Louis Malle

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Louis Malle

French film director, screenwriter, and producer add

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Born in 1932.

Countries: United States (40%), France (35%), (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Candice Bergen, Jeremy Irons, Pierre Blaise

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Louis Malle was born in 1932 add something


His film, "Le Monde du silence", won the Palme d'Or and Academy award for Best Documentary in 1956 add something


Jacques Cousteau - Cannes Film Festival - Cousteau won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1956 for "The Silent World" co-produced with Louis Malle


Roger Nimier - He worked with director Louis Malle on the screenplay for Malle's 1958 film "Ascenseur pour l'échafaud"


Ascenseur pour l'echafaud (soundtrack) - The album features the musical cues for the 1958 Louis Malle film "Ascenseur pour l'échafaud"


Elevator to the Gallows - "'Ascenseur pour l'échafaud"' is a 1958 French crime film directed by Louis Malle


Jean-Paul Rappeneau - He started out in film as an assistant and screenwriter collaborating with Louis Malle on "Zazie dans le metro" in 1960 and "Vie privee" in 1961


Zazie in the Metro - In 1960 the book was adapted by Louis Malle into a film of the same name, starring Catherine Demongeot as Zazie and Philippe Noiret as Gabriel


Raymond Queneau - In 1960 the film adaptation directed by Louis Malle was released during the "Nouvelle Vague" movement


Tour de France - "Vive Le Tour" by Louis Malle is an 18-minute short of 1962


Malle was married to Anne-Marie Deschodt from 1965 to 1967 add something


Patrick Modiano - In 1973, Modiano co-wrote the screenplay of Lacombe Lucien, a movie directed by Louis Malle which focuses on the involvement of a boy in the "French Gestapo", after being refused to join the French Resistance


Pierre Blaise - He is best known for the role of Lucien Lacombe in director Louis Malle's 1974 film "Lacombe, Lucien"


Lacombe, Lucien - Yet, not that far behind has to be Louis Malle's decision to cast the lead character for his 1974 film, "Lacombe, Lucien" with an amateur named Pierre Blaise


Black Moon (1975 film) - "'Black Moon"' is a 1975 French-West German avant-garde film directed by Louis Malle and starring Cathryn Harrison, Joe Dallesandro, Therese Giehse, and Alexandra Stewart


Brooke Shields - Shields' first major film role was her 1978 appearance in Louis Malle's "Pretty Baby", a movie in which she played a child who lived in a brothel


Pretty Baby (1978 film) - "'Pretty Baby"' is a 1978 American historical fiction and drama film directed by Louis Malle, and starring Brooke Shields, Keith Carradine, and Susan Sarandon


He married actress Candice Bergen in 1980 add something


Just as his earlier films such as "The Lovers" helped popularize French films in the United States, "My Dinner with Andre" was at the forefront of the rise of American independent cinema in the 1980s add something


Candice Bergen - On September 27, 1980, she married French film director Louis Malle


My Dinner with Andre - "'My Dinner with Andre"' is a 1981 film starring Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn, written by Gregory and Shawn, and directed by Louis Malle


Larry Riley (actor) - He later had guest roles on "Hill Street Blues" and "Miami Vice", and appeared in Louis Malle's 1984 film "Crackers"


Big Deal on Madonna Street - Two remakes of the film were shot in the USA: the 1984 film "Crackers" by Louis Malle , and the 2002 film "Welcome to Collinwood" by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo


They had one child, a daughter, Chloé Malle, in 1985 add something


Raphael Fejto - He is most famous for co-starring in Louis Malle's semi-autobiographical 1987 motion picture "Au revoir, les enfants"


Irene Jacob - In 1987, Jacob returned to Paris, where the 21-year-old drama student obtained her first movie role in the Louis Malle film "Au revoir, les enfants", playing the part of a piano teacher


May Fools - "'Milou en mai"' is a 1990 film by Louis Malle


The interview collection "Malle on Malle" was published by Faber and Faber in 1992 and revised, after the director's death, in 1996 add something


Ray Gravell - He appeared in the BBC TV movie "Filipina Dreamgirls", and this led to a role in the 1992 Louis Malle film "Damage" as the chauffeur of the character played by Jeremy Irons


Damage (1992 film) - "'Damage"' is a 1992 British-French film directed by Louis Malle and starring Jeremy Irons, Juliette Binoche, and Miranda Richardson


Vanya on 42nd Street - "'Vanya on 42nd Street"' is a 1994 film by Louis Malle and Andre Gregory


He died from lymphoma at their home in Beverly Hills, California on Thanksgiving Day 1995 add something

Louis Malle died in 1995 add something


Django Reinhardt - Reinhardt's music has been used in the soundtrack of many films, including in "The Matrix"; "Rhythm Futur", "Daltry Calhoun", "Metroland", "Chocolat", "The Aviator", "Alex and the Gypsy", "Kate and Leopold" and "Gattaca"; the score for Louis Malle's 1974 movie, "Lacombe Lucien"; the background for the Steve Martin movie "L.A. Story"; and the background for a number of Woody Allen movies, including "Stardust Memories"


The study, "Louis Malle", written by Hugo Frey, was published by Manchester University Press in 2004 add something


"The Films of Louis Malle: A Critical Analysis", a detailed critical exploration of Malle's films, written by Nathan Southern and Jacques Weissgerber, was published by McFarland in 2005 add something