roles in big budget films for 20th Century Fox throughout the 1940s add something


Her true age came out later in 1939, and she became one of the few actresses under the age of 16 to serve as leading ladies in films add something


In a 1939 interview, she expressed her interest in starring opposite Power in "Johnny Apollo" add something


With production beginning in April 1939, she featured in her first film "Hotel for Women" in 1939, which had newspapers immediately hail her the newest star of Hollywood add something


Nevertheless, by age 15, she was signed to a contract at 20th Century Fox and moved to a small apartment in Hollywood all alone on April 5, 1939 add something


While working on "Hotel for Women", Darnell was cast alongside Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert in "Drums Along the Mohawk" in June 1939 add something


Following the film's release, she was cast in the drama comedy "Star Dust" in December 1939 add something


Darnell and Marley started seeing each other in 1940, and the press dismissed him as her "devoted friend and escort add something


Her 1940 film, "Star Dust", had played on television the night of the fire, and it was widely reported that Darnell had fallen asleep with a lit cigarette while watching it add something


In 1940, Pearl accused her husband of having an incestuous relationship with Evelyn, one of her children, even though he was not Evelyn's biological father add something


In 1940, during the shooting of "Star Dust", Darnell for a short time went out with teen idol Mickey Rooney add something


In late 1940, Fox chose her for the main role in "Song of the Islands" , a Hawaiian musical film which eventually starred Betty Grable add something


In the summer of 1940, Darnell began working on "The Mark of Zorro" , in which she again co-starred as Power's sweetheart in a role for which Anne Baxter was previously considered add something


After appearing in several small films, Darnell was cast in her first big-budget film in May 1940, appearing again opposite Tyrone Power in "Brigham Young" , which was shot on location in mid-1940 and was regarded the most expensive film 20th Century Fox had yet produced add something


By June 1940, shortly after completing "Brigham Young", Darnell achieved stardom and earned "a weekly salary larger than most bank officials add something


Johnston McCulley - In 1940, "The Mark of Zorro" remake starring Tyrone Power and Linda Darnell made the character much wider known to the public at large, and McCulley decided to bring Zorro back with new stories


She planned on attending graduation day at Sunset High School, but she was excluded from it, and instead she graduated from University High School in 1941 add something


Months passed by without any work, and in August 1941 she was cast in a supporting role in the musical "Rise and Shine" add something


Following an intense fight between her parents in 1942, Darnell left home with her younger sister Monte and never returned add something


In early 1942, Darnell filmed "The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe", another film that would not do much to improve her career add something


Up to 1942, she dated Kay Kyser, Eddie Albert, George Montgomery and Jackie Cooper, among others add something


Starting at age 17, Darnell dated her publicity agent Alan Gordon, whom she allegedly married in a double wedding with Lana Turner and Joseph Stephen Crane on July 17, 1942 add something


By late 1943, Darnell was fed up with critics only praising her beauty rather than her acting abilities add something


In 1943, she was cast, uncredited, as the Virgin Mary in "The Song of Bernadette" add something


In April 1943, she was put on suspension, which meant being replaced in the Technicolor musical film "The Gang's All Here" add something


On April 18, 1943, at age 19, Darnell eloped with 42-year-old cameraman J. Peverell Marley in Las Vegas add something


Marley was a heavy drinker and introduced Darnell to alcohol in 1944, which eventually led to an addiction and weight problem add something


Matters changed when she was named one of the four most beautiful women in Hollywood, along with Hedy Lamarr, Ingrid Bergman and Gene Tierney in a 1944 edition of "Look" magazine add something


Released in 1944, the film provided her a new screen image as a pin-up girl add something


In January 1945, she was added to the cast of the film noir "Fallen Angel" , which included Dana Andrews and Alice Faye add something


In 1946, Darnell filmed two pictures simultaneously, the expensively budgeted "Anna and the King of Siam" and Preminger's "Centennial Summer" add something


In 1946, during production of "Centennial Summer", she repeatedly met with Howard Hughes add something


This and the heavy dieting resulted in exhaustion and a serious illness in November 1946 add something


A Letter to Three Wives - Even before a script was finished, Gene Tierney, Linda Darnell, Maureen O'Hara, Dorothy McGuire and Alice Faye were cast in "A Letter to Five Wives" in November 1946


In 1947, Darnell won the starring role in the highly anticipated movie "Forever Amber", based on a bestselling historical novel that was denounced as being immoral at that time add something


Her shooting schedule lasted until March 1947, and she collapsed on the set two times in the meanwhile add something


Because Darnell and Marley were unable to have children, they adopted a daughter in 1948, Charlotte Mildred "Lola" Marley , the actress's only child add something


In 1949, Darnell went into psychotherapy for hostile emotions that she had been building since childhood add something


When he left in late 1949 for on location shooting of "All About Eve" , Darnell fell into a depression and almost committed suicide add something


On January 25, 1949, Darnell went to court to sue her former business manager Cy Tanner for fraud add something


Vladimir Rosing - Rosing directed opera sequences for four films during this period, starting with "Everybody Does It" starring Linda Darnell for 20th Century Fox in 1949


On July 19, 1950, it was reported that Darnell had separated from her husband add something


When she filed for divorce from Marley in 1951, she accused her husband of cruelty, claiming he was "rude" and "critical" towards Darnell and her family add something


On March 21, 1951, Darnell signed a new contract with 20th Century Fox that allowed her to become a freelance actress add something


After "The Lady Pays Off", Darnell headed the cast of "Saturday Island" , which was filmed on location in Jamaica in late 1951 add something


Because her contract required her to make one film a year for the studio, she reported to the lot of 20th Century Fox in March 1952 and was cast in the film noir "Night Without Sleep" add something


She arrived in Italy in August 1952 and started filming "Angels of Darkness" in February of the next year add something


It was the only time that she had to live up to this part of her contract, though, since she was released from it in September 1952, most likely because the competition of television forced studios all over Hollywood to drop actors add something


She secretly married brewery heir Philip Liebmann in February 1954 add something


In response, Darnell resorted to charity work, opening facilities accommodating thirty girls in the neighborhood of Rome in 1955 add something


She returned to 20th Century Fox in August 1955, by which time the studio had entered the television field add something


Darnell was married to pilot Merle Roy Robertson from 1957 to 1963 add something


In 1958, Darnell appeared in the episode "Kid on a Calico Horse" of NBC's "Cimarron City", along with a cast of other guest stars, including Edgar Buchanan add something


Dan Blocker - In 1958, Blocker had a supporting role as Sergeant Broderick in "The Dora Gray Story" on NBC's "Wagon Train", with Linda Darnell in the title role and Mike Connors as Miles Borden, a corrupt United States Army lieutenant at an isolated western fort


In 1963, Darnell was granted a divorce from Robertson following an outburst in the courtroom, where she accused her third husband of fathering the baby of a Polish actress add something


Darnell's last work as an actress was in a stage production in Atlanta, Georgia in early 1965 add something

Linda Darnell died in 1965 add something


Darnell died on April 10, 1965 from burns she received in a house fire in Glenview, Cook County, Illinois add something