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Lotus 18

Race car designed by Colin Chapman for use by Lotus in Formula Junior, Formula Two, and Formula One add

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Launched in 1957.

Countries: United Kingdom (67%), (25%), USA (8%)

Main connections: Formula One, Stirling Moss, Keith Duckworth

Linked to: Cosworth, Cisitalia, Porsche, Scuderia Ferrari




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This gearbox had been improved in its reliability for Lotus 15 and 16 in 1957-58 by a Keith Duckworth who had just joined Lotus as a gearbox engineer add something


With Duckworth having left to form Cosworth in 1958, Mike Costin, who, despite being the co-founder of Cosworth, remained with Lotus for a while longer, adopted the improved Queer Box in Lotus 16 into a configuration for directly mounting it behind the engine for Lotus 18 with dedicated oil scavenge and pressure feed pumps, further improving its reliability while retaining the small and light design add something


It was introduced for the 1960 F1, F2 and FJ seasons, and 27 examples are believed to have been made add something


The Lotus 18 was notable for giving Jim Clark his first Grand Prix start in 1960 add something


Lotus Cars - A Lotus Formula One car driven by Stirling Moss won the marque's first Grand Prix in 1960 at Monaco in a Lotus 18 entered by privateer Rob Walker


Stirling Moss - In the 1960 Formula One season, Moss took the top step of the podium at Monaco, winning in Rob Walker's Coventry-Climax-powered Lotus 18


The car took Lotus' first F1 victory, by Innes Ireland in the non-championship Glover Trophy, in 8 April 1960 add something


He won at the fearsome Nürburgring in changeable weather, while Innes Ireland took a third win in the USA to help Lotus finish second in the constructors' championship in 1961 add something


The 18 was replaced by the Lotus 21 in Formula One and the Lotus 20 in Formula Junior in 1961 add something


The 2,5 litre engine was replaced by a 1,5 Litre Climax FPF Mk.II with new Formula One engine rules in 1961 add something


Stirling Moss - Stirling drove different cars on each of three days, the Mercedes W196 "Monoposto", the Lotus 18 he had used to win the 1961 Monaco GP, and the Aston Martin DBR3


Lotus 20 - "'Lotus 20"' was a Formula Junior car built by Lotus for the 1962 season as a successor to the Lotus 18