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Madeleine Carroll

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Madeleine Carroll

English actress, popular in the 1930s and 1940s add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1906.

Countries: United States (47%), United Kingdom (27%), Spain (7%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Adrian Brunel, Ronald Colman, Joan Crawford

Linked to: The School for Scandal, University of Birmingham, Paramount Pictures




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Madeleine Carroll was born in 1906 add something


"'Edith Madeleine Carroll"' was an English actress, popular in the 1930s and 1940s add something


Widely recognised as one of the most beautiful women in films , Carroll's aristocratic blonde allure and sophisticated style were first glimpsed by film audiences in "The Guns of Loos" in 1928 add something


Adrian Brunel - Brunel's third film of 1928 was "A Light Woman" starring Benita Hume, while 1929 brought the Madeleine Carroll vehicle "The Crooked Billet", which Brunel described in his autobiography as "my last, and perhaps my best, silent film"


Rapidly rising to stardom in Britain, she graced such popular films of the early 1930s as "Young Woodley", "Atlantic", "The School for Scandal" and "I Was a Spy" add something


Carroll attracted the attention of Alfred Hitchcock and, in 1935, starred as one of the director's earliest prototypical cool, glib, intelligent blondes in "The 39 Steps" based on the espionage novel by John Buchan add something


She starred opposite Gary Cooper in the adventure "The General Died at Dawn" and with Ronald Colman in the 1937 box-office success "The Prisoner of Zenda" add something


She became a naturalised citizen of the United States in 1943 add something


She served in the 61st Station Hospital, Foggia in 1944, where many wounded American airmen flying out of air bases around Foggia were hospitalised add something


Henri Lavorel - He was married to the English actress Madeleine Carroll from 1946 to 1949


Otto Preminger - Over the spring and early summer of 1948 Otto renovated Wilde's play into "The Fan", which starred Madeleine Carroll


She made her final film for director Otto Preminger, "The Fan", adapted from Oscar Wilde's "Lady Windermere's Fan", in 1949 add something


Fay Kanin - It was a Broadway smash and starred Madeleine Carroll, Conrad_Nagel, and Shirley Booth, and was eventually filmed by Vincent Sherman in 1951 with Joan Crawford and Robert Young

Madeleine Carroll died in 1987 add something


Madeleine Carroll died on 2 October 1987 from pancreatic cancer in Marbella aged 81, exactly one week after her "The Prisoner of Zenda" co-star Mary Astor died add something


She was initially interred in Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain but in 1998 was reburied in the cemetery of Sant Antoni de Calonge in Catalonia, Spain add something