Maran Brang Seng

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Maran Brang Seng

Burmese politician and Chairman of the Kachin Independence Organization add

Category: Politics

Born in 1930.

Countries: China (67%), Singapore (17%), Myanmar (17%)

Main connection: Yunnan

Linked to: Communist Party of Burma




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Born in 1930 in Hpakan, Kachin State, Myanmar ; educated in Kachin Baptist School, Myitkyina; entered Rangoon University in 1952 and obtained a BA and a BEd in 1955 add something


Maran Brang Seng was born in 1930 add something


Burma's delegate to the YMCA to Singapore in 1957; headmaster of Myitkyina Baptist school 1957-60 and its principle 1961-63 add something


Went underground with Kachin Independence Organization in 1963 add something


Led the first Kachin rebel delegation to China in 1967 add something


Made peace with the Communist Party of Burma in 1976 and led the delegation of National Democratic Front to the CPB's Panghsang headquarters in March 1986 add something


Left Kachin State in late 1986 to travel abroad add something


Become vice chairman of Democratic Alliance of Burma on 18 November 1988 and was attached to its headquarter at Manerplaw on the Thai-Burma border until KIO made peace with Rangoon in April 1993 add something


Suffered a stroke on 21 October 1993 in Kunming, Yunnan, died on August 8, 1994 add something


Maran Brang Seng, the leader among the Kachin people for most of the last thirty years when died on 8 August 1994 at the time he was Chairman of Kachin Independent Organization Central Committee and president of Kachin Independent Council , the nation has suffered an irreparable loss and is deprived of a man of great eminence and scholarly persuasion add something

Maran Brang Seng died in 1995 add something