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Lucille Ball

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Lucille Ball

Actress add

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Born in 1911.

Countries: United States (82%), California (5%), United Kingdom (4%)

Main connections: Desi Arnaz, Lucie Arnaz, Bob Hope

Linked to: Time, Central Committee, Communist Party USA, House Un-American Activities Committee




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Lucille Ball was born in 1911 add something


Even though the couple was only six years apart in age, many apparently believed that it was less socially acceptable for an older woman to marry a younger man, and hence split the difference in their ages, both claiming a 1914 birth date until this was disproved some years later add something


While DeDe Ball was pregnant with her second child, Frederick, Henry Ball contracted typhoid fever and died in February 1915 add something


John Murray Anderson - In the 1920s and early 1930s, with Robert Milton, he ran an acting school in Manhattan, teaching Lucille Ball and Bette Davis, among others


In 1925 Ball, only 14, started dating Johnny DeVita, a 23-year-old local hood add something


In 1927 her family suffered misfortune when their house and furnishings were taken away in a legal judgement after a neighborhood boy was accidentally shot and paralyzed by someone target-shooting in their yard, under Ball's grandfather's supervision add something


Ball was determined to prove her teachers wrong, and returned to New York City in 1928 add something


In 1929, Ball landed work as a model and later began her performing career on Broadway using the stage name "'Diane Belmont"' add something


One of the most popular and influential stars in the United States during her lifetime, with one of Hollywood 's longest careers, especially on television, Ball began acting in the 1930s, becoming both a radio actress and B-movie star in the 1940s, and a television star during the 1950s add something


She appeared in many small movie roles in the 1930s as a contract player for RKO Radio Pictures add something


She appeared in many small movie roles in the 1930s as a contract player for RKO Radio Pictures, including a two-reel comedy short with the Three Stooges and a movie with the Marx Brothers add something


She moved back to New York City in 1932 to resume her pursuit of a career as an actress, and supported herself by again working for Carnegie and as the Chesterfield cigarette girl add something


In 1936 she landed the role she hoped would lead her to Broadway, in the Bartlett Cormack play "Hey Diddle Diddle", a comedy set in a duplex apartment in Hollywood add something


She stated that she had registered to vote as a Communist "or intended to vote the Communist Party ticket" in 1936 at her socialist grandfather's insistence add something


When Ball registered to vote in 1936, she listed her party affiliation as Communist add something


Esther Williams - She appeared in "Easy to Wed", a remake of 1936's "Libeled Lady", with Johnson and Lucille Ball


In 1937 she appeared as a regular on "The Phil Baker Show" add something


In 1937, Hollywood writer Rena Vale, a self-identified former Communist, attended a Communist Party new members' class at Ball's home, according to Vale's testimony before the United States House of Representatives' Special Committee on Un-American Activities, on July 22, 1940 add something


The play premiered in Princeton, New Jersey, New Jersey on January 21, 1937 with Ball playing the part of Julie Tucker, "one of three roommates coping with neurotic directors, confused executives, and grasping stars who interfere with the girls' ability to get ahead add something


Conway Tearle - The play premiered in Princeton, New Jersey on January 21, 1937, and featured Lucille Ball playing the part of Julie Tucker, "one of three roommates coping with neurotic directors, confused executives, and grasping stars who interfere with the girls' ability to get ahead


When that completed its run in 1938, Ball joined the cast of "The Wonder Show", starring future "Wizard of Oz" tin man Jack Haley add something


"The Wonder Show" only lasted one season, with the final episode airing on April 7, 1939 add something


Wendy Barrie - In 1939 she starred with Richard Greene and Basil Rathbone in the 20th Century Fox version of "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and with Lucille Ball in RKO's "Five Came Back"


Ball met and eloped with Cuban bandleader Desi Arnaz in 1940 add something


Ball was signed to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in the 1940s, but she never achieved major stardom from her appearance in those films add something


In 1940, Ball met Cuban-born bandleader Desi Arnaz while filming the Rodgers and Hart stage hit "Too Many Girls" add something


Bea Benaderet - She portrayed Lucille Ball's best friend Iris Attebury on the 1940s radio series "My Favorite Husband"


Although Arnaz was drafted into the Army in 1942, he ended up being classified for limited service due to a knee injury add something


Madame du Barry - Bert Lahr co-starred as a washroom attendant in the nightclub who dreams he is Louis XV. The 1943 movie version starred Lucille Ball in the title role, with co-stars Red Skelton and Gene Kelly


Stanley Donen - In 1943 Arthur Freed, the successful producer of musical films at Metro Goldwyn Mayer, bought the film rights to "Best Foot Forward" and made a film version starring Lucille Ball and William Gaxton


Nancy Walker - " The role provided Walker with her film debut when she signed a contract with "M-G-M" to make a movie version, starring Lucille Ball, which was filmed in 1943


Ball originally filed for divorce from Desi in 1944, even going so far as obtaining an interlocutory decree, however she soon reconciled with Arnaz and stopped the proceedings add something


In a 1944 British Pathe newsreel, titled "Fund Raising For Roosevelt", Ball was featured prominently among several stage and film stars at a fund-raising event in support of Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt's campaign for re-election add something


Marion Martin - She appeared in "The Big Street" with Lucille Ball, and in "The Great Mike" at PRC in 1944


In 1946, Ball starred in "Lover Come Back" add something


Ziegfeld Follies - In 1946 M-G-M released a third feature motion picture on Ziegfeld's shows entitled "Ziegfeld Follies" with Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Lena Horne, William Powell, Gene Kelly, Fanny Brice, Red Skelton, Esther Williams, Cyd Charisse, Lucille Ball, Kathryn_Grayson, and others performing songs and sketches similar to those from the original Follies


Frank Tashlin - Tashlin moved on from animation in 1946 to become a gag writer for the Marx Brothers, Lucille Ball, and others, and as a screenwriter for stars such as Bob Hope and Red Skelton


In 1948, Ball was cast as Liz Cugat , a wacky wife, in "My Favorite Husband", a radio program for CBS Radio add something


Bob LeMond - His most famed work came as the announcer for Lucille Ball's radio sitcom "My Favorite Husband" from 1948 until 1951


Annette Warren - She dubbed the singing voice for Lucille Ball in "Sorrowful Jones" in 1949 and "Fancy Pants" in 1950


By the end of the 1950s, Desilu had become a large company, causing a good deal of stress for both Ball and Arnaz; his increased drinking further compounded matters add something


Henna - By the 1950s, Lucille Ball popularized "henna rinse" as her character, Lucy Ricardo, called it on the television show I Love Lucy


Columbia Pictures - Columbia maintained a long list of contractees well into the 1950s: Glenn Ford, Penny Singleton, William Holden, Judy Holliday, The Three Stooges, Ann Miller, Evelyn Keyes, Ann Doran, Jack Lemmon, Cleo Moore, Barbara Hale, Adele Jergens, Larry Parks, Arthur Lake, Lucille Ball, Kerwin_Mathews, and Kim Novak


Eddie Albert - In the 1950s, Albert appeared in film roles such as that of Lucille Ball's fiancé in "The Fuller Brush Girl" , as Bill Gorton in "The Sun Also Rises" and as a traveling salesman in "Carrie"


In 1951, Ball was pivotal in the creation of the television series "I Love Lucy" add something


On July 17, 1951, at almost 40 years old, Ball gave birth to their first child, Lucie Désirée Arnaz add something


On July 17, 1951, one month before her fortieth birthday and after "several" miscarriages, Ball gave birth to her first child, Lucie Désirée Arnaz add something


John Agar - He starred with Lucille Ball in the 1951 movie "The Magic Carpet"


Elois Jenssen - In 1951, Lucille Ball approached Jensson and asked her if she would be interested in designing costumes for a new situation comedy she and her husband Desi Arnaz were readying for CBS. Under exclusive contract to 20th Century Fox at the time, she was unable to accept the offer, but after leaving the studio to freelance, she spent a season designing clothing for Ann Sothern on "Private Secretary", contacted Ball to see if the position on "I Love Lucy" was available


CBS - The radio soap opera "The Guiding Light" moved to television in 1952 and ran another fifty-seven years; Burns & Allen, back "home" from NBC, made the move in 1950; Lucille Ball a year later; "Our Miss Brooks" in 1952


The birth made the first cover of "TV Guide" in January 1953 add something


On September 4, 1953, Ball met privately with HUAC investigator William A. Wheeler in Hollywood and gave him sealed testimony add something


Testimony of Lucille Désirée Ball Arnaz, September 4, 1953, Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Representatives, 83d Cong add something


Jimmy Demaret - Demaret was a guest on an episode of the "I Love Lucy" television show in 1954, and made another appearance with Lucille Ball on "The Lucy Show" in 1964


In October 1956, Ball, Vivian Vance, Desi Arnaz, and William Frawley all appeared on a Bob Hope special on NBC, including a spoof of "I Love Lucy", the only time all four stars were together on a color telecast add something


The show ended in 1957 after 180 episodes add something


Rod Serling - Instead, CBS used the science fiction script for a new show produced by Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, "The Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse," in 1958


Harry Parke - Parke died from a heart attack at a Friars Club of Beverly Hills Roast of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz on November 24, 1958 in Los Angeles, California


She was still making films in the 1960s and 1970s add something


The 1960 Broadway musical "Wildcat" ended its run early when Ball became too ill to continue in the show add something


A year and a half later, Ball gave birth to their second child, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV, known as Desi Arnaz, Jr. Ball and Arnaz divorced on May 4, 1960 add something


On May 4, 1960, just two months after filming the final episode of "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour", the couple divorced add something


Keith Andes - Andes starred opposite Lucille Ball in the Broadway musical "Wildcat" in 1960, and later appeared on her 1960s sitcom, "The Lucy Show"


William Walker (baritone) - In 1960, Walker made his Broadway debut as Tattoo in "Wildcat", a musical comedy by N. Richard Nash, Cy Coleman, and Carolyn Leigh, starring Lucille Ball, directed by Herbert Ross and choreographed by Michael Kidd


Susan Morrow - In 1961, Morton became the second husband of Lucille Ball


In 1962, Ball became the first woman to run a major television studio, Desilu, which produced many successful and popular television series add something


Dick Martin (comedian) - In 1962 Martin worked solo, playing next-door neighbor to Lucille Ball during the first season of her comeback sitcom "The Lucy Show"


Irene Kampen - The book became the basis for "The Lucy Show", a TV series that ran from 1962 to 1968 and starred Lucille Ball, who had experienced divorce recently in her split with Desi Arnaz


Carol Burnett - In 1963, Lucille Ball became a friend and mentor to Burnett, and after having the younger performer guest star on The Lucy Show a number of times, Ball reportedly offered Burnett her own sitcom called "Here's Agnes", to be produced by Desilu Productions.


William Frawley - His final on-camera performance was in October 1965, a brief cameo appearance in Lucille Ball's second television sitcom "The Lucy Show" with Frawley playing a horse trainer and Lucy commenting, "He reminds me of someone I used to know


David Winters (choreographer) - Winters' producing career began in 1966, when he co-produced the "Lucy in London " TV special starring Lucille Ball , Anthony Newley and the Dave Clark Five and that was sponsored by Monsanto Company


Desilu was eventually sold and merged into Paramount Pictures in 1967 add something


Lucie Arnaz - Having had one walk-on part in her parents' television series "I Love Lucy" and on Lucille Ball's second TV series "The Lucy Show", Arnaz made her first acting appearance in a continuing role in the series "Here's Lucy" from 1968 to 1974


Ernie Barnes - In 1971 Barnes, along with Mike Henry, created the "Super Comedy Bowl", a CBS television variety special which showcased pro athletes with celebrities such as John Wayne, Frank Gifford, Alex Karras, Joe Namath, Jack Lemmon, Lucille Ball, Carol_Burnett and Tony Curtis


Patrick Dennis - A 1974 film version starred Lucille Ball and Bea Arthur


Jack Benny - His last television appearance was in 1974, on a The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast for Lucille Ball


Madeline Kahn - Kahn was cast in the role of Agnes Gooch in the 1974 film "Mame", but star Lucille Ball fired Kahn due to artistic differences


Richard Amsel - Perhaps the most beloved is Amsel's portrait of Lucille Ball, done for the magazine's July 6, 1974 issue honoring the comedienne's retirement from series television


Ken Lane - Lane composed the music for "Lucy Gets Lucky", a 1975 made-for-TV movie starring Lucille Ball


Joseph Bologna - In 1976 he starred in the television drama "What Now, Catherine Curtis-" with Lucille Ball


She was the recipient of the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille award in 1979, the Lifetime Achievement award from the Kennedy Center Honors in 1986 and the Governors award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in 1989 add something


In 1982, Ball hosted a two-part "Three's Company" retrospective, showing clips from the show's first five seasons, summarizing memorable plotlines, and commenting on her love of the show add something


Bob Hope - A television special created for his 80th birthday in 1983 at the Kennedy Center in Washington featured President Ronald Reagan, Lucille Ball, George_Burns, and many others


A 1985 dramatic made-for-TV film about an elderly homeless woman, "Stone Pillow", received mixed reviews add something


Daphne Zuniga - She co-starred with Lucille Ball in the drama "Stone Pillow" in 1985, and was in the 1995 miniseries "Degree of Guilt"


Until his death in 1986, however, Arnaz and Ball remained friends and often spoke very fondly of each other add something


Her last public appearance, just one month before her death, was at the 1989 Academy awards telecast in which she and fellow presenter, Bob Hope, were given a standing ovation add something

Lucille Ball died in 1989 add something


On April 18, 1989, Ball was at her home in Beverly Hills when she complained of chest pains add something


On April 26, 1989, Ball died of a dissecting aortic aneurysm at age 77 add something


On August 6, 2001, which would have been her ninetieth birthday, the United States Postal Service honored her with a commemorative postage stamp as part of its Legends of Hollywood series add something


Whoopi Goldberg - In 2001, Goldberg hosted the 50th Anniversary of I Love Lucy, a 50s black-and-white sitcom, celebrating the legacy of Lucille Ball, Desi_Arnaz, Vivian Vance, and William Frawley.


She was awarded the "Legacy of Laughter" award at the fifth Annual TV Land awards in 2007, "I Love Lucy" was named the "Greatest TV Series" by "Hall of Fame Magazine", and "TV Guide" voted her greatest TV star of all time In November of that year, Lucille Ball was chosen as the second out of the "50 Greatest TV Icons", after Johnny Carson add something


Shirley Mitchell - In 2007, she appeared at the 5th Annual TV Land Awards where Lucille Ball was posthumously awarded the 'Legacy of Laughter' award


Lucie Arnaz - In October 2008, Arnaz and long-time family friend, Hollywood columnist and Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne participated in a tribute to Arnaz's mother, Lucille Ball, at The Paley Center For Media in New York City


Lucie Arnaz - On July 17, 2010, Heritage Auction Galleries planned to auction off some items that belonged to Lucille Ball


On August 6, 2011, which would have been her hundredth birthday, Google honored Ball with an interactive doodle on their homepage add something


Find a Grave. accessed August 7, 2011 add something


In 2012, a scene from one of Ball's films appeared in Christina Aguilera's music video for "Your Body" add something


Lucie Arnaz - Comedians that performed at the 2012 Lucille Ball Festival of New Comedy include Billy Gardell, Paula Poundstone, and Tammy Pescatelli


Lucie Arnaz - She appeared live on stage in Jamestown, New York NY at the Reg Lenna Palace Civic Center on Friday August 3, 2012 to promote the Lucille Ball Festival of New Comedy in which new comedians are invited to perform


In 2015, Celeron's mayor said the town is looking to hire a different artist instead add something


Cate Blanchett - On September 3, 2015, it was announced that Blanchett would portray Lucille Ball in an untitled biographical film, which will be written by Aaron Sorkin


On August 1, 2016, it was announced that a new statue of Ball will replace the original add something


On August 6, 2016, the day that would've been Ball's 105th birthday, the replacement statue was revealed add something


Jamestown, New York - As of 2016, a National Comedy Center and Museum of National Comedy in honor of Lucille Ball is being planned and built on the corner of Second and Washington Streets


In 2017, Amazon announced it had acquired rights to this biopic add something


"I Love Lucy: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sitcom", a comedy about how Ball and Desi Arnaz battled to get their sitcom on the air, will have its world premiere in Los Angeles on July 12-15, 2018 add something


It had its world premiere in Los Angeles on July 12, 2018, co-starring Oscar Nuñez as Desi Arnaz, and Seamus Dever as "I Love Lucy" creator-producer-head writer Jess Oppenheimer add something


Desi Arnaz - "I Love Lucy: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sitcom", a comedy about how Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball battled to get their sitcom on the air, will have its world premiere in Los Angeles on July 12-15, 2018


Desi Arnaz - It had its world premiere in Los Angeles on July 12, 2018, co-starring Sarah Drew as Lucille Ball, and Seamus Dever as "I Love Lucy" creator-producer-head writer Jess Oppenheimer