Magritte Award

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Magritte Award

Accolade presented by the Académie André Delvaux to recognize excellence of professionals in the Belgian film industry add

Category: Movies & TV (100)

Launched in 2007.

Countries: France (29%), Belgium (29%), Chad (14%)

Main connections: Romantics Anonymous, A Screaming Man, Marion Cotillard




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The accolade replaces the Joseph Plateau Award, which was disestablished in 2007 add something


In 2010, the Académie André Delvaux was established by Patrick Quinet, president of the Francophone Film Producers Association , and Luc Jabon, president of Pro Spère, to unite the five branches of the film industry, including actors, directors, producers, technicians and writers add something


From 2011 to 2012, an Audience award was presented voted on by the general public add something


Andre Delvaux - He received the Magritte Honorary Award at the Magritte *awards 2011


Thierry Michel - "Katanga Business" was nominated for a Magritte Award in the category of Best Documentary in 2011


Romantics Anonymous - The film won the Magritte Award for Best Foreign Coproduction at the 2nd Magritte Awards on February 4, 2011


In 2012, the Académie André Delvaux split Best Coproduction into Best Flemish Film in Coproduction and Best Foreign Film in Coproduction add something


A Screaming Man - The film was nominated for a Magritte Award in the category of Best Foreign Film in Coproduction in 2012, but lost to "Romantics Anonymous"


In 2013, it was replaced by Best First Feature add something


The Académie André Delvaux, a professional honorary organization, maintains a voting membership of 800 as of 2015 add something


The latter was renamed Best Flemish Film in 2015 add something


Dardenne brothers - In 2015, their film "Deux jours, une nuit" received nine Magritte Award nominations and one Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for Marion Cotillard


In 2016, it became a merit category, with the audience award being finally retired add something