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Lucille Ricksen

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Lucille Ricksen

American motion picture actress during the silent film era add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1910.

Countries: United States (44%), California (19%), United Kingdom (13%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Claire Windsor, William Haines, Marie Prevost




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Lucille Ricksen was born in 1910 add something


In 1920 she arrived with her mother Ingeborg in Hollywood, California at the request of Samuel Goldwyn who immediately cast the eleven year old in comedy serial entitled "The Adventures of Edgar Pomeroy" add something


After leaving the "Edgar Pomeroy" serials, Ricksen was next cast in the 1922 Stuart Paton directed comedy "The Married Flapper" opposite Marie Prevost and Kenneth Harlan and the thirteen year old's career opportunities began to improve dramatically add something


In 1922, Ricksen was signed to a contract with actor and director Marshall Neilan who cast her in the commercially and critically successful Neilan directed drama "The Stranger's Banquet" opposite Claire Windsor and Hobart Bosworth add something


One notable performance was her role as Ginger in the 1923 John Griffith Wray directed drama "Human Wreckage", which was a drug prevention film produced by and starring actress Dorothy Davenport add something


In 1924, at the age of fourteen, she was named one of the WAMPAS Baby Stars; a promotional campaign sponsored by the Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers in the United States, which honored thirteen young women each year who they believed to be on the threshold of movie stardom add something


Ricksen's last screen appearance was opposite Claire Windsor and William Haines in the drama "The Denial", filmed in 1924 and released in early 1925 add something


While filming the Del Andrews directed comedy "The Galloping Fish" in 1924 opposite actors Sydney Chaplin and Louise Fazenda, Ricksen became ill add something


However, by early 1925, her condition worsened and she was diagnosed as having tuberculosis add something

Lucille Ricksen died in 1925 add something


In late February 1925, her mother succumbed to a fatal heart attack and collapsed on top of her bedridden daughter add something


Ricksen died two weeks after her mother's death, at the height of her triumphs, on March 13, 1925 at the age of fourteen add something


In the film, she is mistakingly listed as a newcomer in 1929, four years after she had died in real life add something


A photo article of Ricksen is featured in the 2011 film "The Artist" add something