Lumière Film Festival

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Lumiere Film Festival

Film festival held in Lyon, France annually since October 2009 add

Category: Movies & TV

Activity starting in 1895.

Countries: France (50%), United States (33%), (17%)

Main connections: Auguste and Louis Lumiere, Clint Eastwood, Faye Dunaway




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The festival is named in honor of the Lumière Brothers, who invented the Cinematography in Lyon in 1895, and is organized by the Institut Lumière add something


The "'Lumière Film Festival"' is an annual film festival held each October in Lyon, France since 2009 add something


Clint Eastwood - In October 2009, he was honored by the Lumière Award (in honor of the Lumière Brothers, inventors of the Cinematograph) during the first edition of the Lumière Film Festival in Lyon , France.


Faye Dunaway - In October 2014, Dunaway was guest of honor at the Lumière Film Festival in Lyons, France