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Luise Rainer

Retired Jewish German-born German American film star actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1910.

Countries: United States (65%), Italy (11%), United Kingdom (7%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Clifford Odets, William Powell, The Good Earth (film)

Linked to: Los Angeles Times, British Film Institute, Jews, Paramount Pictures




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Luise Rainer was born in 1910 add something


Rainer summered with her husband Clifford Odets, Harold Clurman and Elia Kazan, among others, at the Pine Brook Country Club located in the countryside of Nichols, Connecticut which was the summer rehearsal headquarters of the Group Theatre during the 1930s and 1940s add something


She later appeared in several German language films before being discovered in 1934 by MGM talent scout Phil Berg while performing in "Six Characters in Search of an Author", who felt that she might appeal to the same audience as Greta Garbo, one of their most successful performers add something


After making a few films in Austria, for which "critics raved", she was offered a three-year contract with MGM and came to Hollywood in 1935 as a hopeful new star add something


Critics "raved" about her stage and film acting quality, leading MGM to sign her to a three-year contract and bring her to Hollywood in 1935 add something


Rainer was next assigned to play the real-life character Anna Held, a small part in the musical biography "The Great Ziegfeld", which she obtained in August 1935 add something


Constance Collier - In 1935, upon her arrival in Hollywood, Luise Rainer hired Collier to improve Rainer's theatre acting and English, and to learn the basics of film acting


Another 1936 film project never realized that Rainer was involved in was "Adventure for Three", which would have co-starred William Powell add something


In late 1936, MGM conceived a script called "Maiden Voyage" especially for Rainer add something


"The Emperor's Candlesticks", in which Rainer was cast in November 1936, reunited Rainer with Powell for the final time add something


Otto Preminger - Among the performers he hired were Lili Darvas, Lilia Skala, Harry Horner, Oskar Karlweis, Albert Bassermann, and Luise Rainer, who was to win back-to-back Academy *awards in 1936 and 1937


Ziegfeld Follies - The 1936 Best Picture winner was M-G-M's "The Great Ziegfeld", starring William Powell as the master showman and co-starring Myrna Loy , Luise Rainer , and Frank Morgan


For the film, she wore a red wig and received costumes designed by Adrian, who claimed that Rainer, by the end of 1937, would become one of most influential people in fashion of Hollywood add something


Greta Garbo - In 1937, Garbo was nominated for "Camille", but Luise Rainer won for "The Good Earth"


Clifford Odets - Odets first married two-time Academy *award winning actress Luise Rainer in January 1937


In 1938, she played Johann Strauss's long-suffering wife Poldi in the successful Oscar-winning MGM musical biopic "The Great Waltz", her last big hit add something


In a 1938 interview, Rainer exclaimed that being awarded twice made her "work all the harder now to prove the Academy was right add something


Rainer made her final film appearance for MGM in 1938 and abandoned the film industry add something


Most critics agreed Rainer was "at her most appealing" in "The Toy Wife", in which she was cast in April 1938 add something


The final MGM film Rainer made was "Dramatic School", in which she was cast in May 1938 add something


Dramatic School (film) - "'Dramatic School"' is a 1938 American romantic drama film directed by Robert B. Sinclair and starring Luise Rainer, Paulette_Goddard, Alan Marshal, Lana Turner, and Gale Sondergaard


Disenchanted with Hollywood, where she later said it was impossible to have an intellectual conversation, she moved to New York City in 1940 to live with her husband, playwright Clifford Odets, whom she had married in 1937 add something


Nevertheless, she was not released from her contract and by 1940, she was still bound to make one more film for the studio add something


Rainer had become an American citizen in the 1940s, but she and Knittel had lived in the UK and Switzerland for most of their marriage add something


Instead, Rose suggested her in 1942 to take a screen test for the lead role in "For Whom the Bell Tolls" , but Ingrid Bergman was cast add something


Returning to America, she made her first appearance on the New York stage at the Music Box Theatre in May 1942 as Miss Thing in J. M. Barrie's "A Kiss for Cinderella" add something


She made one more film appearance in "Hostages" in 1943 and abandoned film making in 1944 after marrying publisher Robert Knittel add something


In return, he wrote the role of Grusha Vashnadze in his 1944 play "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" for Rainer add something


Federico Fellini enticed her to play the cameo role of the writer Dolores in his 1960 Oscar-winning classic "La Dolce Vita", to the point of her travelling to the Rome location add something


She took a dual role in a 1983 episode of "The Love Boat" add something


She made appearances at the 1998 and 2003 Academy awards ceremonies as part of special retrospective tributes to past Oscar winners add something


Shelley Winters - Winters had significant weight gain later in life, but lost much of the weight for an appearance at the 1998 Academy *awards telecast, which featured a tribute to Oscar winners past and present, at which a pantheon of former winners, including Gregory Peck, Claire Trevor, Jennifer Jones and Luise Rainer appeared


Rainer had been forgotten when the Boulevard der Stars opened in 2010, despite being Germany's only Academy award winning actress add something


On 12 January 2010, Rainer celebrated her centenary in London add something


In April 2010 she returned to Hollywood to present a TCM festival screening of "The Good Earth" add something


A prolonged campaign started in October 2010, led by music executive Paul DH Baylay, who noticed Rainer's omission on the Boulevard add something


Her star was the twenty first issued in 2011 and followed twenty that were issued in 2010 add something


In 2011 she was initially rejected by the jury despite being nominated add something


On 24 February 2011, at the age of 101, she said in an interview to BBC Radio 4 that the Oscars were not as ostentatious as they are now add something


In August 2011, The Boulevard der Stars, finally relented acknowledging the Facebook, email and letter campaign led by Baylay was key in their decision to awarding an extra star in favour of Rainer add something


On September 5, 2011, Rainer travelled to Berlin, Germany to receive a star on the "Boulevard der Stars" add something

Luise Rainer died in 2014 add something


Luise Rainer died on December 30, 2014, in London at the age of 104 from pneumonia add something